As a pet owner, you’re constantly worrying about your furry friend — are they eating right, do they weigh too much or too little, are they sick? If you notice that they’re not feeling 100 percent, they might be suffering from allergies. 

Allergies are no fun for anyone, so finding the root of the problem quickly, and getting some professional advice from a veterinarian is essential. 

However, while science has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and can benefit dogs with seasonal allergies, it can quickly become a costly affair. That said, the cost may not be your main concern — some pet owners prefer to take a more natural approach.

Hence, I’ve put together a list of some of the best home remedies for dog allergies — to keep you and your pup happy.
dog allergies itching home remedy.

Diagnosing Your Pet’s Allergy

If you think your pup is suffering from an allergy, seeking a professional diagnosis is advisable. Dogs can suffer from food allergies such as chicken and peanuts to seasonal allergies like hay fever. Here are some of the key symptoms for spotting an allergy in your pet.

Flu-Like Symptoms

If you notice your pup has a runny nose, is suffering bouts of sneezing, or has red, itchy, watery eyes, this could be an indicator of an allergy. If these symptoms persist and do not clear up after a few weeks, seek advice from your vet.


Itching is another obvious sign of allergies. You may notice that your pet is forever scratching, especially around their rear end, and ears. This could cause persistent ear infections, so if it shows no signs of stopping, contact a veterinarian.

Skin Issues

If your pup has fur loss, a skin rash, patches of eczema, or sores that won’t heal, this might also suggest an allergy. Fur loss could be a result of non-stop scratching, and eczema can develop as a result of some allergies. Again, if these symptoms persist, chat to your veterinarian, who will be able to perform an allergy test to determine what your pet is allergic to.

dog allergy home remedies.

Dog Allergy Home Remedies

Now you know what to be on the lookout for, you can determine whether or not your pup is suffering from allergies. If you do think this is the case, here are some home remedies for dogs with allergies you can try out yourself.


Quercetin is a homeopathic remedy for dog allergies that can provide relief from some symptoms. This compound gives fruit and veggies their vibrant colors, but it also has antioxidant, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory properties. This supplement can be taken in capsule form, and you should follow the dosage instructions on the packaging.

Bromelain and Papain

These enzymes are another notable pair of holistic dog allergy remedies that work to improve and increase the body’s absorption of quercetin. Found in pineapples and papayas, they should be used with quercetin for best results.

Oat Baths

A top homeopathic remedy for dogs with allergies, especially if your pup is scratching like crazy. Oat straw (or ground oatmeal) boiled in water and mixed into the bath will help reduce itching and remove allergens that have stuck to your dog’s skin or coat. However, if your pet is suffering from an allergy to yeast or a yeast infection, it’s best to avoid.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful natural dog allergy remedy for a whole host of allergy symptoms. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties — meaning it’s perfect for applying to sores, rashes, and cuts for instant relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can use this miracle liquid to wash down your dog’s paws and coat after they have been out and about. It does need to be watered down before use. It will help remove excess pollen that has stuck to their paws and is also useful for treating rashes. Make up a spray containing apple cider vinegar and water at a ratio of 50/50 and apply it to any patches of skin with issues.

Coconut Oil

This is definitely one of the best remedies for dog allergies and dog skin allergy remedies. It has super benefits for skin and coats when ingested, but it can also help suppress any inflammatory responses that occur as a result of allergies.


Mushrooms have recently been used as a remedy for dogs fighting cancer, but they are also a natural remedy for dogs with allergies. Mushrooms contain beta-glucan, which can change the immune response to allergies. When your dog consumes beta-glucan, their immune cells become more powerful, which in turn, can help to relieve their allergies.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best home remedies for dog allergies involving itching. It’s a highly cost-effective way of managing skin issues. You can administer this in two ways — by combining baking soda and water into a paste-like consistency, then applying to the itchy patches. Alternatively, you can make a spray — dissolve baking soda into water and squirt it on the affected areas.


Probiotics are a useful and effective home remedy for dog allergies. They can help your pet absorb nutrients, digest food better, and protect them from viruses and bacteria. A simple way to incorporate probiotics into your dog’s diet — as long as they are not lactose intolerant — is to add yogurt to their meals. The best type is a plain Greek style, as they contain a higher concentration of probiotics. Check out our article on Best Probiotics for Dogs Skin Allergies 

allergies for dogs home remedies.


Now that you know how to identify whether your dog is suffering from allergies, and what sort of treatment options are available to them — you can make an informed decision as to what is the best course of treatment for your pup. 

If none of these natural remedies seem to be helping, or if you are unsure what might be the best natural remedy for your dog, consult your vet. They will be able to give you advice specific to your pet and their needs. 

Above all, a happy, healthy pup is all that an owner wants. Hopefully, some of these home remedies for dog allergies will help ensure your companion stays this way.

Allergy Remedies For Dogs FAQs

“How Can I Treat My Dog’s Allergies at Home?”

While it’s advisable to consult a professional for pet health advice, there are dogs and allergies home remedies to try. For more information, check out my list above.

 “What Is a Natural Antihistamine for Dogs?”

Quercetin is a flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables. It works by reducing the amount of histamine that your dog’s body produces, as well as reducing inflammation. This means that should your pet come into contact with pollen, or anything else they might be allergic to, they will react less severely and be less itch.

 “Is Benadryl an Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs?”

Benadryl can be used to lessen an allergic reaction and is a great option for a dog who has been stung or bitten by an insect. It can also be used to alleviate itching from allergies or from motion sickness when a dog is traveling.

 “What Is the Most Common Allergy in Dogs?”

Some of the most common allergies in dogs are food-related allergies, specifically proteins. You might notice that your pet is allergic to chicken or beef, or even peanut products in their food. If you suspect that this might be the case, I would suggest getting an allergy test done by your vet.

“How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Itching?”

There are a few natural dogs skin allergies home remedies that can help your pooch from itching, such as:

  • Oatmeal bath.
  • Apple cider vinegar spray.
  • Greek yogurt.
  • Coconut oil.