Are Border Collies hypoallergenic? Unfortunately, Border Collies are not hypoallergenic and therefore aren’t suitable for allergy sufferers. These dogs not only have a double coat but are also usually long-haired, meaning they shed more than the average breed.

Border Collie Quick Facts

Hypoallergenic Dog:
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12-15 years
High Energy Levels
Highly Trainable
Is a Border Collie hypoallergenic.

What’s the Most Hypoallergenic Dog?

A hypoallergenic dog doesn’t cause a reaction in allergy sufferers. These breeds tend to have curly coats, coats that are hair, not fur, and continually grow, or little to no fur, so there is less dander (dead skin cells) that causes allergy symptoms. The fur they do have also shed less frequently.

Curly coats help trap any dander, which is why the Labradoodle is such a good hypoallergenic dog. Their fur is similar to wool and is very easy to maintain. Because of this fur type, your dog is less susceptible to picking up allergens, thus less likely to trigger allergy symptoms.

The Bichon Frise is another prime example of a hypoallergenic dog thanks to their curly coat. They have a double coat, but any shedding fur will get stuck in the underlayer, so you have less fur floating around your house. This will need to be brushed out to avoid matting. 

Check out our guide on What is a Hypoallergenic Dog for more information.

The Border Collie’s Coat

Border Collies can either be long or short-coated.

The long-haired variety has a top coat of rough fur but a much softer undercoat. They also have feathering on their stomach, legs, and chest. 

In contrast, the short-haired Border Collie has much smoother yet coarse fur and doesn’t have the feathering — but they still have a double coat. The smooth coat is much easier to maintain, which is why they’re more popular in the farming industry. 

While this breed is traditionally associated with a black and white coat — you can also find them in Blue, Blue Merle, Red Merle, Lilac, Brindle, Red, Gold, and many more.

How Much Do Border Collies Shed?

You’re probably now wondering, do Border Collies shed a lot?  The Long-haired is a double-coated breed and therefore sheds frequently. 

You might notice that your Border Collie allergies are much worse twice a year, specifically in spring and fall. This is because they tend to blow their coats during these seasons. The minimal-year-round shedding is greatly exaggerated at this time of year. This means grooming and coat maintenance will be at an all-time high. 

Your Collie will shed for about 8 weeks when they’re blowing their thick winter coat. If they’re a working dog, you might want to stay outside with them as long as possible during this period, so all that excess fur is lost far away from home.

do border collies shed a lot.

How To Stop a Border Collie From Shedding To Reduce Allergens?

You can’t stop any breed from shedding completely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t limit or manage the amount of fur that ends up in your home environment.

1. Regular Brushing Routine

The Border Collie’s brushing routine certainly isn’t as intense as many other long-furred breeds — they only require brushing two to three times a week. This is a simple but effective way to ensure your home isn’t being taken over by your furry friends. 

Their fur can become matted, which is why sticking to a regular brushing routine will help prevent this. It also ensures they’re comfortable and looking their best at all times!

You may wish to brush your dog outside or take them to the groomer. This greatly decreases the amount of fur circulating in your home, and the amount of cleaning up you’ll need to do. 

However, you’ll have to increase this during spring and fall — as you’ll swiftly notice your Collie shedding more. Their blown coat could become trapped, and thus will need to be brushed out. 

What’s more, brushing more frequently during the blowout can also speed up the natural process — encouraging fur to fall. 

2. Deshedding Tools Will help With the Seasonal Shed

Another great way to lower the amount of Border Collie shedding is by using specialized deshedding brushes. 

The idea behind this type of tool is to remove your pooch’s dead undercoat without causing harm to the top coat. This is an ideal way to ensure the fur is removed and discarded before it has time to cover your house.

Ensure your Collie is dry and mat free before beginning this process as the comb can get stuck in tangles and cause unnecessary discomfort. Dry brushing is a savvy way to make sure you coax out all that stubborn fur, which once again, lowers fur levels in your home. 

Note — because of the Border Collies fur type, you should only use these tools once or twice a week for around 15 minutes. 

3. Healthy Diet — Healthy Fur Starting From the Inside

A poor diet will result in excess shedding as your Collie won’t be taking in enough nutrients to keep their fur and skin healthy. Just like us, when dogs are stressed or lacking nourishment, their hair follicles are weakened, resulting in hair loss. This is why a complete and balanced diet is essential. 

Look for foods high in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids — they promote fur growth and coat health. These specific nutrients can be found in many things, such as chia seeds, and fatty fish, like salmon, sardines, or even fish oil supplements for dogs — so keep an eye out. 

You want to avoid store-bought dog foods that are pumped full of fillers. Check the label carefully, ingredients are listed from highest quantity to lowest. 

4. Plenty of Water!

As Border Collies are a super-active breed, dehydration is something you should be mindful of. 

Shedding can be an indication of your Border Collie not drinking enough. Similarly to a poor diet, the hair follicles weaken and can’t hold on to the fur. This means it ends up all over your floors. 

It’s super simple to ensure your Collie is hydrated — keep their water bowl accessible, and keep it topped up with fresh water. And, if you’re idle, forgetful, or not at home, you can use a self-filling water bowl. 

Make sure they have plenty of water inside and out, especially when the temperature starts rising, as they will become overheated and therefore, dehydrated, very quickly. 

5. Grooming Trips

 Whether you do it at home or visit a professional, your dog needs regular grooming to keep shedding under control. 

Bathing certainly doesn’t need to be done as frequently as brushing, unless your dog is going somewhere particularly muddy! A bath once a month is suitable for the Border Collie. This will loosen the undercoat and keep the top coat looking shiny and clean.

Did you know that you can also vacuum your Collie? You can purchase attachments specifically to collect shedding fur straight from the source. This also collects any allergens they might have picked up when outside. 

6. Keep on Top of Flea and Tick Treatments

As these are working dogs that spend an awful lot of time out in the fields running through long grass, there is a greater chance of them picking up fleas and ticks. This will make them scratch more and, in turn, lose more fur. 

Check your Collie regularly for any signs of these tiny parasites and keep on top of flea and tick treatments to limit the chances of this occurring.

Border Collie Hypoallergenic Alternatives

So you’ve just found out that a Border Collie isn’t hypoallergenic and are looking for some alternatives? Well, there are many similar dogs you can go for, whether it’s in size or personality. Keep reading to find your next Border Collie hypoallergenic alternative!

Barbado da Terceira

dogs like border collies.

The Barbado da Terceira is similar to the Border Collie in terms of size and they’re also a herding dog. This breed is super intelligent as well as loyal, so they’re straightforward to train, which saves you some trouble in that department. 

They’re incredibly sociable, and so are brilliant family dogs who will require all the love and attention you’re willing to give them. The Barbado is also intensely active, so walkies with your toddlers or late-night strolls are always enjoyed. 

Their medium-length wiry coat doesn’t shed, yet needs to be trimmed as it continually grows. The Barbado da Terceira comes in a variety of colors — from sand to black to a mix of both!

dog like border collie.

Lagotts are also medium-sized dogs with an immense nose for sniffing out truffles — not of the chocolate kind. Hence, they’re happy when they have a job to do, like the Border Collie. 

This breed will be a great addition to any family as they’re sociable and loving while also being pawsome company on long walks and swims. 

Their coat is curly and considered hair rather than fur, meaning they don’t shed like your usual pup. However, their grooming outline is more precise. Lagotto Romaganoli are prone to matting, hence, you’ll need to have that grooming brush close by on a daily basis. And, you’ll need to trim that coat frequently too.


dogs simlar to border collies.

Here’s another sheepdog you might be interested in!

The Bergamasco is a large dog with an amazing coat that’s a hard worker through and through. They’re fiercely protective and great guard dogs, which comes from their background of herding in the alpine town of Bergamo.

This breed is also easily recognizable by its unusual coat consisting of three different types of hair. When the Bergamasco is around 12 months old, the hair needs to be matted up — into doggy dreadlocks.

You’ll be happy to know that grooming more or less ends there. These dogs don’t shed, brushing isn’t required and they’ll only need the occasional bath — around three times a year.


If you have your heart set on a Border Collie, there is no need to panic, your dreams of being a dog owner are not over.

There are loads of hypoallergenic border collie alternatives to choose from, so you’re certainly not missing out. The breeds we’ve listed are very similar to the Border Collie — they’re all dogs that love a job. This means their size, temperament and personality won’t be all that different. 

So, are Border Collies hypoallergenic? It’s a no — they’re frequent and seasonal shedders.

Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic.

Is a Border Collie Hypoallergenic? FAQs

How Hypoallergenic Are Border Collies?

Zero percent. 

Border Collies are a double-coated breed that can be either long or short. This dual layer of fur means the undercoat will be blown annually and increases shedding. The release of extra fur and dander will cause your allergies to react, which is why they aren’t hypoallergenic.

Is a Border Collie a Good Family Dog?

Border Collies are energetic and love being involved with people, which means they’re great for any family out there. However, they need at least two hours of exercise a day and will be running circles around you all!

Can a Border Collie Be Left Alone for 8 Hours?

The Border Collie is a very social dog, which means leaving them for 8 hours isn’t a good idea. Separation anxiety is common in this breed.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Border Collie?

Just like any other breed, the Border Collie has its downfalls, such as:

  • Nipping when they feel they aren’t being listened to.
  • Can be territorial and wary of strangers.
  • Naughty behaviors can develop if not properly exercised. 

How Much Exercise Do Border Collies Need Every Day?

A minimum of two hours of exercise every day will be needed in order to diffuse some of that excess energy.