Shelandy STL-1902 Hair Force Dryer Dog

This adjustable speed dog blow dryer is an affordable option if you’ve never used one before. It’s user-friendly, with two temperature options and a straightforward-to-adjust airspeed — suitable for a variety of pets, from big hairy hounds to tiny terriers. It even comes with an assortment of different nozzles, so there is bound to be one that’s perfect for your pup.

  • Four different nozzles.
  • Two temperature controls.
  • Safety features — overheating protector.

Dogs need a bath — just like their humans. Yet sending your pup to the parlor every time can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s all down to a dip in the tub at home. However, once they’re clean, the dreaded drying time begins — inside they’ll drip water everywhere while filling the air with that ‘wet dog’ aroma. And, drying off outside runs the risk of a dirty dog all over again. A dog blow dryer can rapidly dry off your pet — avoiding a messy house or a messy dog.

Top Dog Blow Dryers Comparison Table





Power: 2400 watts

No. temp controls: 2

Nozzles: 4

Weight 10.3 pounds

  • A variety of nozzles — suitable for multi-pet homes

  • Four-level noise reduction technology

  • Six-foot flexible hose

Product Rating: 4.8/5


Power: 1800 watts

No. temp controls: 2

Nozzles: 2

Weight: 11.1 pounds

  • Powerful motor — cutting drying times by 60 percent

  • User-friendly controls

  • Suitable for all coat types

Product Rating: 4.7/5


PETNF Upgraded Quick Grooming Dog Dryer

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PETNF Full Review

Power: 1300 watts

No. temp controls: 2

Nozzles: 4

Weight: 10.5 pounds

  • Motor circuit isolation — reduces the failure rate

  • Hose stretches up to 6 feet

  • Max airspeed 65 m/s (meters per second)

Product Rating: 4.7/5


MetroVac Air Force Commander AFTD-3

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MetroVac Full Review

Power: 1350 watts

No. temp controls: N/A

Nozzles: 1

Weight: 8.4 pounds

  • Lightweight — hassle-free portability

  • Two-speed operation — efficient for dogs of all sizes

  • Powerful motor up to 4.0 horsepower

Product Rating: 4.6/5


Power: 2400 watts

No. temp controls: 2

Nozzles: 3

Weight: 10 pounds

  • Airflow — 25 m/s and 50 m/s

  • Puncture-resistant, reinforced hose

  • Hose handle

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Dog Blow Dryer Buying Guide

A dog blow dryer is a handy accessory if you have a particular messy pup or even one with excessive fur. Many of these devices, while drying your dog’s wet fur, can also be used to blow out all their old coat — avoiding the shedding that plagues your home.

Why You Need a Dog Dryer?

So, when your dog needs a bath, what options do you have?

You could send your pup to the parlor for a pampering session, which could become a costly affair if you have to do this frequently. Another alternative is to bathe them at home and let them dry off naturally — which takes an eternity in cooler seasons — or towel them down thoroughly.

I know what else you’re thinking — what about using a regular blow dryer?

You see, the truth is, the one you use is built for drying human hair, not pet fur, and this is where you could run into problems. For starters, it will take ages, so you’ll run the risk of burning out your appliance. Secondly, the temperature of a regular blow dryer isn’t the same, which may scorch your furry friend.

Hence, if you want a fast way to dry your dog properly, a blow dryer built for this particular purpose makes sense.

Here are a few more reasons where a pet dryer could prove beneficial for you and your pooch.

Pros of Using a Dog Dryer

  • Powerful motors that are suitable for all coat types.
  • Many have expanding hoses to reach all of your dog’s fur.
  • Varying wind speeds to suit all dogs.
  • Some include puncture-resistant hoses — perfect for a nervous pup who might try to bite the hose.
  • Cuts down the time they’re exposed to the cold during winter bath times.
  • Lowers the risk of a damp coat becoming matted.
  • Helps to remove dead coat and dander — improving skin condition.
  • Diminishes the likelihood of that wet dog smell in your home.
  • A number of different attachments make them suitable for a variety of coat types.
  • Lightweight, portable designs — for moving around as you dry your pet.

Cons of Using a Dog Dryer

  • Price — the initial outlay can be expensive.
  • Unnecessary — there are other ways to dry your dog.

What To Look For When Choosing A Dog Drying Machine

Consider the following points when choosing the best pet grooming dryer.

Adjustable Temperature

The temperature controls that your dog blower offers are really important. You don’t want your pet to burn!

Most dog blow dryers come with multiple heat settings, usually offering a warm air and a hot air setting. If you have a dog who is particularly fussy and dislikes heat, you might consider finding one with a cold or no heat setting.


Blow drying your dog can be a challenge. If they aren’t keen to sit still for the dryer, it can be a painstaking task for you, having to maneuver yourself and the dryer around the reach of every part of your dog.

The weight of the dryer can be an important factor if this is the case. A really heavy dryer is going to be difficult to lug around with a fussy pet, so you might want to opt for something sleeker that’s also portable.


If you’re investing in a dryer for your pup, you want to make sure that it has all the necessary accessories. Check out the number of nozzles supplied, generally speaking the more attachments, the more drying options you’ll have. This could be handy if you’re a multi-dog household.

If you have a particularly big dog or a fussy dog that’s unlikely to sit still, you might also want to consider purchasing a dryer with an extendable hose. Expanding hoses, help you reach all your dog’s fur, even on the most awkward of pets.

Noise Reduction Features/Low-Noise Operation

Dryers can be noisy and therefore can easily make a sensitive dog frightened and agitated. But there are ways in which you can reduce the sound levels to make grooming an enjoyable experience for both you and your pooch.

When looking for a dog blow dryer consider the airspeed — the higher the airspeed the noisier it will be. A dryer that comes with multiple speeds allows you to alter them to suit the needs of your dog. Also, keep a look out for models that arrive with noise dampening features for those overly sensitive pooches.

Breed of Dog

This is a really important consideration that you must make before selecting a dog blow dryer. For example, the blow-drying needs of your 100-pound German Shepherd will be vastly different to that of a 10-pound Yorkie. As in, the former is going to need something way more powerful for effective blow drying.

Not only is the size of the dog a consideration but also the type of fur, how thick it is, and whether it’s long or short hair. These are all factors that will impact the type of dryer you need to do a respectable job.

Top Dog Blow Dryers — Our Picks

1. Shelandy STL-1902 Dog Dryer

If you’re taking your first tentative steps into DIY dog grooming or you’re on a budget, the Shelandy STL-1902 might appeal. It arrives with four different nozzles, meaning there is something suitable for all dogs and coat types. What’s more the one-year warranty and free replacement parts offer you peace of mind, should something go wrong.

While this dryer is quieter than comparable pet dryers, it also incorporates four-level noise reduction technology. Airflow can also be adjusted to the lowest setting — both ensure your dog becomes used to the sound.

In terms of safety features, it comes with protectors against overheating for both the motor and heater, and all plastic parts are flame resistant approved. It’s also available in two colors — pink and blue — and the flexible hose will make maneuvering around your pooch hassle-free.



  • Airflow is 3x stronger than a standard hand-held blow dryer.
  • Two temperature controls.
  • Lightweight — 10.3 pounds.


  • No temperature measurement offered.

2. Flying Pig High-Velocity Dog Dryer

This Flying Pig high-velocity dryer is ideal for those seeking complete control over heat. Not only does it have a low and high setting with a temperature from 81℉ to 160℉ — you can opt for no heat too. This means it can cope with both long and short coats.

It also comes with a powerful 1800-watt motor that claims to cut drying times by 60 percent. Combine this with the variable airflow and you’ve got a pet dryer that can handle Toy Poodles to Great Danes.

The flying pig features a 10-foot hose, which should give you plenty of length to reach around the largest of dogs, or allow you to distance the unit away from your pooch. And, with its steel casing, it’s durable.

What’s more, if the color choice is important to you, this dryer comes in three vibrant color options — green, pink, and purple.



  • Three color options.
  • Variable temperature controls — low, high, and no heat.
  • Lengthy 10-foot hose.


  • Limited number of nozzles.

3. PETNF Upgraded Quick Grooming Dog Dryer

Does your dog run when the vacuum appears? My pooch breaks the land speed record to get out of its way. However, it’s unsurprising when they have such sensitive hearing — to them, it probably sounds like a fighter jet in the room. Hence, a dog blower for grooming that’s easy on their ears, such as the PETNF dryer could appeal.

Part of its upgrade includes a reduction in operation sound by a fifth. The manufacturers have tweaked the design — lengthening the body of the unit and incorporating a noise-dampening internal barrel.

It boasts a range of temperature controls — from 85℉ to 140℉, as well as four different nozzle attachments — wide, narrow, round, and brush. This permits a full range of styling, from fluffing up their fur and blowing away the topcoat to partial or complete drying — unleashing your grooming skills.


The hose expands up to 6 feet, making it possible to groom dogs of all sizes. It also has a variable airflow — 25 m/s and 65 m/s — allowing you to alter the speed depending on the size of your pup.

This blow dryer makes use of motor circuit isolation technology, which helps to reduce overheating and failures of the dryer — ensuring safety for both you and your pet. And, at only 10.5 pounds, it’s easy to move around enabling you to dry your dog anywhere.


  • Motor circuit isolation technology to reduce overheating and failure.
  • Expanding hose — up to 6 feet.
  • One of the best dog hair dryers for quiet operation.


  • May lack the power for some larger or thicker coated dogs.

4. MetroVac Air Force Commander AFTD-3

The MetroVac Air Force Commander is a lightweight dryer, weighing only 8.4 pounds. Its portability makes it possible to blow dry your dog wherever you want to. Hence, I’d suggest it’s also suitable for pro groomers who’re looking for a dryer to take on the go.

The motor has plenty of brawn, it also has two different operating speeds, making this an efficient dryer for dogs of all sizes. It can also be used to blow loose fur out of their coats, cleaning them up, and avoiding pet hair all over your house during shedding season.

The unit is sturdy, encased in steel, it protects the motor from any accidental knocks, drops, and bumps. And, it’s versatile — you can position the dryer either vertically or horizontally.


With a 6-foot hose and 12-foot cord, you have plenty of reach. What’s more, it includes two nozzles — the wide permits total body-drying, channeling strong airflow and the round-end attachment offers more gentle fluffing of the coat.

Why We Love It

  • 8.4 pounds — the lightest and most portable dryer on our list.
  • 12-foot mains cord.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Not the quietest of dog dryers.

5. Go Pet Club DT-401 Hair Dryer For Dogs

This Go Pet Club Hair Dryer For Dogs is great if you value the airspeed of your dryer. It boasts airflow rates of between 25 m/s and 50 m/s, one of the fastest of our best dog dryer reviews. The strong and consistent volume of air dries your pooch thoroughly and rapidly — allowing you more playtime with your pup.

It also features a decent temperature range and a ‘no heat’ option, so you can be confident it’s never too warm for your furry friend.

Featuring a puncture-resistant, double-reinforced hose, which won’t be chewed through by a disgruntled pup. The hose is also flexible, enabling you to spot dry your pet with minimal fuss.


And, boasting a lightweight design, at just 10 pounds, this blow dryer is suitable for carrying or taking on the move. Plus, it arrives with multiple nozzles, hence, there is something suitable for all pets.


  • Includes a carry handle.
  • Three different nozzles — something suitable for all pets.
  • Two speed settings.


  • Handle on the hose would be an improvement.


The best dog dryer offers a stress-free way to groom your pet, unlike the mess that air drying can leave around your home. What’s more, thoroughly drying your pooch will prevent damp patches, fur from matting, and blow out all that dead coat and dander.

It’s important that you choose the best dog dryer for your needs, ensuring that the heat and power settings are sufficient for your pet.

Before deciding on the perfect dryer for your dog, consider your dog’s breed, as well as the type of coat — are they long or short-haired? Next, set your budget — do you see this as a long-term investment, or are you learning the dog grooming ropes? If you have multiple dogs, or you are planning to use this dryer professionally, it may be worth investing in one of the higher price point options.

You might also want to consider the attachments that come with your chosen dog dryer blower. Will they be suitable for your dog, or will you need to purchase additional nozzles separately?

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you pick the dog blow dryer that is suitable for your and your pet’s needs!

Dog Blow Dryer FAQs


“Is It OK To Use a Blow Dryer on a Dog?”

Technically you can, yet it’s best to use an appliance fit for the purpose. Regular blow dryers aren’t built for a thick doggy coat, hence won’t dry as well as a pet blow dryer. Furthermore, the heat settings are different — continued exposure to high heat can damage your dog’s coat, not to mention burn their skin. If you do use a human hairdryer, always use a cool setting, hold the dryer a few inches away from your dog and keep moving it around — avoiding holding it in one spot for too long.

“Why Does My Dog Hate the Blow Dryer?”

Dogs are more sensitive to sound than humans are, hence, a blow dryer is not only a strange object — it’s also super noisy. When a dog feels threatened or has a fear of something, their natural instincts kick in, which includes running away or hiding.

“Is It Okay To Let Your Dog Air Dry?”

If your dog has a short coat, it’s easy enough to let them air dry. That said, if your pooch has a long or thick coat it might be better to intervene. Highly absorbent bath towels work brilliantly for getting rid of excess moisture. However, rather than rubbing your dog’s fur, risking skin irritations, tangles, and matting, you’re better off patting them dry.


“Can You Brush a Wet Dog?”

It’s recommended to brush your dog’s coat when it’s dry — so, do it before bath time. Brushing when your dog is wet can make them more prone to developing tangles and matting, which are tricky to get rid of. If you’re desperate to brush your dog after their bath, let their fur dry first.


“How To Introduce Your Dog to a Blow Dryer?”

If your dryer of choice has a brush head attachment, it’s a suitable one to start with. Here’s what to do:

  1. First, brush your dog with the dryer turned off — to get them used to the sensation.
  2. When they’re comfortable, turn the dryer on, away from the dog. This will get them used to the sound without being threatened by it.
  3. Reward your dog, so that they know they’re behaving appropriately and that the dryer is nothing to be afraid of.


“Is It Better to Blow Dry Your Dog?”

All dog owners are familiar with that wet dog smell and to be honest, nobody likes it. This is just one of the benefits of blow-drying your dog and here are a few more:

  • Gets rid of all the loose fur and dander.
  • Helps to fluff up their coat — allowing them to start the de-shedding process.
  • Prevents the dog from getting sore skin from being damp for prolonged periods of time.


“Can You Use a Blow Dryer on a Dog?”

Yes, you can use a blow dryer on your dog to dry their fur but there are also a few precautions you need to take. You need to ensure that the nozzle is far enough away from their skin so as not to burn them. You also need to keep the dryer moving, again, so that you don’t have all the heat directed at one patch — this could lead to burns.


“What Kind of Blow Dryers Do Groomers Use?”

Dog groomers typically use dryers that have multiple speeds, extra-long hoses, a range of attachments, and have the option of a noise reduction feature. They also tend to be of a higher price point as they have to be suitable for a range of different breeds and coats.