Dog Allergies

Being a doggy parent is probably just as rewarding as being a parent to a child. They become a part of your family, and you cannot imagine life without them.

Has this always been your dream? Or a wish of a desperate child wanting a dog to love and cherish? Does this dream seem out of the question due to allergies?

Maybe you already have a furry friend and have noticed they seem more agitated? Are they scratching? Not themselves? Feeling poorly? Diagnosing an allergy in your dog can be tricky, but allow us to help you navigate through this minefield.

In this section, we’ve put together a complete 101 on all things allergy-related, including: 


Humans with Allergies to Dogs

It can seem impossible to even contemplate being a doggy parent when you or a family member has allergies. 

In this section, we will share with you what causes dog allergies. But not only that, we’ll show you that there are ways to make your dog-owning dreams come true.

Not sure if you’re allergic to dogs? Let us talk you through the dog allergy symptoms in adults. Plus, we’ll explain the reasons behind dog allergy symptoms in humans and why they occur. 

We also look out for the little people in your family. If you suspect your child has an allergy to four-legged friends, check out our guides and learn all about the signs your child is allergic to dogs.

From super-cute balls of fluff or hyped-up energetic pals you’re sure to find a pooch to suit you and your needs — without allowing allergies to stop you in your tracks. Find the best possible tips on how to live with allergies and welcome a tail-wagger into your home. 

Dogs with Allergies 

In a world where our pooch is feeling under the weather, we wish they could speak up and tell us where they’re hurting or how they’re feeling. In reality, we are sometimes faced with a parody of questions, tests, and worries that fill us with concern if our furry friends are feeling out of sorts. 

From their environment, food, the extensive use of cleaning products within our homes, and even bedding can leave many animals living with undiagnosed allergies. This section will dig deep into the barrage of information and make what causes dog allergies a topic you can clearly understand.

We will explore the symptoms of dog allergies to help you recognize the signs, as well as figuring out whether you need to talk to your vet for further advice. 

The truth behind dog allergies is that many factors can contribute to the irritants they may experience. From dog skin allergies to tummy troubles — you will be sure to find the best dog allergy treatment