The Quick, Easy Guide to Hypoallergenic Maltipoo Dogs!

The Maltipoo is a small hypoallergenic dog. They rarely shed and are great for apartments.

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At the end of our article, we have a “Maltese Personality Test” where we will tell you if a Maltipoo is right for you. We also have a “Test your Knowledge” test where you can see how much you’ve learned. Aside from that, we broke this article up into sections for you! If you want to skip to a section, click one below!

Maltipoo Appearance
Grooming Maltipoos
Cleaning your Maltipoo’s Ears
Brushing your Maltipoo’s Teeth
Trimming your Maltipoo’s Nails
Feeding Maltipoos
Cannabis, Alcohol, and CBD for dogs
Exercising Maltipoos
Playing with Maltipoos
Games for Maltipoos
Maltipoo Health Problems
Maltipoo Quiz
Maltipoo FAQ

So, you want to know more about Maltipoos? They are possibly the cutest thing on this planet! What do you get when you mix a Maltese and a Poodle? The Maltipoo : A fluffy, forever-puppy that exudes love, everywhere, all the time. Any real human has to admit that Maltipoos are far beyond “Aww”! Really, Yahoo and Facebook should get on this, because Maltipoo cuteness would be a much better pass/fail parameter than street signs for those “Are you a robot tests”!
Not hooked yet? Well these poodle-mixed pooches are also “hypoallergenic”, meaning they’re less likely to bother people with allergies. It also means that Maltipoos don’t shed much, if at all. Plus, if you’re the kind of weird person that likes your dog to match your décor, the Maltipoo comes in a ton of colors to choose from!

Want to know more?
Keep reading, guys, because I’m about to dish out the goods on the designer Maltese Poodle mix that America simply can’t get enough of – the Maltipoo! We’ll try to keep this short and sweet!
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Quick Questions about Maltipoos!

  • How large are Maltipoos? 5-10lbs and 8-10 inches. They’re smaller than a sheet of paper!
  • Are Maltipoos hypoallergenic dogs? Yes! But the degree to which they’re hypoallergenic varies from dog to dog. Usually curlier Maltipoos are more hypoallergenic than those with straighter hair.
  • Do Maltipoos shed? No! Not usually. If your Maltipoo has a straighter coat or you don’t brush them every 2-3 days, they may shed.
  • How energetic are Maltipoos? Quite energetic! Despite their high energy levels, they don’t need long walks. What’s more important is that you play with them a lot, let them out to potty often, and provide brain games to give them a challenge!
  • Are Maltipoos smart? Yes!
  • Are Maltipoos easy to train? Yes! Although, it can be harder to housebreak, leash train, and it can sometimes be difficult to train them to stop barking.
  • Are Maltipoos friendly? Absolutely! However, be careful with them around large dogs and little kids, because they’re delicate!

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All about Maltipoos, in a nutshell!maltipoo-puppy

What are Maltese/Poodle mixes like?


Top 10 Traits of the Maltipoo

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  • Maltipoos are “forever young”. They will act like puppies well into adulthood, and sometimes even when they’re elderly, if they’re still in good physical shape!
  • Maltipoos CAN be everybody’s friend. If socialized, trained, and well-adjusted, they are super, over-the-top friendly dogs that will love you, your family, your kids, strangers, robbers, murders, and even your cat.
  • Maltipoos are generally not destructive. They don’t usually chew stuff up.
  • These little dogs are the epidemy of city-slickers! The Maltese/Poodle mix is an amazing apartment pooch, preferring to work out energy by doing small, circular zoomies around the room. Give them a 20-minute walk down the street, and they’re happy!
  • Maltipoos know how to relax. They love to kick back, spread their legs, and cuddle with you on the couch like a lazy guy with a beer gut. For best results, tire them out a bit first!
  • Malt-a-poos (as they’re sometimes called, weirdly enough) are soulful dogs. They will make human-like eye contact with you, staring into your soul with liquid black, super-intelligent eyes. You will wonder what they are thinking. (Pro-Tip, it’s “feed me”)
  • Are you an easy-going, happy human? Then you will find training a Maltipoo to be both fun and easy! They love too figure out what you want, and they’re super people-pleasing and smart!
  • Maltipoos are hypoallergenic. That means your Maltipoo probably won’t shed very much, and they’re much less likely to bother people with allergies. Since they’re crossbreeds though, all Maltipoos have a different level of hypoallergenic-ness. You’ve been warned!
  • They CAN be super tidy. Get that emphasis on “can”? They don’t shed much, so that’s awesome. They’re indoor dogs, so they usually stay clean. However, they can be high maintenance! Read the worst things about Maltipoos below, to learn more!
  • Yes, it’s true. The Maltipoo is generally healthier than the purebred Maltese, or Poodle.

The Top 10 Worst Things about owning a Maltipoo!

(objectively speaking, of course)
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  • They hate being left alone! They prefer to constantly have you nearby so they can monitor everything you’re doing. Who knows? You might get it into your head that you can leave the house without them.
  • These dogs can turn really snappy if they feel threatened. That means they might snap at little kids that don’t have dog manners, or they might accidentally instigate an attack from a bigger dog.
  • Malitpoos will definitely be judgey if you lose your temper or are harsh with discipline. They’re not above making you feel like a monster. They have a good memory, too. So if you’re a hothead, these aren’t the dogs for you.
  • Some Maltipoos can be yappy, and it can be really hard to break them of that habit.
  • Their small size can make them difficult to train, and it also means they need to be fed more frequently and let out to use the bathroom more than a larger dog.
  • Like almost all small companion dogs, they can take longer to housebreak or potty-train than large dogs. Try using pee-pads.
  • They can be very difficult to crate train – which is a necessity for any dog. Sorry, dog lovers. You’re not doing your pooch ANY favors by not crate training them. That’s a skill all dogs need just do stuff like stay overnight at the vets.
  • They can be difficult to leash train. If you have small kids, a Maltipoo might actually be strong enough to pull them off their feet or yank the leash out of their hands.
  • Maltipoos can have problems with their eyes, teeth, and allergies. They get these health problems from both sides – the Poodle, and the Maltese. You have to be methodical about giving them a healthy diet, keeping them hydrated, and brushing their teeth regularly. Teeth treats alone aren’t enough.
  • Maltipoos can require quite a bit of maintenance, and moreso if they play outside. Their fur can get matted, and little twigs or burrs can get stuck in it. You need to brush them often, and you might even want to wipe their face or feet. Read more about caring for them below!


What do Maltipoos look like?maltese-poodle-puppy

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What colors do Maltipoos come in?

Brown, red, white, black, silver, cream, apricot, silver/beige (rare), phantom (meaning multi-colored), bronze, blue (rare), and black and white.

  • Black and white Maltipoos are black with white markings on face, chest, tummy or paws.
  • Phantom-colored Maltipoos are dogs with two or more colors. They have light colors that appear against a darker color like Black, Red or Brown. Like above the eyes the dog’s eyebrows, muzzle, throat, legs, feet and below the dog’s tail.
  • Black Maltipoos may turn grey as they get older.


Do Maltipoos have curly coats?

Usually, Maltipoos will have some amount of curl, or waviness to their coat. It’s very unusual to find a Maltipoo that has a straight, or nearly straight coat. The curly Poodle hair gene is more dominant than the straight Maltese hair gene.
Some Maltipoos are 75% Poodle, which means their coats are curlier. Some are 75% Maltese, which means their coats are straighter. Read below to learn more about these kinds of Maltipoos!

Maltipoo Generations

  • First-generation Maltipoos may only be born from purebred Poodle and Maltese parents. They are usually the healthiest.
  • Second-generation Maltipoos may have a Maltipoo as a parent, that is mixed with either a Poodle or a Maltese. This makes the dog 75% Poodle or 75% Maltese. Dogs that are 75% Poodle are less likely to bother people with allergies.
  • Third-generation Maltipoos are dogs that are born from two Maltipoo parents. Both parents have to be first-generation Maltipoos. Therefore, a third-generation Maltipoo has grandparents that are Poodles and Maltese. There is very little reason to get a third-generation Maltipoo rather than a second-generation or first-generation.

Similar Breeds

Maltipoo Grooming and Care tips!

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How to keep your Maltipoo happy, healthy, and beautiful!
Grooming Maltipoos : Here’s the scoop!
Maltipoos require quite a bit more care than the average dog, and you’ll need to be really consistent about that. If you’re on-the-go and you love woods hikes, lakes, and other nature haunts, you’ll need to be even more vigilant. Despite being hypoallergenic, these dogs will definitely irritate your allergies if you don’t keep them cleaned and well-groomed. That’s especially true if you don’t use a slicker brush. Last but not least, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning is essential. Below are some details about how to properly care for your Maltipoo!

Quick tips about Maltipoo grooming!

  • The curlier the coat, the more high maintenance. Also, curlier coats tend to be more hypoallergenic than wavy or straight coats, because they have more of the Poodle hair gene.
  • If you have dog allergies, you need to be extra vigilant about keeping your Maltipoo clean. You also need to make an extra effort to keep their nails well-trimmed so they don’t scratch you when they’re excited.
  • Regular teeth brushing is an absolute must, because these little dogs can get teeth problems, especially as they get older.
  • It is SO important to regularly check them for matted fur! Mats can be painful for your pup, and they can even cause scrapes and cuts if left untreated. They can trap dirt and debris, and all sorts of nasty stuff.
  • Maltipoos need their ears cleaned more often than other dogs, and are prone to ear infections.
  • Maltipoos can get allergies, because both Poodles and Maltese are prone to them, so it’s a good idea to wipe their face and feet when they come in from a walk. Try not to let them lick weird stuff.


Brushing your Maltese Poodle Mix

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You will need : Hair clipping scissors, a slicker brush, a dematting comb, and a soft bristle brush.

Hair Clipping Scissors : Even if you don’t plan on trimming your Maltipoo yourself, you will want to keep these handy. Maltipoos can get things stuck in their fur, and they can also get dreadlocks (called mats). Sometimes, you’ll need to cut these out.

Slicker Brush : These brushes look like torture tools, but don’t be deceived – they’re not painful, and they can be your dog’s best friend. These brushes are super useful for pulling out minor dreadlocks (mats) – the kind that feel a bit like a caterpillar cocoon. They are also very good at getting out dirt and debris in your dog’s coat. The most important thing about a good slicker brush, though, is that it will pull out old, dead hair that gets trapped in your dog’s coat. This hair is itchy for your dog, and it can trap in dander and dirt. Using a slicker brush will help keep your Maltipoo hypoallergenic.

Dematting Comb : This comb is what you resort to for a mat when the slicker brush simply doesn’t have the power you’re looking for. Sometimes, mats will form that are flat and hard to the touch. With a dematting comb, you can push the teeth of the comb through the matt, and gently wiggle back and forth while you try to work the mat out. It can be painful for your pooch, so it helps to hold the base of their hair with your fingers while you do that, so you’re not tugging on their skin too much.

How often do you brush a Maltipoo?

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As a general rule of thumb, every 2-3 days, depending on the length of their coat, and how clean it stays. If your Maltipoo has a “puppy cut”, or if they are not outside often, or usually walk on a sidewalk, you can probably get away with grooming them every three days. Longer coats, or dogs that play in the woods, will need to be brushed more often. Check for matted fur with your fingers every day.

Cleaning your Maltipoo’s Ears

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Once a week you should also clean their ears. Don’t skip an ear cleaning, because they can get a lot of ear infections because the hair in their ears traps in moisture and debris.

Here’s how to clean your Maltipoo’s Ears :

  • Mix a solution of 1 part water to 1 part white distilled vinegar
  • Dip a cotton ball in the solution, flip your dogs ear up, and scoop the cotton ball down into their ear and around the area that borders their ear canal. Repeat this process until your cotton balls come out white.


Pro Tip! If your pooch will allow it, take some child safe scissors to their ear hair. Flip their ear flap back, and, with straight fingers, clamp a section of hair so that the ends stick up over your fingers. This will prevent you from accidentally cutting any skin, because your fingers are lick a bumper between their skin, and your scissors. Next, with the tip of the scissors, cut off the ends of the excess hair. It’s important to use the tip of the scissors and not the base, because it’s really easy to forget to watch the tips of the scissors while you cut, and you can end up cutting into their ear flap. If you take your dog to the groomer, ask them to trim the ear hair, too. This will help keep your dogs ears dryer, and prevent bacteria from building up!


Brushing your Maltipoo’s Teeth

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Teeth Brushing is crucial for Maltipoos. Get that? Let’s try again. It’s critical! Terribly important! DO NOT SKIP THIS! Both Maltese and Toy Poodles are well known for periodontal disease, and other teeth problems that can cause all sorts of health issues for your pup. So if you’re too lazy to brush your dogs teeth, this dog is simply not for you. Sorry!

Start ’em young : Even as a puppy, you should be brushing your Maltipoo’s teeth. Preferably every other day. This will get your puppy use to the sensation of having their mouth touched. Plus, their easier to man-handle at this age, and they’ll get over the shock of it quickly! So, don’t wait. Start from day one!

The best teeth-brushing position : If you start ’em young, you have a clear advantage over other, less responsible Maltipoo moms and dads. Flip them onto their back when you’re sitting on the couch and have them lay against your chest. You can even rub their tummy! Get them used to this, and it will be a breeze to brush the heck out of those pearly whites!

The Most Important Teeth : The most important teeth to brush are also the most challenging – the back ones. Your dog will hate this, but it’s the back teeth that usually get infected. Why? Because your dog rarely uses their back teeth to chew on stuff or eat kibble. So, basically, all that plaque and stuff builds up back there, and never gets scraped off. You’re also less likely to notice a problem with their teeth if it’s in the back.

Picking a toothpaste : You want toothpaste that says it’s “enzymatic”. That means it has enzymes in it that digest the gross stuff on your dogs teeth. My favorite flavor is beef. Wait – sorry, did I say me? I meant my dog…my dog’s favorite flavor is beef…

WARNING! NEVER use people toothpaste. It’s toxic for you, and for dogs, and should never be swallowed. Dog’s CAN’T SPIT, which means they can’t get that poisonous toothpaste out of their mouths without ingesting it.

Picking a toothbrush :
Stick Models vs. Over-the-Finger
Some dog toothbrushes are long sticks, and other dog toothbrushes are plastic or silicon sleeves that go over your fingers. I’ll give you a run down of both, from my personal experience!

Dog Toothbrushes that are plastic sleeves :

  • Plastic finger sleeves are comfortable for getting the front teeth of the dog. You have to hold their lips up, which is drooly and obnoxious. Also, for dogs that try to literally eat your toothbrush while you’re going at it, these can be a great option.
  • Be prepared for lots of slobber and toothpaste on your fingers. Not for neat freaks.
  • Great for getting puppies used to toothbrushes.
  • Great for dogs that try to literally eat your toothbrush while you work.
  • Better for brushing front teeth than back teeth, because for one side of the dog, your finger will always be facing the wrong direction, and you will need your dog to hold uncommonly still so you can hold up their lip while you situate the brush on their back teeth.
  • The variety with the little rubber nubs for bristles is pretty much useless for everything.


Dog Toothbrushes that are long sticks :

  • There is an overly complicated toothbrush that has two round, bristled heads, clamped together like a bear trap. I’m not sure what this is useful for – because it isn’t teeth. I suppose, in theory, you can use this to get the backs of their teeth and the fronts of their teeth at the same time? It’s a nice theory, but it might just be better to use it for cleaning their toenails or something…
  • There is a long, kinked toothbrush that has an inexplicable flat end. This is great for getting those pain-in-the-but back teeth. You can easily slip this under your dogs lips, without even having to do finger contact. (Nice!) You can really get it in there, and if you’re able to pry open your dog’s teeth, you can get the backs of their teeth really great too. The long pole is a little awkward for cleaning their front teeth though.


My favorite toothbrushes :
Toothbrushes for kids. You can get the automatic battery powered one, or just a regular cheep toothbrush. The cheap one is easier to use for a squirmy dog, but the automatic makes it easier to give your dog a deep clean if holding on to them isn’t like holding on to wet soap.

Trimming your Maltipoo’s Nails

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Frequency : About every 2-3 weeks

  • The “quick” is the blood vessel in a dog’s nail. If you trim it, it hurts. It also bleeds EVERYWHERE! No joke, your dog will scream and the blood will look like you slaughtered a pig barehanded, and both of you will be terribly traumatized. Here’s some tips to help you not trim your dogs quick!
  • You can try an automated nail file. If you acclimate your puppy to this when they’re young, it’s way easier, and can even be enjoyable for both of you!
  • You can also purchase anti-quick cutting nail clippers for dogs. These don’t always work for large dogs, because their toenails are too big, but I’ve heard that small dog owners absolutely love them.
  • If your pooch has dark nails : You can also trim tiny shavings off the ends of your dog’s nails, and then look at the bottom where the nail has been cut. If the middle is white, keep going. If the middle is grey, stop. That means you’re getting close to the quick.
  • If you keep up with trimming your dog’s nails regularly, their quicks won’t grow out very far. The longer the nails grow without getting cut, the longer the quicks grow.


Pro Tip about Petco grooming!

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Not saying anything against Petco here, but if you have a dog that has dark nails that are hard to cut, it might be better to do it yourself. I’ve tried taking my dogs to Petco, and they generally will cut their quicks about a third of the time. Some Petcos might be better, I don’t know! If you’re not sure, don’t feel ashamed to interrogate the groomer a bit so you can make sure you’re getting someone with experience. That being said, if you’ve got the money, just go to a real groomer, people. Real groomers are very experienced with handling dogs from a behavioral and psychological standpoint. A good groomer will make your dog’s experience as gentle and easy as possible – their livelihood depends on your word of mouth.


Feeding your Maltipoo!hypoallergenic-maltipoo

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We recommend feeding an adult Maltipoo twice a day. Puppies should be fed three times a day. The ideal food for a Maltipoo is dry food mixed with wet food. Here’s some tips!

    • Add low-sodium beef broth to food to raise the moisture content and help keep your Maltipoo hydrated.
    • Add fish oil to your Maltipoo’s food to help their coat, skin, and joints!
    • Nudges chicken jerky with vitamins is a great, healthy treat for your Maltipoo, but don’t give them more than what the package suggests for a serving size. Too many vitamins is bad for your dog. Aside from Nudges, I would be very sketchy about dog health supplements. Some of them can be really dangerous – especially ones containing algae.
    • Frozen peas can make a delicious, fun, high fiber treat for your Maltipoo.
    • Never give your Maltipoo peanut butter. Most peanut butter contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs.
    • After my boyfriend and I did a lot of research, we decided on feeding our dogs Canidae. They don’t use animal by-product, they get their meat from high quality sources, and they don’t have a lot of fillers or recalls. We found that our dog needed less of this food than she did of cheap dog food, so the money ended up being about the same.
    • If possible, order dog food straight from the factory. When you get dog food off the shelf at a pet store, a lot of the nutritional value of the food has already been lost because it has been in a warehouse, and on a shelf for so long. Nutrients in dog food don’t really last that long.
    • If your Maltipoo puppy his diarrhea, try giving them Little Ceasars wet food. That always works for me! You can also try giving them a small serving of white rice. Make sure they get plenty of water, and make sure to take them out 10 minutes after they drink it, or leave them in the bathroom with pee pads.
    • Feeding your Maltipoo puppy a little bit off your plate can be good for them, because it helps their tummy get used to people food so they won’t get diarrhea from it. Trust me, it really works! That being said, there’s certain foods you can never feed them.

Here they are: Onions and Garlic, Tomatoes, Chocolate, Raisins and Grapes, Avocado, Caffeine and Alcohol (obviously), and Nuts. Pretty much all nuts, believe it or not.


Cannabis, Alcohol, and CBD oil :
I’m just going to throw this out there, since a lot of you are probably thinking it. As for me, personally, will give my elderly dogs high grade CBD oil to help with pain, anxiety, or sleeplessness. High grade CBD oil is light green or almost clear, and either odorless or smells lightly of fresh cut grass. That being said…

CANNABIS is toxic to dogs!
CBD oil is NOT the same as cannabis (aka marijuana)! Dogs can overdose from cannabis, especially if they ingest it when you’re not looking. You may need to rush your dog to the emergency room for cannabis poisoning. If you have this substance in your house, especially in food, please keep it well out of the reach of your pets!

ALCOHOL is also toxic to dogs.
Believe it or not, dogs can’t process alcohol the way humans can. Consuming too much alcohol is shockingly easy for a dog. So, people, if you’re getting drunk around your dog, please don’t leave your drinks out where your dogs can get to them. Some people think it’s funny to see a dog drunk and stumbling, but those people should understand that a stumbling dog is not the same as a stumbling person. It’s not harmless, it’s not funny, and it’s certainly not cool to be cruel to animals!

Exercise, Training, Feeding : A day in the life of a Maltipoo!

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How to care for your Maltipoo’s mind and body

Exercise :
Are you lazy? Do you hate going outside? Would you rather go shopping than hiking? A Maltipoo may just be the dog for you!
These cute little bundles of love really don’t require insane amounts of exercise. Much more important the fact that you give them plenty of cuddles and play sessions! My suggestion is that you walk your Maltipoo outside on a sidewalk with nearby grass for 10 minutes, three times a day. They really don’t need more than that.

Pro Tip!
When they’re puppies, every time they’re about to use the outdoor potty, tell them to “Potty” and make a big deal out of it when they successfully deliver the goods. Give them a treat if you have one to hand, and praise them like they’re the most amazing thing that has ever happened in the whole world. This is how I’ve taught all of the dogs I’ve ever owned to potty on command. It takes a while, so it’s all about repetition! Luckily, Maltipoos are super smart and people pleasing, so I bet it’ll be a breeze for you IF you’re consistent!


What is a play session? How often should I play?maltipoo-running

Play sessions are super important for Maltipoos. Walks are more for using the bathroom. Play sessions are about getting out energy, and getting the affection and attention from you that Maltipoos desperately need throughout the day.
Here’s some play techniques :

  • Try teaching your Maltipoo to fetch a small ball, indoors. Ping pong balls are a lot of fun for puppies, but for adult dogs I recommend the tennis-ball sized rubber ones. They love to squeeze them!
  • Play hide-and-seek. Hide somewhere in the house with a treat, and call your Maltipoo. Always make a big deal out of it when they come, with a higher tone of voice, and a lot of wonderful sweet words and energy. That’s what makes finding you, fun, and it will also teach your dog to come when called!
  • For puppies, try Jackson Galaxy’s fishing rod feather chaser for cats. These are so much fun to play with, and they will help your puppy really run off some steam. DON’T EVER leave them with it unattended though. Always put it away waayyy out of reach after you’re done. I store mine on top of the fridge.
  • Indoor cloth frisbees can be fun, exciting exercise for your dogs.
  • Chewing bones can help them work off some physical frustration, but if your dog is biting off chunks of a bone that isn’t meant to be eating, time to take it away.
  • Squeaky toys are good for physical frustration, too, but if your dog is a “Kill them and eat their guts” kind of a dog, don’t do stuffed toys. Stuffing can cause health problems when ingested, especially in puppies!


Pro Tip!
YOU are not a toy. Sorry to burst your bubble. I know it’s really cute to instigate play with your fingers and toes, but this is a terrible habit to teach your puppy Maltipoo. You’re teaching them to have no respect for human skin or personal space. That’s a mistake that will encourage them to jump, nip your fingers, nip at running children, and other bad habits. Never let your Maltipoo puppy play with your body, or the clothes that are on it. Now is the time to set limits.


PS : I once had a guy that taught his puppy this behavior, unthinkingly, and after just a few short days it took over a week to retrain the puppy. That was just after a few days of hand chasing.

Mentally stimulating your Maltipoo :

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Mental stimulation! SO important! I hear a lot of people tell me that their dog is too energetic for them. That they’re destructive – pulling down toilet paper rolls or running off with shoes and other things that aren’t them. News flash – your dog is BORED!
How can this be, they ask. My dog has all of the toys money can buy!
Well, believe it or not – those toys and bones mean very little if it doesn’t take brains to play with them. Your dog needs to actually think. Bones, squeaky toys, and balls are great ways to exercise your dog. But they are not intellectually stimulating toys.

What makes toys and games mentally stimulating?
Mentally stimulating toys and activities require a dog to use logic, rather than muscle memory. Chasing and chewing are muscle memory, but predict something, react to a quick change, figure out a problem, or search for something, are all things that require your dog to use their noggin!

Brain Games for your dog :

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Puzzle treat balls : These are balls they can roll around that have treats in them. The trick is that the treats will fall out of the hole, and your dog has to figure out how to make that happen. Get a ball that allows you to set difficulty levels, because dogs get good at this game fast.

Pick the hand trick :
This is a cute little game your dog will love to play with you, and it can help teach them to “give paw”. Put a kibble or a treat in one of your hands, close your hands into fists, and then spin them around, put them behind your back, or do other crazy things to make your dog loose track of which hand is which. Your dog then chooses a hand. If they choose wrongly, open your hand and let them see there’s nothing in it. Playfully, teasingly say something like “Uh oh…empty!” and then give then wait a beat before giving them a treat. You don’t want to let your dog lose over and over without getting the treat, you just want to delay the treat a bit to encourage them to try to get it right. You can also play this game with 2-3 of the paper cups you use in the bathroom when you brush your teeth.

Where’s the ball? This fun game is good for dogs who have somewhat grasped what fetch is, or know what their ball is. Place the ball somewhere on the floor around the house, or else just play this game randomly when the ball is missing. Ask them to find the ball, and praise them when they do. If your dog looks really confused, put the ball nearby, and if they even glance in that direction say “Yes!”

Scavenger Hunt : A really fun way to feed your dog. Take a small handful of kibble, or if that grosses you out, small dry dog treats, and hide them all over a room. Don’t put the food on table tops or furniture.

Games that are both exercising, and mentally stimulating :
For puppies : The feather chasing fishing rod by Jackson Galaxy. I mentioned this earlier, but REMEMBER to always put this toy far away from your dog after you use it. Don’t let your kids use it if they’re not going to put it away. It’s not meant for dogs, but it’s really great mental stimulation for little puppies.

Hide and seek : Hiding around the house, treats in hand, and calling your dog can be great exercise if you have a big enough house, and awesome mental stimulation. If you can get really excited about the game, it’s an awesome bonding experience for both you and your dog that will increase your dogs confidence in themselves, which makes them more sociable around people and dogs, and also teach them to come when you call.
This is a great game to play in a fenced in yard. You can also just call them periodically throughout the day and keep some treats in your pocket.

Kong toys : Some rubber toys have holes in them that you can fill with treats or Kong goo. Generally, people call these Kong toys, but there are other brands. When these toys are a big of a challenge for your dog, they can be great mental stimulation and also help to relieve some physical frustration. However, Kong goo is expensive, and you MUST NEVER use peanut butter. Or if you do, check the ingredients for xylitol first. This is a sweetened added to peanut butter that that is toxic for dogs.

Common Maltipoo Health Problems

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Maltipoo health problems and preventative measures!
While they are generally healthier than a purebred Poodle or a purebred Maltese, Maltipoos are prone to a few health problems that both Poodles and Maltese have in common.

Here’s what to watch out for :
Eye Problems
This includes Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Glaucoma. Both can eventually lead to blindness, but vets can detect these diseases very early on, and there’s various treatments that can help.

Dental Diseases
Dental diseases, like periodontal disease, can be common in small dogs and both Toy Poodles and Maltese are prone to them. These diseases are the result of bad dental hygiene, which is why it is so important to brush your dog’s teeth twice a week, at least! Teeth cleaning treats do very little to help, so don’t use them as an out.

If you really have issues with cleaning your dog’s teeth, do the following :

    • Ask a groomer to clean their teeth when you bring them in
    • Bring your dog to the vet for a proper teeth cleaning twice a year. Choose an experienced vet that you have faith with, and ask questions about who will be your anesthesiologist, because teeth cleanings at the vet are similar to surgeries.
    • Give your dogs vet-approved bones to chew regularly, and a teeth cleaning treat once a day.


Pro Tip : Maybe it’s gross, but it lift their lips to get a good sniff and a peak. If you smell a rotting smell coming from their teeth, like old meat, or you see teeth that are yellow, green, or brown, or gums that are white, or much more red than usual, or bleeding where the gum meets the tooth, go to the vet. They may have a dead tooth, a tooth infection, or a gum infection. Teeth infections can be dangerous for dogs.

Here are some other symptoms of tooth pain to look out for :

  • Your dog is rubbing their snout on the carpet, or rubbing their paws on their snout, especially after eating.
  • Your dog’s appetite has decreased, or they suddenly start playing games with their food – like barking at it, or running from it.


Hypothyroidism :
This hormonal disorder can cause your dog to have skin discoloration, feel lethargic, and gain weight. If untreated, hypothyroidism can cause skin conditions and epilepsy. Ask your vet to check for any early symptoms of hypothyroidism when you bring your dog in for a checkup.

Collapsed Trachea :
This is an injury that causes the rings in your dog’s trachea to collapse. When you or your kid is walking your Maltipoo on a collar, sometimes your dog might try to take off after something, pulling you or your child along. That jerking motion can cause the trachea to collapse. It can also happen when Maltipoos are playing with large dogs, or rough children. This condition causes coughing, wheezing, honking, or other unusual breathing problems, and sometimes they can come on slowly. Take your dog to the vet if they’re having difficulty breathing.

Patellar Luxation :
A fancy term for “fluctuating knee cap”. It’s also called Luxating Patella. If you can’t remember that, just call it “Lux knee cap”, and the vet will know what you mean. This can happen in smaller dogs as a result of injury. This is one reason that small dogs like Maltipoos aren’t great for young kids, who often play too rough. You also shouldn’t really let your Maltipoo play with dogs that are much larger than them, because accidents happen, no matter how friendly everyone is. When the knee cap slides out of place, your pup will yelp. If you suspect this has happened to your dog, give your vet a phone call.

Allergies are pretty common in Maltipoos. If your Maltipoo gets watery, red eyes periodically, scratches a lot, or sneezes a lot, they may have allergies.

Here’s some tips for reducing allergies in dogs :

  • Switch to a better grade of dog food
  • Change the flavor of the meat in their dog food (i.e.: from chicken to beef)
  • Wipe their face with a warm wet wash cloth twice a day
  • Wipe their feet after they come in from a walk
  • Vacuum your carpet and sofa frequently, and vacuum entryways to the home daily
  • Don’t use chemicals when you mop
  • Get an air purifier
  • Every week, run a load of wash for your dog: Pillows, blankets, bed, bedding, etc.
  • Dust your house regularly
  • Give your dog purified water, and replace their water daily
  • Take your dog into the bathroom with you when you take a shower or a bath
  • Give your dog a hydration boost by putting broth or water in their dry food
  • If allergies are very bad, ask your vet about giving your dog human Benadryl. It can be very useful, but Maltipoos are small so you have to be careful about the dose. The general rule of thumb is to give 1mg per pound. A typical human Benadryl has 25mg, so that’s 1 pill for a 25 lbs. dog – which your Maltipoo is certainly not!

Dogs are usually allergic to more than one thing, which means that testing for allergies can be very costly, and in the end, they’ll often tell you that your dog is allergic to tons of things. Dogs can get immune to some medications over time, and there can be side effects. The best way to reduce your dog’s allergies is by sanitizing your home, and sanitizing your dog when they come into the home. Believe it or not, a Roomba can really help! They have a UV light that kills bacteria in your carpet. It worked really well for my dog’s allergies!

That’s it! But…not quite!
For lack of a better term, we’ll call this a “conclusion”! I now deem you “knowledgeable” when it comes to the beloved Maltese/Poodle mix! But there’s still more on this page to see.
Are you interested in getting a Maltipoo? Take our personality test here!
Have a question about Maltipoos? We answer a lot of frequently asked questions, here!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it! Be sure to check out some of my other articles on, and keep on barking, dog lovers!

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The Maltipoo personality test!

Each answer has a point value. Add these point values together to find out how well we think a Maltipoo will work for you! Don’t cheat guys, you’re only cheating yourself!

    1. Is your household empty between the hours of 8am and 3pm?
[0] Yes [3] Partly [8] No

    1. Do you have children younger than 6 years old?
[0] Yes [6] No

    1. Do you have children older than 8, who are gentle, and love to play with and cuddle dogs?
[6] Yes [4] No

    1. Do you have dogs that are heavier than 20lbs?
[0] Yes [4] No

    1. Do you have an older dog who is rarely energetic?
[5] Yes [0] No

    1. Are you a cuddle-bug?
[5] Yes [3] No

    1. Do you enjoy grooming, caring for, and nurturing animals?
[5] Yes [2] No

    1. Are you a person who is almost always home, such as a remote worker, or retired person?
[6] Yes [2] No

    1. Are you willing to spend as much, or more than $1,200 for a dog from a responsible breeder?
[8] Yes If No, subtract 10.

    1. Are you willing to travel more than 4 hours away to pick out a puppy from a responsible breeder’s litter?
[5] Yes [0] No

Okay guys! Here’s the final sprint! For all that apply, add four points to your total!
[4] I like to get up and move by going for a short walk, playing with my pets, or being busy around the house.
[4] I like clean pets that I can have on my furniture without bothering my allergies. I really like a companion that I can cuddle with.
[4] My pets are like my children. I like to keep them clean, talk to them, and spoil them a bit. I only have indoor pets.
[4] I would like a dog that I can take everywhere with me, who will be my best friend, and will always be by my side!

Is a Maltipoo the dog for you?

Add your scores together, and compare them to the totals below to find out!
[0-38] We really don’t recommend this dog for you. These dogs need a lot of companionship and attention, and they can be injured by young children or larger dogs. They are also very high maintenance, and finding a good breeder is costly, time consuming, and often means you have to travel.
[38-55] A Maltipoo is probably a good choice for you! You’re doing the right thing by learning as much as you can. The next step is to call up a breeder and ask them any questions you might have!
[55-74] We think a Maltipoo would be very lucky to have you!

Maltipoos – test your knowledge!

How many of these can you answer, after having read our article?

    1. Are Maltipoo coats curly or straight?

(A) Curly (B) Straight (C) Both A and C

    1. Maltipoos are excellent apartment dogs, because you can leave them home all day long!

(A) True (B) False

    1. Are Maltipoos good with cats?

(A) Yes (B) No

    1. Maltipoos are very stubborn and difficult to train.

(A) True (B) False

    1. Maltipoos are not good pets for young children.

(A) True (B) False

    1. Maltipoos need more of this than most dogs dog.

(A) Exercise (B) Bathing (C) Teeth Cleaning

    1. Maltipoos are usually healthier than :

(A) Poodles (B) Maltese (C) Both A and C

    1. How large is the average Maltipoo?

(A) 15-20 (B) 5-10lbs (C) About 32 lbs.

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Maltipoo FAQ!

Are Maltipoos good with children?

Older kids, only! As a general rule of thumb, a child that is 7 or 8 should be appropriate for a Maltipoo, as long as you taught them to have good manners when handling animals. Rambunctious, off-the-wall kids are NOT appropriate children for Maltipoos. Instead, check out the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, here (they are durable, playful, and adorable!)

Is the Maltipoo hypoallergenic?

Yes! However, like all Poodle crossbreeds, the degree to which they trigger a person’s allergies really varies a lot depending on the coat. Ask a reputable breeder about getting the right Maltipoo for your allergies.

Do Maltipoos shed?

No. Not really. If your Maltipoo has a curly coat, they probably barely shed, if at all. However, if they have straighter hair, or you don’t brush them often, they may shed.

Are Maltipoos intelligent?

Yes! Maltipoos are highly intelligent!

Are Maltipoos good apartment dogs?

Absolutely! You can’t really get a better apartment dog than a Maltipoo. That being said, you also can’t leave them alone for a long time, like an 8 hour work day. These dogs are great for remote workers, or college kids who can come home between classes. They’re also great for the elderly!

Are Maltipoos healthy?

Yes! Maltipoos are generally quite healthy, and they’re usually more healthy than a purebred dog. However, they can have problems with their teeth and eyes. A lot of their health problems can be avoided with a great diet, a lot of hydration, and keeping them away from rough children and large dogs.

Where do I get a Maltipoo puppy?

Search online. You want to look for a Maltipoo breeder in your state, and call them for a phone interview. Prepare your questions ahead of time by researching how to find a responsible breeder. You can also call Maltese rescues, and Poodle rescues, because these places will sometimes get Maltipoos in. NEVER buy your Maltipoo from a pet store. They are almost always from puppy mills – factories that breed puppies inhumanely to sell in stores.

Pro Tip : Expect to travel when looking for a reputable breeder. You should be looking to find THE BEST breeder, not the closest. This is a big commitment, and you should expect to spend quite a bit of money. You should also expect to fill out contracts, and be asked a lot of annoying and invasive questions by your breeder. A good breeder will not give their puppies away to just anybody. Good breeders also don’t have large scale breeding operations. If your breeder has more than 3 breeds of dogs they work with (that aren’t Maltese, Poodles, or Maltipoos), or they have more than 10 adult dogs at their facility, they may very well be a puppy mill in disguise.

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