Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle — A Canine Comparison

If you’re comparing Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle, the first thing to stand out is they’re both mixed with the Poodle. This low-shedding parentage makes both dogs perfect for people with dog allergies. 

Both dogs also have a good lifespan — living more than a decade, are lively canines and smart. Yet, there are differences between these two similar-looking pooches.

To gain a better understanding of these two breeds, we need to dig a little deeper into their personality and physical attributes.

Aussiedoodle or Bernedoodle Quick Comparison Chart



Mixed Breed

Australian Shepherd / Poodle

Bernese Mountain / Poodle










Laid back


Family Dog




10-24 inches

12-29 inches


10-70 pounds

10-80 pounds








9-13 years

12-18 years

Coat Colors

Red, black, brown, white and marl

White, black, and brown


Highly intelligent - easy to train, but they become bored easily.

Intelligent and easy to train.

bernedoodle hypoallergenic.

Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle — The Breeds


The Bernedoodle is an adorable mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. Equipped with a loving personality, a fur ball of fluff, and intelligence, it would be hard not to fall in love with this pooch.

The Bernese Mountain Dog originated as strong working dogs on farms in Switzerland. Pulling heavy carts and completing other physically demanding jobs, it’s clear that the Bernese is a dog of pure strength and resilience. Mix this with the intellect of a Poodle, and you have a spectacular pooch!

Is the Bernedoodle for Me?

The Bernedoodle is a gentle dog no matter what size. They’re perfect dogs if you want both a playful soul, yet a canine that’s happy to cuddle down in front of the fire. They’re great around young children and can become one of the pack quickly.

The need for mental and physical stimulation is more apparent with these doggys. If not challenged enough, the name couch potato becomes their reality. If left, the Bernedoodle will be a lazy pooch, which can lead to obesity and other health issues.

Bernedoodle Pros

  • Loving and gentle personality. 
  • Gets on well with people of all ages. 
  • Easy to train.
  • Low shedders. 

Bernedoodle Cons

  • High-maintenance grooming needs. 
  • Easy to become a layabout if not met with high challenges.
aussiedoodle or bernedoodle.

The loving Aussiedoodle breed is 50% Australian Shepherd and 50% Poodle. Australian Shepherds are thought to be loyal and hard-working dogs. Mix it with the Poodle, and you have an adorable friend for life!

The Aussie Shepherd gained its name from the primary job they did in early Australia. They proved their skills and determination as herding dogs on farmland. Due to their energetic background, Australian Shepherds are not classed as couch cuddlers. 

With the intelligence and problem-solving nature of a Poodle and stamina of the Australian Shepherd, there is no doubt the Aussiedoodle is indeed a spectacular breed.

Is the Aussiedoodle for Me?

Like the Bernedoodle, Aussiedoodles are great dogs to welcome into your family. They are hard-working and loyal, mixed with an electric source of energy. 

Keeping up with their energetic demands could be difficult for some families, and they aren’t ideal if you have young children. Families with older children can find a love like no other with this softie. A perfect companion for those who like an adrenaline-filled lifestyle.

Aussiedoodle Pros

  • Loving. 
  • Intelligent. 
  • Hypoallergenic. 
  • Playful. 

Aussiedoodle Cons

  • Suffers from separation anxiety. 
  • Can become bored quickly. 
  • Too boisterous for young children.

Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle Size

This pair of doodle dogs doesn’t differ much at all when comparing full-size Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle. But of course, this will depend on the size of the Poodle they’re crossed with.


The biggest of the two is the Bernedoodle, as an adult they can weigh from 10 to 80 pounds, and with their height of anywhere between 12 to 29 inches. As they’re a crossbred with the Poodle they can come as standard or if you prefer a little guy maybe the mini or micro versions would suit you best. 


The Aussiedoodle can also have three textured coats and come in three variable sizes. The Poodle gene is to thank for this! Their weight and height aren’t incredibly different but they are slightly smaller than Bernedoodles. Reaching 10 to 24 inches tall and weighing between 10 to 70 pounds, you can see the difference is slight.

do bernedoodles shed.

Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle Temperament

The temperament and personalities of these breeds are where they differ the most.


The Bernedoodle is a fantastic family pet, they have a laid-back characteristic that allows them to be the best playmate yet enjoy snuggles during downtime. Their gentle nature ensures they’re great around children, but require early socialization with other dogs in their early life.

These lovable hounds enjoy being with their owner and seek intellectual engagement to prevent them from becoming bored. It’s for this reason, many Bernedoodles can suffer from separation anxiety when left for long periods. 


On the flip side, the Aussiedoodle has the same energetic playful behavior. The biggest difference is that they aren’t so laid back and this can present itself during playtime. Because of this, they’re generally better suited to families with older children who are more robust to deal with a stronger dog. 

As mentioned, the Aussiedoodle has genetic traits from the Australian Shepherd, and the herding nature is very pronounced. If you’re a family with young children, the clever Aussie may feel it necessary to herd your youngsters.

Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle Training

Training any breed will always require patience and a positive attitude. Dogs have excellent qualities to make their owners proud, but this can be harder to spot in some breeds.

We’ve already identified that our Aussiedoodle and Bernedoodle fluff balls are intellectual and eager to please but training will come down to the individual dog.

Early positive reinforcement should be included when learning new skills. Each canine loves to learn new tricks. The more challenging, the better in their book!

Aussiedoodle or Bernedoodle Grooming and Shedding


With the Bernedoodle being a bigger hound, it shouldn’t be a shock to find that they may lose more fur than the Aussiedoodle. That said, both breeds are low shedders and fall into the hypoallergenic category.


Both these pups should be regulars at the grooming salon. They have fantastic bodies of fur, meaning they’re more susceptible to tangles and matts. However, the Bernedoodle’s coat can grow faster than its canine cousin, meaning more time should be taken over coat maintenance.

The Aussiedoodle and Bernedoodle don’t typically blow out their coats. Hence, you can look forward to a frequent brushing routine. Alongside bathing and nail clipping, these pooches will keep you busy.

aussiedoodle vs bernedoodle temperament.

Bernedoodle vs Aussiedoodle Exercise

It’s no shock for us to learn that these breeds have tonnes of energy to burn. How much, will depend on how big your Aussie or Berne is. 

Typically as pups, you should start off with short walks, and as you grow to know your dog, you will begin to understand how far they can go. 

Weight gain is always an issue when being a dog owner. Overfeeding your dog can cause complications for their heart, joints, and other organs. 


Looking at the Bernedoodle, it’s important that they are on a well-balanced nutritious diet and go for regular walks to burn off excess energy. As they are the bigger of the two they will need longer walks to prevent them from becoming couch potatoes. 


The Aussiedoodle, although smaller in stature, tends to have balls of energy. Even after a great hike, you can find them still bouncing and ready to play. 

Overall, both breeds need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. They have the working dog mantra in their veins, so keeping busy is important to encourage good behavior — when bored they can become destructive to make their own fun.


There we have it, the similarities and differences between the Bernedoodle and Aussiedoodle — two awesome doodle doggys.

When comparing the two it’s quite clear that both need attention and mental stimulation to reach their full potential. The Bernedoodle is a better family dog for the younger age and they will love to cuddle up after a hard day, whereas the Aussiedoodle is bursting with enough energy for you both. 

Whichever breed — Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle — takes your fancy, be sure that you will gain a furry friend for life!

aussiedoodle grooming.

Aussiedoodle vs Bernedoodle FAQs

What Is the Healthiest Doodle?

The healthiest doodle is the Labradoodle, with the Goldendoodle coming in a close second. The Bernedoodle is third in the rankings, which is why these doodles are more common and generally cost more.

Do Aussiedoodles Shed?

Aussiedoodles have a single-layer coat or an ultra-low-shedding undercoat. Their Poodle genes make them great low-shedding dogs compared to their other Australian Shepherd parent.

Why Is My Bernedoodle Shedding So Much?

Bernedoodles are known to shed more than other doodles, but they’re still hypoallergenic. Curly-coated Bernedoodles tend to shed the most but loose fur traps in the curls, so regular brushing is essential.

What Is the Most Sought After Bernedoodle?

You can expect the tri-colored Bernedoodles to be more expensive — they’re the most desirable.

Which Is Better: Aussiedoodle or Bernedoodle?

Both Bernedoodles and Aussiedoodles share Poodle parentage. The main difference is that the standard Bernedoodle is known as the gentle giant compared to the Aussiedoodle. Calmer in temperament but still with good energy to play. The Aussiedoodle has a more skittish temperament and is generally smaller.

Whats the Bernedoodle vs Aussiedoodle Price?

If you buy direct from a reputable breeder, you could be looking at prices as high as $2000 for either of these breeds.

are aussiedoodles hypoallergenic.
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