If you’re looking for a spirited side-kick with an attitude problem, a Scottish Terrier might be the dog for you! These short little spitfires are very brave, very determined, and very loyal. It’s easy to confuse a Scotty with a Schnauzer. If you do, they’ll almost always forgive you for it. Maybe. Sometimes. Well, let’s be honest – like any proper Scot, these little dogs have fiery tempers. They might be quite a bit shorter than a Schnauzer, but they’ve got double the spunk!

Are Scottish Terriers hypoallergenic?

Yes! The reason these guys are hypoallergenic is because Scottish Terriers barely shed (if at all) and they don’t drool much either. Their beards can get gross though. Usually, people that have dog allergies are actually allergic to drool or dander, so Scottish Terriers are less likely to cause flare-ups. That being said, everyone is different, so you need to meet the breed in person. Even then, individual dogs can be different too. Lastly, you’ve got to make sure to keep up with a Scottish Terrier’s grooming or they might start to bother your allergies. If you’re allergic to Scottish Terriers, you might consider checking out Schnauzers instead.

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What do Scottish Terriers look like?

Short and stocky. They can actually come in a ton of other colors, like white, wheaten, brindle, and grey, but most of the ones you’ll see will be black. They are really low to the ground, and when their coats are cut in the “fancy style” they look like black brooms with a dog face. The face in question has scruffy, bushy eyebrows, a wiry beard, and cute foxy little ears that are stretched out to be extra tall. They have stubby serious looking tails that often stick straight up or curve slightly over their body.

scottish terrier shed.

Is the Scottish Terrier right for me?

Probably not! Just kidding. Sort of … What you need to understand about a Scottish Terrier is that they’re the bravest, most loyal maniacs you will ever meet. Scotties will take to you, forsaking all other humans. They don’t consider you a god though – they’re not that revoltingly sappy, hero-worshipping Border Collie your neighbor brags about. Scotties were born to be your boss, and it’s your job to fight for your own equality. Don’t think you’re going swimming with a Scotty. Drop one in the water, and they’ll sink to the bottom like a rock, and then you’ll be the one drenched from head to toe after you’ve had to rescue them. Dog parks aren’t the best place for a Scottish Terrier – they’re always on the look-out for bad guys and have no issues picking fights with other dogs.

Top 10 best things about a Scottish Terrier

      1. They have an incredible sense of loyalty.
      2. Scotties have intelligent expressions that they will readily use to judge you.
      3. Scottish Terriers are really smart, but not foolish about it. They have dignity.
      4. These little terriers rarely (if ever) back down from a fight.
      5. Scottish Terriers are hypoallergenic, so they’re less likely to bother people who are allergic to dogs.
      6. Scotties rarely shed, if at all.
      7. Scottish Terriers are eager walking buddies – they’ll definitely help you keep the weight off so you can rock that summer body all year round.
      8. Such is the cuteness of a Scottish Terrier, that they actually inspired a whole fashion movement in the US. You know the plaid/Tartan look girls loved in the 90s? The one that always featured a squat, foxy-earred black dog with a beard? Yep. That’s a Scottish Terrier.
      9. Scottish Terriers aren’t really yappy. They’re more serious. Although they have the energy of a Jack Russel terrier, they are way less obnoxious, and not very goofy.
      10. Because Scotties are small and not discriminated against, you can usually take them to dog-friendly hotels, and apartment complexes generally allow them as pets.

Top 10 worst things about a Scottish Terrier (objectively speaking!)

      1. They’re not a good choice for first-time dog owners.
      2. You absolutely have to socialize them and train them for obedience when they’re puppies, or you run the risk that they’ll be aggressive with other dogs when they’re older.
      3. They’re in the “most difficult to train” dog category. They’re super stubborn, very independent, and will hold it against you if you lose your temper. They have a mind of their own, for sure.
      4. I should probably add that you can’t trust a Scottish Terrier off-leash, either.
      5. Because of their philosophy that the best defense is a good offense, these guys really aren’t great dog park puppies. They need a lot of exercise though, so you need to have other ways of satisfying their drive to do stuff and go places.
      6. Scottish Terriers treat all house guests as potential robbers and murderers. They’ll allow a guest to enter their home, but they will eye them suspiciously the entire time. Honestly, they have kind of dark, satirical personalities.
      7. Scottish Terriers are intelligent in a bad way. They can be kind of like cats. They know what you want, but they’re just declining the invitation to do it. Unfortunately, because they’re actually really smart, you still have to find ways to challenge their brain or they will get bored and make their own games … at your expense.
      8. Scotties are NOT great with crates. You should teach them to deal with it, but you can’t just leave a Scottie crated for hours on end.
      9. You know that expression “sink or swim”? Scotties sink, they don’t swim … like, in a literal sense.
      10. Scottish Terriers love to dig, so say goodbye to that beautiful tomato garden that you just put fresh mulch down for and sprinkled with fish fertilizer.


Okay so, is that Scottish Terrier a good dog for me, or not?

If you have to ask that question, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’re not. Scottish Terriers require a lot of experience with dogs and a good understanding of dog behavior. You also need experience with training and socializing puppies. If you don’t know enough about dogs yet that you’re not really familiar with the Scottie’s terrier personality-type, then you’re definitely not ready for a Scottish Terrier.

How energetic is a Scottish Terrier?

Very! Although, they’re not yappy or goofy. So they’re enthusiastic and eager for exercise and a good walk, but your neighbors won’t hate you for having an endless yappy-dog bark track playing in the background every time you leave the house.

Are Scottish Terriers intelligent?

Yes! But once you have one, you’ll start wishing they weren’t. They use their intelligence to reason out why they don’t have to listen to you, and how there’s nothing you can do about it.

Are Scottish Terriers easy to train?

No. Scottish Terriers are very difficult to train. You have to start training them when they’re puppies, and they need a lot of socialization.

Are Scottish Terriers friendly?

No. Scotties are known to pick fights with other dogs, and they can be too rambunctious for little kids. They’re aloof with strangers because they treat every new human with a healthy amount of suspicion. They’re cat terrorizers, and they would love to bring you back some small dead animal if they ever get the chance. Have a rat infestation? Get a Scottish Terrier. (No, I’m kidding, don’t do that.)

Are Scottish Terriers good for apartments?

hypoallergenic scottish terrier.

Yes. Their small size means that apartment complexes that allow dogs will accept them. They also adjust well to living in smaller spaces, so long as you exercise them properly and give them mental stimulation. They don’t really shed, so that helps keep your apartment clean, and they’re not really yappy, so your neighbors won’t hate you.

Is the Scottish Terrier a good dog for kids?

With training. To be honest, Scottish Terriers can be a really fun dog for older kids because they’re durable and enthusiastic. That being said, they’re really powerful dogs – they can pull a kid right off their feet. They’re also rough when they play, and they’ll get an attitude about being pushed, pulled, or otherwise poorly treated. You need to socialize them with a lot of kids when they’re still a puppy, and they’re really not great dogs for kids under the age of 7.

How do you groom a Scottish Terrier?

Here’s what you’ll need : A soft bristle brush, and a long-toothed comb. Comb your Scotty’s long hair with a long-toothed comb, and brush their short hair with the bristle brush, about twice a week. Once every two months, you’ll want to take them in to get their coat trimmed by a groomer. When you brush their hair, be sure to clean out their ears with a dark cotton ball, and brush their teeth. Then you’ll just want to trim their nails about once a month, and you’re good!

How much do Scottish Terrier puppies cost?

$800 – $3,000. Honestly, you’re really not going to find many (if any) purebred dogs from GOOD breeders that go for less than $800. A good breeder has a lot of overhead, and at that price ($800) they make very little – it’s really a labor of love. Bad breeders will cut all sorts of corners so they can sell puppies for less. Scottish Terrier puppies start costing a lot when they’re bred from dogs that have won awards in dog shows. A show-quality Scottie will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $2,400. Not all Scottish Terrier puppies born in a litter from award-winning parents will be show quality.

Where can I buy a Scottish Terrier?

Regardless of whether you want to buy a puppy from a breeder, or you want to rescue a Scottish Terrier, the best place to start your search is here : https://www.stca.biz

Miniature Schnauzer vs Scottish Terrier

do scottish terriers shed.

What’s the difference between a Scottish Terrier and a Schnauzer?

Answer : Size, personality, and origins.

The difference between a Scottish Terrier and a Schnauzer in Size :

Scottish Terriers are small – about as tall as a sheet of paper. Miniature Schnauzers are the smallest Schnauzers, and they’re 2-4 inches taller. Schnauzers also come in two other sizes : Standard Schnauzer, and Giant Schnauzer. Scotties are always small.

The difference between a Scottish Terrier and a Schnauzer’s personalities :

Scottish Terriers and Schnauzers were bred for totally different things. Scottish Terriers are rat-slayers, but Schnauzers were bred as guard dogs and herding dogs. Because of that, Scotties have a more high-strung personality – they can just never burn off all of that energy. Schnauzers are more laid back and thoughtful. Scotties learn well if you motivate them with toys, but your Schnauzer will pick up on a lot of things just but intelligently watching what you’re up to. Schnauzers are great dogs for kids, the elderly, or even for people that aren’t necessarily home all day – but Scottish Terriers are too high maintenance for most households.

The difference between the Scottish Terrier and the Schnauzers county of origin :

Scottish Terriers come from Scotland … right, yeah, you knew that! You might not have known though that Schnauzers are actually from Germany. Not surprised? Well, what if I told you that Schnauzers are related to Poodles! Woah! (mind blown!)

The top 5 things that make Scottish Terriers and Schnauzers different

    1. Scottish Terriers have an intense “Terrier-like” personality. They’re fearless, extremely energetic, and if you let them off the leash they will probably be halfway to China before you can say “Sir Big Beard the Magnificent, COME!”
    2. Scottish Terriers love to dig
    3. Scottish Terriers hate to swim … they’re really good at sinking. Be careful if you have a pool!
    4. Scottish Terriers and Schnauzers have different tails.
      The Scottish Terrier’s tail is strong and muscular looking, even at the tip. Their tails stick straight up, or they might bend a little in the direction of the head – but they never curl. The Schnauzer’s tail isn’t like a Scottish Terrier’s tail.Usually, the Schnauzer’s tail is cropped, so it’s just a little nub. When Schnauzers do have tails, their tails are often thinner, especially at the tip. Schnauzer tails will sometimes curl over their back like an Akita, or sometimes they’ll just be sort of floppy. Schnauzers have lazy tails. When they have a tail at all. Scottish Terriers have no-nonsense tails that could survive nuclear warfare.
    5. Scottish Terriers are NOT versatile dogs, but Schnauzers are. If you’re expecting to do a lot of different, weird activities with your dog (like swimming, or boating), you should probably look at getting a Schnauzer instead.

The top 5 things that Scottish Terriers and Schnauzers have in common

      1. Scotties and Schnauzers are both fiercely loyal and protective of their family and loved ones.
      2. They’re both good guard dogs to protect the family home.
      3. Both Schnauzers and Scottish Terriers shed significantly less than us humans, if they shed at all.
      4. Scottish Terriers and Schnauzers are both considered to be hypoallergenic dogs.
      5. When it comes to looks, Miniature Schnauzers and Scottish Terriers can look extremely similar. Half the time, I can’t even tell them apart!