Here’s to all you dog lovers out there that see my people and think we’re “cute” – clearly, you’ve never owned a Cairn Terrier! Although – can you call it owning? I see myself as more of a “Project Manager” than a pet, per-say. I’m not exactly sure what a “Project Manager” is, but I know they’re very loud and rambunctious, obnoxiously sociable, overly excitable – and whenever you really need them, they’re no where to be found! In fairness to my kind, we’re usually findable…so long as the place where you happen to be is the same place we would like to be, and you’ve patched all the holes in your fence!

Something I’ve noticed about your kind – you know, humans – you guys really hate silence! When you’re not talking, you turn on machines to talk instead. Sometimes – you even talk to your machines! (I mean, what’s with that?) Well guess what?! We love to talk too! In fact, we love to talk so much, that we often drive our masters to talk VERY LOUDLY in our direction! What fun! That is…until we get shut in the bathroom.

Don’t be put out by our shaggy, scruffy demeanor, or our tenacious, exuberant, attitude. We Cairn’s are a lovely bunch of Scotts – sure to steal your heart (and your food).

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