Bichon Frise Dog Names — For All That Cuteness

Naming your pup can be a tougher task than you realize, especially if it’s your first time. There are a few points you should think about before you set a name in stone, just to avoid confusion down the line. 

We touch on making sure everyone can pronounce your new pup’s name. Plus, how to keep your dog as safe as possible — because their name has a lot to do with that. And to help you, we’ve put together a list of Bichon Frise dog names we think are perfect for any new fluffy friend who’s joining you soon.

Choosing Your Bichon Name — What To Think About 

In short, if you get your dog’s name wrong, it’s a whole heap of hassle to retrain them to understand their new title. Hence, you need to get it right. 

So what should you consider?

Response is Key 

Naturally, your dog’s name will be special to them, but you should also see it as some sort of cue they need to respond to. Your dog will connect their name with a good thing, so why not reward them with a treat once they respond? They’ll start to understand that if they want something, responding to their name is key. Hence, the name you choose has to be perfectly understandable for your pup, so they’re not confused. 

Dogs Like Certain Sounds 

Choppy and short sounds are favored by pups. Longer tones don’t really work because they won’t respond as quickly and may not understand. And, using harder consonants like “K” or “C” can also help your pup realize that you’re talking to them. Plus, it takes out any extra noise that might cause distraction. 

Names With Two Syllables

The most popular names for dogs tend to be made up of two syllables because they’re much easier for your dog to understand. Two-syllable names are also less likely to become like nails on a chalkboard when you’re continually calling your dog.

Female Bichon Names

female bichon names

You’ve just welcomed your new Bichon Frise, and now it’s time to name them. Here are our top titles for a girl:

  • Bella — Classy and pretty, the name means ‘beautiful’ and is of Latin origins but also has some Italian roots. There are some longer forms of the name you can try out if you prefer, like Isabella and Arabella. 
  • Bailey — A name a little more in touch with nature, this name means ‘berry clearing.’ It has British origins and a few different interpretations, but it’s also thought to have come from Old French words too.
  • Stella — This gorgeous name means ‘celestial star’ and is of Latin and Italian origins. This is perfect if you’re looking for something a little more modern while also having a traditional feel. Another similar option to this gorgeous name is Estella.
  • Lily — If your Bichon Frise is quiet and likes to keep to themself then this might be the name for you. It means ‘pure’ and is symbolic of innocence with Latin beginnings. You might also like the name because of the flower, which gives ‘Lily’ a lovely summery feel. 
  • Abby — A name with biblical meanings and connections, Abby was Old Testament King David’s third wife. The name itself means ‘father rejoiced’ or ’father’s joy.’
  • Gracie — Meaning ‘blessing,’ this name stems from Latin. You could also use the name Grace as it has the same beautiful meanings.

Bichon Frise Male Names

bichon frise male names

If you have a little boy bundle of trouble, here are some names that might be a great choice for them:

  • Cooper — An English classic, Cooper comes from ‘barrel maker.’ So, if your bubbly Bichon is a barrel of laughs, this could be a fitting choice. 
  • Toby — Toby, short for Tobias, means that God is good. This is quite a friendly name, and it’s suitable for most dogs. 
  • Milo — Coming from the Latin word “miles,” it’s a fitting name for a lovable Bichon boy — especially one that loves to go walkies.
  • Oscar — Did you know that this name was originally spelled as “Osgar?” It’s a very popular dog name, and there are a few famous pups out there sharing the same name, which is pretty cool. 
  • Gizmo — Made popular thanks to the 80s blockbuster Gremlins, this name is ideal for cuddly, small dogs, just like your Bichon.
  • Hugo — Coming from German, it means wise man, a good fit for a smart Bichon. And, if you drop the ‘O’, you get ‘hug,’ of which you’ll be having plenty of.

Bichon Frise Puppy Names

bichon frise puppy names

If you recently have a new Bichon Frise pup, here are a few names that could be perfect for them: 

  • Molly.
  • Monty.
  • Teddy.
  • Nipper.
  • Chip.
  • Cuddles.

French Bichon Frise Dog Names

Bichon Frise is a breed that has definitely been favored by French aristocracy throughout history. So if you’re looking for something a little bit more in touch with their heritage, here are some names for you:

  • Enzo.
  • Leo.
  • Rafael.
  • Louie.
  • Esme.
  • Mia.
  • Lola.
  • Paige.

Cute Bichon Frise Names

cute bichon frise names

These are some of our favorite cute Bichon Frise names:

  • Kiwi — whether you’re a fan of the fruit or the flightless bird, Kiwi is a cute name for your Bichon. 
  • Lucky — This probably perfectly describes how you’re feeling now that you have your new best friend. The name itself means fortunate, sure to make you smile whenever you call it.
  • Mopsy — Fun and cheerful-sounding, but it also has a great meaning. Of English origins, the name is used as a term of endearment for a child.
  • Nacho — A brilliant name of Spanish origin and short for Ignacio. The name has a few different meanings like ‘born from fire’ and ‘fiery one,’ but if your pup has a big personality then we’re sure this will suit them perfectly.
  • Nori — It’s gender neutral and means ‘peaceful.’ Nori is perfect for any pup who is a little quieter or takes some time to come around.

Cool Bichon Names

best bichon frise names

Maybe you want something that sounds a little cooler than your typical ‘cutesy’ pup names, so why not try one of these:

  • Bono.
  • Groot.
  • Loki.
  • Rumor.
  • Sting.
  • Leia.
  • Mika.
  • Gypsy.


So, if you’re looking for the perfect name for your new Bichon Frise, hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas to start you off. 

Naming a puppy is tough and that’s why we’re here. Thanks to us, there are loads of different Bichon Frise dog names for you to choose from. Now, it’s up to you to decide which name suits your pup best.

Best Bichon Frise Names FAQs

Are Bichons the Cutest Dogs?

At the end of the day, it’s all down to personal preference. Some people find Bulldogs adorable and some don’t. It’s the same with Bichons. They’re certainly super cute with their lovely eyes and coat. They’re also small hypoallergenic dogs

What’s the Other Name for a Bichon Frise?

It’s thought Bichons started life in the Canary Islands. Hence, they were known as the Tenerife dog, Canary Island lap dog, or the Bichon Tenerife. 

What Are the Four Types of Bichons?

Bichons are descendants of the Barbichon dog family and have been divided into four types. These four types are the Bichon Maltais (aka Maltese), Havanais aka (Havanese), Bolognais (aka Bolognese), and Bichon Tenerife (aka Bichon Frise). 

Can Bichons Be Left Home Alone?

Bichons love to be around company. Hence, they are not the best dogs for leaving home alone for long periods — they can suffer from separation anxiety.

What Two Dogs Make a Bichon?

It is believed that Bichons come from water dogs and have also descended from Poodle-type dogs. But there is no definitive answer to this question.