Are Boxers Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Are Boxers Hypoallergenic? Originating from Germany, this breed is a medium-sized, smooth-coated, fun-loving, energetic, and smart dog. However, they’re known to drool and shed. Hence, the Boxer doesn’t belong to the hypoallergenic pack and may not be the best choice for those suffering from dog allergies.

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What Makes a Dog Hypoallergenic?

While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, this term refers to canines that are more compatible with people with sensitivities. In that, these breeds are less likely to trigger allergies.

Offending allergens are found in saliva, urine, and dead skin (dander). The latter links to the shedding level of a dog — the theory being that the more frequently a pooch sheds, the more dander that gets released. As a result, it increases the chances of an allergic reaction. 

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The Boxer’s Coat

The Boxer dog’s coat is short and smooth. It’s also single-layered and tight-fitting, emphasizing their powerful and muscular build. However, it’s this coat type that evidently causes them to be considered non hypoallergenic. 

According to the AKC standard, the Boxer’s coat is either fawn or brindle, with or without markings.

How Much Do Boxers Shed?

As seasonal shedders, they shed primarily through spring and autumn as the seasons change. Modify your grooming regimen if your pup sheds more often than you’d prefer throughout this transition. 

Aside from the two heaviest times of the year — you might not always detect your dog’s shedding. Because their coat is short and smooth, the hairs they lose are less obvious than those of a long-haired dog.

is a boxer hypoallergenic.

How to Stop a Boxer from Shedding to Reduce Allergens

Keeping the Boxer’s coat in good condition, such as through grooming — is an important part of a good health regimen. This helps to control shedding in this breed — making Boxer allergies less likely to occur.

Here are a few more tips on how to keep the shedding in check:

1. Use a Dog-Friendly Shampoo

When giving your pooch a bath, make sure to use shampoo formulated for canines, not your own. If your dog’s skin is delicate, it’s advisable only to use a shampoo made specifically for sensitive skin.

Bear in mind, bathing your Boxer too frequently, even with a mild shampoo, can remove natural oils — drying out the skin and encouraging shedding. Limit baths to as needed.

2. Feed Your Dog a Well-Balanced Diet

Your dogs’ diet also plays an important role because their coat directly reflects their health, and good health is formed from good nutrition.

Nutritional inadequacies can lead to skin complaints and excessive shedding. Choosing a high-quality food that satisfies your dog’s specific needs may require considerable research initially, but it can save you money on supplements and vet bills in the long term. 

3. Brush Your Boxer 

As mentioned, thanks to their coat, Boxers are low on grooming maintenance. Hence, a good going-over with a dog mitt once a week should be enough. That said, you may need to step this up during seasonal shedding periods. Use a grooming glove daily to curb shedding. 

With this, you’ll also be improving your Boxer’s skin health by encouraging the production of natural oils and distributing them throughout the coat. 

4. Offer Your Boxer a Doggy Supplement 

With omega-3 supplements for dogs and treats, it makes it simple to boost your Boxer’s diet with more healthy fats, and the treats will keep them happy. Fish oils contain anti-inflammatory effects, enhancing coat health and minimizing shedding. 

What’s more, omega-3 fatty acids have shown to provide health benefits for canines that go beyond simply making their coats gleam.

Boxer Hypoallergenic Alternatives

Dogs have a unique genetic makeup — sometimes, pups of the same breed shed differently. Despite the fact Boxers as a breed shed significantly less than other non-hypoallergenic breeds, owning one if you have dog allergies is akin to a roll of the dice.

Since there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic Boxer, looking for an alternative may be the best option for you. Hence, if you suffer from allergies, yet would love to welcome home a Boxer but can’t, here are some hypoallergenic dogs you should consider:

dog similar to boxer.

The Standard Poodle is the largest of its kind, weighing up to 70 pounds, and reaching over 15 inches in height at the shoulder. Despite its traditional pampered appearance, this is an energetic and agile dog. 

The temperament of the Standard Poodle is similar to the Boxer — super smart and easy to train. You must always be on the go, engaging in mentally stimulating activities — this isn’t a dog that can be left lying in the yard with nothing to do. However, bear in mind that its curly coat is more high-maintenance than a Boxer’s, and will need daily brushing.

dogs like boxers.

The Samoyed is a large but graceful dog that falls into the working group, like the Boxer. This pooch weighs around 65 to 80 pounds (depending on gender) and is also comparable to the Boxer in height — standing up to approximately 23 inches at the shoulder. 

As for the coat — it has a double layer of hair — a topcoat that’s dense and straight, and the undercoat, short, soft, and thick hair for maintaining body heat. While it sheds moderately and seasonally, the Samoyed is a low-dander producer and drooler — which earns it the hypoallergenic title.

This breed is known for its gentle demeanor, being good with kids, and high energy levels, similar to the Boxer. Although it’s not the best guard dog since it’s too friendly. In short, the Samoyed is a faithful companion and rarely display aggressive behavior.

dog like boxer.

A hybrid of a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd, an Aussiedoodle is one of the smartest and most skilled dogs in herding. It has a great capacity for training, although it needs training from a very young age to improve its socialization and behavior. This breed stands at around 15 inches and weighs over 61 pounds.

The Aussiedoodle is a medium-sized dog, yet you can find miniature versions too. The males also stand out for being excellent guard dogs because of their protective and alert nature, akin to that of a Boxer — thanks to their energetic behavior and intelligence. It’s wary of strangers by nature and has strong protective instincts.

It’s said that they’re dogs of a single master since they tend to stick only to one person, to whom they will be obedient and very faithful.


If you don’t mind a little drool between friends, the Boxer will provide you with hilarious antics while remaining affectionate. If you’re willing to maintain your Boxer both mentally and physically, the Boxer could be the right pup.

However, are Boxers hypoallergenic? The simple answer is no. Hence, Boxers aren’t suitable for everyone — especially if you’re an allergy sufferer, but there are alternatives. Regardless of whether your next dog is a Boxer or something entirely different, it is critical that they live a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Are Boxers Hypoallergenic? FAQs

Are Boxers Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Boxers are not deemed hypoallergenic due to their shedding and drooling. However, the single coat isn’t high maintenance.

Do Boxers Shed a Lot?

The Boxer’s coat necessitates minimal upkeep. Boxers are clean dogs who groom themselves the same way cats do. While the breed sheds moderately, brushing with a bristle brush or a hard rubber grooming mitt once a week will help keep these hairs under control.

Can Boxers Irritate the Skin?

Boxers are genetically predisposed to a variety of skin allergies and ailments. Whatever type of skin inflammation, particularly those that cause flaky skin — can lead to foul odors, discomforts, itchiness, and exacerbate shedding.

How Often Should a Boxer Be Bathed?

Give your Boxer a thorough bath beside a gentle dog shampoo as needed — for example, if they’ve rolled in something unsavory, or they’re smelling of eau de pooch. Bathing too frequently can result in dry skin, itching — and increased shedding. 

How Often Should I Brush My Boxer?

Boxers are innately clean animals with cat-like nibbling qualities. To remove dead hair from your Boxer, use a rubber curry brush once a week. Gently brush the coat in a rotational movement.

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