Are Lurchers Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Are Lurchers hypoallergenic? If you were looking to bring a Lurcher into your home, you may wish to rethink. These dogs can be either long or short-haired, but both are known for either consistent or average shedding.

Lurchers Quick Facts

Hypoallergenic Dog:
Breed Group:
Energy Level:
Family Dog:
Small – Large
12-15 years
Independent but highly trainable!
Yes, not with very young children.

The Lurcher — Hypoallergenic or Not?

Some dog breeds are given the title of hypoallergenic. Yet, no canine is ever 100 percent allergy-free. However, certain pooches will be less prone to triggering those allergy symptoms. These dogs have two things in common — they don’t shed at all or very little, and they don’t drool either.

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The Lurcher’s Coat

The Lurcher is recognized as a mix of multiple breeds. Hence, the coat type can vary depending on parentage. Most commonly, this dog has a single layer of hair instead of a double. 

Lurchers typically sport a short coat with either a smooth or rough texture, but you will never see them with curly hair.

How Much Do Lurchers Shed?

Let’s answer the burning question, do Lurchers shed a lot? These quick and funny dogs are known to shed, especially during certain periods of the year.

While their coat can vary from smooth to rough and is generally short in length, these hairs travel fast. This means they’re considered moderate on the shedding scale.

Are lurchers hypoallergenic.

How To Stop a Lurcher From Shedding To Reduce Allergens

Any healthy Lurcher is going to shed, it’s a natural process, so you’ll never be able to prevent it. But there are ways to minimize these allergens from spreading in your home and causing Lurcher allergies.

1. Routine Bathing

Making sure you bath your Lurcher regularly is a simple way to minimize shedding and allergens — particularly as they tend to lose the most hair after a soak in the tub. 

Bear in mind, you’ll need to use the right products so your Lurcher doesn’t end up with dry or irritated skin. This will only worsen their shedding. 

2. Daily Brushing

While it can feel tedious to brush your dog every single day, we promise you’ll see positive results almost instantly. By spending a mere 10-15 minutes combing your Lurcher, you’ll remove a lot of loose or dead hairs. Hairs that would have ended up spreading across your couch, clothes, and floors!

3. Invest In a Pet Vacuum

If you already have a Lurcher, you’ll be all too familiar with having to use your vacuum every day. Consider investing in a pet hair vacuum cleaner that’s designed to effectively suck away these allergens. It could make a huge difference in reducing the effects of shedding from your Lurcher.

4. Healthy Diet

The food that you feed your canine companion influences their coat condition and how much they shed.

Dogs require a diet that’s high in protein, of high quality but not too high in fat. This combination ensures your pooch is receiving all the nutrients they need and that they have a healthy digestive system.

Feeding your dog a complete-meal premium kibble is worthwhile considering. Although it’s not the cheapest solution available, it can in the long run help to minimize your dog’s shedding.

Hypoallergenic Lurcher Alternatives

Even though there isn’t such a thing as a hypoallergenic Lurcher, you don’t need to get the tissues out just yet. As the Lurcher is recognized as a cross breed between a number of different dogs, you can usually find allergy-friendly bow-wows with similar, if not identical personalities, just in a slightly smaller or larger build.

dog similar to lurcher.

Our first and most obvious choice is the Bedlington Terrier, which is commonly used in the breeding process to make a Lurcher. This pooch is popular for allergy sufferers as they have a no-shed coat with minimal dander or drooling. 

Although the Bedlington is a Terrier, they’re a low barking dog, which is ideal if you live in an apartment. But, don’t deviate from their daily exercise routine — otherwise they may turn to mischief.

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The Norwich Terrier is another great catch! They’ve got the cheeky intelligent nature that you see in a Lurcher. Plus, they too have a hunting history — they were bred for ratting. 

Although they’re much smaller, their happy-go-lucky personality and robust nature make them highly versatile in any home looking for a hypoallergenic Lurcher alternative.

dogs similar to lurchers.

Finally, to throw a real wildcard out there — we had to include the Afghan Hound. Shockingly these long-haired beauties are highly hypoallergenic and share the same breed group as the Lurcher. This means you can expect the same affectionate hunting dog that you’re looking for.


This strong, fast, and determined breed might tick all the boxes on paper, but make sure you check the breeding history — the Lurchers’ coat and size can vary greatly.

So, are Lurchers hypoallergenic? Sadly not — yet this doesn’t mean you should give up hope. Our favorite hypoallergenic Lurcher alternatives can offer you the same amount of love and unique character that we all want from our pooches.

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Is a Lurcher Hypoallergenic? FAQs

Do Lurchers Shed a Lot?

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic Lurcher then you might be unhappy to hear that they aren’t a hypoallergenic breed. They shed, albeit moderately, but it’s a regular occurrence.

Are Greyhounds Hypoallergenic?

Similarly to the Lurcher, the Greyhound isn’t hypoallergenic — they shed and produce dander. 

What Is The #1 Hypoallergenic Dog?

Top hypoallergenic dogs are the Bichon Frise or the Poodle. Both these breeds have a unique wiry coat that’s tightly curled and low on shedding. Plus, any hair that does shed gets trapped in their coat. However, they do require regular grooming because of this.

What Is The Calmest Non-shedding Dog?

If you’re on the hunt for a calm dog breed that won’t leave your home covered in fur, the Shih Tzu is an adorable little cuddly character you’re sure to love! 

What Is The Best Dog For Asthma Sufferers?

The Portuguese Water Dog is becoming more popular in the hypoallergenic ranks. This is thanks to their cute curly coat and the fact they produce practically no dander or shedding. They’re highly intelligent and active too, just like the Lurcher. 

Are Lurcher Allergies Common?

While Lurchers are non-hypoallergenic dogs, they’re average shedders. Hence, if you aren’t majorly sensitive, you may find this doesn’t cause you an issue. Lurcher allergies will be more noticeable in larger variations of the breed, which can be found anywhere from 35 pounds to 100 pounds. 

Are Lurchers Good For People With Allergies?

Lurchers might not pose huge problems for allergy sufferers. That said, they still shed, so there are no guarantees.

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