Is the Dachshund hypoallergenic? No! The Dachshund isn’t a hypoallergenic breed. Whether they have short or wire-haired coats, they are a breed known for shedding and spreading dander throughout your home. Is the Dachshund hypoallergenic? No! The Dachshund isn’t a hypoallergenic breed. Whether they have short or wire-haired coats, they are a breed known for shedding and spreading dander throughout your home.

Dachshund Quick Facts

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12-16 Years
are dachshunds hypoallergenic.

What Makes a Dog Hypoallergenic?

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If you have an allergy to dogs, you’re allergic to their dander and drool — not their fur. 

In reality no dog is going to be 100% hypoallergenic. However, there are breeds that are more allergy-friendly. These dogs tend to be low shedders, meaning minimal dander, and they also don’t drool a lot, if at all.

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The Dachshund’s Coat

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There is a large variety of colorings, patterns, and hair types for this tiny tail-wagger, but this doesn’t mean there are Dachshunds hypoallergenic friendly.

  1. Smooth-haired: The most widely recognized coat on a Dachshund is the sleek and shiny smooth-coated kind. They have dense fur that’s soft and plush. 
  2. Wire-haired: These sausage dogs are thought to have come around from cross-breeding with a terrier — making them designed to have more resilience against tougher conditions. Their coat is rough and bristly with unique tufty eyebrows and muzzle.
  3. Long-haired: Sporting a different coat to the others with long, flowing hair. The long-haired Dachshund is sleek with a slight wave that feathers around its legs and ears, and requires the most doggy maintenance.

How Much Do Dachshunds Shed?

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The big question — do Dachshunds shed a lot? 

While this breed isn’t one of the worst offenders, this bow-wow does shed moderately. Long-haired Dachshunds are the biggest shedders out of the three coat types. But all will shed seasonally in spring and autumn. 

are long haired dachshunds hypoallergenic.

How To Stop Dachshunds From Shedding To Reduce Allergens

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Now we know the answer to, do sausage dogs shed? — are there any ways to help minimize or prevent your Dachshund from doing so? It can be frustrating to find your dog’s hair everywhere, and if you’re an allergy sufferer, you may be struggling with the copious amounts that are triggering your allergies. Here’s how to solve that.

1. Grooming Each Day Keeps Shedding at Bay

Regular brushing and grooming is the best way to remove hairs and keep their coat soft — preventing shedding around your home. This will also help to keep dander levels low.

If your dog is an excessive shedder, you may wish to look into daily brushing to remove the loose hairs before they get a chance to spread. 

Furthermore, following a regular grooming schedule not only deters your Dachshund from shedding excessively, it will also prevent their coat from becoming dull over time.  

2. Bathe Your Bow-wow 

Frequent time in the tub is another way to help reduce your Dachshund’s shedding. Once bathed, ensure you dry your dog’s coat to shake out any hairs and nourish their coat with a conditioner to prevent dry skin from occurring.

3. Boost Health — Consider Supplements for Dogs 

Adding supplements such as a probiotic to your dog’s diet can also be a great way to make sure they are getting all the best nutrients to keep them in good health. 

Fish oils containing omega 3s are ideal for helping to maintain a healthy coat and reduce the amount your pup sheds.

4. Keep a Check on Your Dachshund’s Diet

Ensure that your Dachshund is eating high-quality dog food, as this alone can improve their coat and, in turn, reduce shedding.

Dachshund Hypoallergenic Alternatives

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The sausage dog is a notoriously famous breed with distinguishable little legs, friendly and loving nature as well as unique stubborn personalities. Sadly, even with three different coat types, Dachshunds aren’t a suitable breed for anyone suffering from dog allergies. 

If you’ve longed for your very own sausage dog, all is not lost. There are other breeds that come close to their canine characteristics — that are both hypoallergenic and sure to win your heart over.

dog like yorkshire terrier.

With the average Yorkie only weighing 7 pounds, this breed may be the unique bundle you’re looking for. They’re intelligent and easy to train as well as extremely loyal little dogs. With a micro build and minimal exercise needs, it makes them comparable to a miniature sausage dog — without the irritating allergens.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a low shedding breed and also drools very little. But their coat is high maintenance and usually requires daily brushing to keep it in good condition.

dogs similar to toy poodles.

Another cute miniature dog that has an adorable coat full of curls and looks similar to a tiny bear! The Toy Poodle is a cuddly and popular dog that doesn’t shed, is easy to train, and makes a great family pooch.

They’re faithful, intelligent, full of fun, and lively little tail-waggers, very much like the sausage dog. However, these dogs do require regular exercise as well as companionship.

dog similar to dandie dinmont terrier.

This low-shedding little breed could be ideal if you’re seeking that signature ‘sausage dog look’ — long body and low to the ground. The Dandie Dinmont has a calmer personality than a Dachshund but also has a playful and lively nature. Plus, they can make an ideal family pet for those with older children.

Bear in mind, this pooch will require moderate exercise daily just to burn off that terrier energy.

Dachshund/Shih Tzu Mix

dogs like dachshunds and shih tzu mix.

A popular choice among many allergy sufferers is to search for a hypoallergenic Dachshund mix — such as crossed with the Shih Tzu. You can minimize the amount of shedding while still enjoying some of the famous sausage dog love. This cross breed makes a perfect combination — adorable, sweet, and loyal temperament that’s great with kids too.


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The Dachshund is a special little sausage dog — determined, loves people, and lively, yet all three coat types shed, which means this breed is a no-go if you have allergies. 

But the good news is plenty of hypoallergenic dogs have a variety of similar attributes to this breed. Yorkshire Terriers and Toy Poodles are fantastic — small, friendly, and loveable family pets that won’t spread unwanted hair and dander around your home — the main cause of indoor allergies. 

So is the Dachshund hypoallergenic? It’s a no. Yet, as we’ve seen, there are closely matched canine companions that are.

are sausage dogs hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic Dachshund FAQs

Are Miniature Dachshunds Hypoallergenic?

No. This breed of sausage dog isn’t hypoallergenic. Although their tiny stature may mean that they have less fur to begin with, this doesn’t mean they would be suitable for someone with allergies.

Do Dachshunds Trigger Allergies?

Dachshunds are known for shedding fur regardless of what coat type they have. This means they can trigger allergies in most people who are known to be irritated by dog dander and fur.

Which Dachshund Is Best for Allergies?

If you do have your heart set on a Dachshund, the wire-haired kind sheds the least out of the three coat types. 

Is a Wire Haired Dachshund Hypoallergenic? 

Wire-haired Dachshunds are not considered to be a hypoallergenic dog breed. They’re moderate shedders — not the worst but still not ideal for those suffering from allergies.

Are Dachshunds Non Shedding?

No, but they aren’t prolific shedders. 

Are Doxiepoos Hypoallergenic?

Doxiepoos are considered hypoallergenic. However, it will depend on whether they take after their Poodle or Dachshund’s genetics.

Are Long Haired Dachshunds Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, they are not considered a hypoallergenic breed. In fact, out of the three types of Dachshunds, the long-haired is considered the worst for shedding.

Is a Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix Hypoallergenic?

In theory, these dogs will shed very little, but ultimately it will come down to the dominant parents’ breed.

are yorkshire terriers hypoallergenic.
are dandie dinmont terriers hypoallergenic.
are shih tzus hypoallergenic.
are poodles hypoallergenic.