Chris Christensen Drop n Drag T-Rake.

Drop N Drag T-Rake (A431)

The Drop N Drag T Rake from Chris Christensen is our Top Pick. With the easy-to-hold handle, you can be sure of a good grip when combing through the thickest fur! As it’s weighted, it offers solid balance and assistance as you work through your pooch’s coat.

  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Removes knots and tangles with ease.
  • Ideal for double coats.
  • Reduces wrist strain.

Product Rating 4.8/5

Not only does matted fur make your dog miserable, but it can cause skin conditions and make your bestie irritable. Dirt and debris build up in dog fur when you’re on adventures together, so you need a good combing routine. The best dog combs permit speedy grooming and make the whole experience more comfortable for your canine.

Top Dog Combs Comparison Table





Material: Stainless steel

Comb Length: 6 inches

Includes: Comb only

Coat Type: Double coat

  • Rake style for comfort.

  • Great for double coats.

  • Quick and easy.

Product Rating: 4.8/5


Material: Stainless steel

Comb Length: 6 inches

Includes: Comb

Coat Type: Coarse/thick

  • Great on curly coats.

  • Weighted — easy to use.

  • Amazing on thicker coats.

Product Rating: 4.7/5


Material: Stainless steel teeth

Comb Length: 7.5 inches

Includes: Comb

Coat Type: All coats

  • Easy cleaning.

  • Comfortable hold.

  • Sturdy.

Product Rating: 4.7/5


Material: Metal

Comb Length: 2.5 inches

Includes: Comb only

Coat Type: All coats

  • Great at detangling severe matts.

  • Great gripping handle.

  • Reasonable cost.

Product Rating: 4.7/5


Material: Steel

Comb Length: 7.5 inches

Includes: Comb

Coat Type: Coarse/fine

  • Great on thicker fur.

  • Smooth glide.

  • Excellent results.

Product Rating: 4.7/5


Material: Steel

Size: 7.5 inches

Includes: Comb

Coat Type: Coarse

  • Detangles legs and skirt fast.

  • Ideal all-body comb.

  • Rounding teeth prevents snagging.

Product Rating: 4.7/5


Material: Stainless steel

Size: 7.4 / 6.25 inches

Includes: Comb x 2

Coat Type: All coats

  • Leaves coat silky smooth.

  • Great for longer fur.

  • Comfortable for both you and your dog.

Product Rating: 4.7/5


Material: Stainless steel teeth

Comb Length: 8 inches

Includes: Comb

Coat Type: Coarse

  • Ergonomic.

  • Sturdy.

  • Great functionality.

Product Rating: 4.6/5


Material: Stainless steel

Comb Length: 7.4 / 5.51 / 2.52 inches

Includes: Comb x 2 / Flea comb / eye comb

Coat Type: Fine fur

  • Four combs — face, legs, tail, and body.

  • Great when traveling.

  • Easy to clean.

Product Rating: 4.6/5


Material: Stainless steel

Comb Length: 2.5 / 7.5 inches

Includes: Comb x 2

Coat Type: Fluffy

  • Great for dematting fluffier dogs.

  • Brilliant for flea extraction.

  • Dual-sided with larger teeth on one side.

Product Rating: 4.6/5

The Best Dog Combs Buying Guide

The best dog combs are tools that help you maintain your dog’s coat, which is an essential part of caring for your canine. Combs allow you to remove excess fur and any debris or dirt they may pick up when on their adventures. 

Creating a routine will help your dog become used to being groomed by you. Many pooches protest at the sheer sight of such an implement. Yet, if you’ve bought a suitable style for your pet, it shouldn’t hurt them or be uncomfortable.

Why You Need To Maintain a Grooming Routine

Following a grooming routine can help keep your best friend looking and feeling in tip-top shape:Following a grooming routine can help keep your best friend looking and feeling in tip-top shape:

  • Release matts — as mentioned, combing regularly can release any knots and matts. If you leave your dog’s fur, the tangled mass can ride up to the root leaving the skin sore and irritated. Once you notice a few knots and tangles, it’s best to tease these straight away.
  • Shedding — all dogs shed, some more than others. Combing can rid them of excess fur, helping you maintain a cleaner environment for both you and them.
  • Natural oils — our dogs have oil glands, just like us, apart from they’re all over their body, not just on their head! Regular grooming will help spread the natural oils and condition their fur.
  • Keep an eye on their skin — noticing your dog’s skin may not be as straightforward as you think, after all, they are wearing a fur coat all year round! Regular combing draws your attention to their skin. Hence, you’re more likely to notice any parasites or skin conditions they may have developed.
  • Comfort — if you have a pooch who hates the comb, keep it in your mind, it’s going to make them feel much better afterward. Matts, excess fur, and debris can trap heat, so a quick comb-through will leave them feeling cooler and comfortable.

Dog Combs vs Dog Brushes

Both brushing and combing your dog should be a part of your routine! The former helps with the top layer of your dog’s coat, the latter gets through to the roots.

However, your dog’s coat will dictate which brush and comb duo is best for the job. For example, The Poodle needs a comb and brush suited for a thick, curly coat, while a Shih Tzu will require a combo that glides through their long fabulous fur.

That said, some dogs have very fine fur, meaning brushing alone can reach their roots.

What To Look For When Choosing a Dog Hair Comb

Check out these handy tips to consider when choosing a comb.


The handle of your dog comb has a lot to answer for. If you cannot grip the comb properly, the task could take longer and be more stressful for you both. Buying a comb with a decent surface area for your hand will allow you to maintain momentum when combing. It also needs to have a comfortable hold for you to get through the entire job.

There are three most common styles — wooden, plastic, and metal. The preference would be down to you and what you find comfortable.

Comb Size

The most common sizes of dog combs range from 3 mm to 25 mm spine length. Now it’s pretty obvious that the smaller your dog the smaller the comb required, but the coat type will also dictate what’s suitable. 

Many offer dual-sided capabilities, meaning you have a bigger grade on one end and a small one on the other. These can be ideal for getting through thicker coats and make the combing process more bearable for your furry friend.

Shedding Capabilities 

Some combs can have extra attachments like safety blades to trim as you comb. These can be great for dogs that shed often and for canines who keep their coats long.


Top Dog Grooming Combs — Our Picks

Considering the information above, I’ve researched and found a few of the best combs on the market for your choosing.

The Drop N Drag T Rake from Chris Christensen is our Top Pick. The ergonomic handle reduces tired hands when grooming larger tail-waggers. Plus, its weighted style provides functionality, assisting with the combing action, and making the task easier. 

This comb is designed to work with thick fur, which is why it’s suitable for dogs with double coats. Its 6-inch length also makes it ideal for larger dogs. And, the teeth are rounded, ensuring greater comfort and less scratching of the skin.

Chris Christensen Drop n Drag De-Tangling Rake.


  • Rake style designed for user comfort.
  • An ideal dog matting comb for double coats.
  • Weighted — helps combing action.


  • Premium price.

This buttercomb is made with curly coats in mind — its staggered teeth design won’t snag hair. As we know, there are so many breeds with tight, thick curls, which could be a headache to de-matt. So, for example, this could be the best comb for Goldendoodle, Portuguese Water Dog, or even a Lagotto.

With its innovative weight brass core providing you with gravity-based help, it’s designed to work through those curls, no matter how dense your dog’s coat is.

Chris Christensen Staggered Tooth Buttercomb for Dogs.


  • Rounded teeth for easy use.
  • Heavyweight core.
  • Staggered design for greater comfort.


  • High price point.

If you’re on a budget, this dematting dog comb for dogs from Shiny Pet may appeal. 

Its rubber handle makes for a secure grip, so it’s easy to hold. Plus, the teeth are rounded at the bottom, so the entire combing experience should be less stressful for your pooch. 

This comb is a 2-in-1 design — one half has wide spacings between the teeth, and the other is more narrow. This allows you to detangle your dog’s coat with a two-pronged approach.

Shiny Pet Dog Comb.


  • Includes e-guidebook.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • Good-grip rubber handle.


  • Not the best comb for Shih Tzu or smaller dogs.

We all know fleas are a common issue with canines, yet even with treatment, you still want to remove the critters, flea dirt, and any eggs from your dog. A flea comb allows you to keep a check on these pests. 

The Hartz Flea dog comb has narrowly spaced teeth, permitting all of the above, and it’s nifty enough to comb through the more sensitive areas, like around the eyes and ears. 

Suitable for any coat type — from short, smooth coats to wire-haired, and any size. However, given the small combing area, it may take a while to work through a larger pooch.


Hartz Best Flea Comb for Dogs.


  • Doubles as a paw and eye comb.
  • Decent handle control.
  • Pocket-friendly price.


  • Use could be time-consuming for bigger dogs.

This 7.5-inch steel comb from Chris Christensen is sturdy enough for everyday use — perfect for pooches that require frequent grooming. 

The dual sides allow use on all areas of your dog — even letting you fluff up the paws and tail for that freshly groomed look.

However, although preferred use is for everyday maintenance, whether it would be as great on those more stubborn matts is down to the dog.

Chris Christensen Fine Coarse Greyhound-Style Buttercomb.


  • Stylish chrome look.
  • Twin-purpose steel comb for dogs.
  • Heavy-duty material


  • No mention of flea removal.

We all know Poodles are famous for their magnificent coats, but if you ask an owner, maintenance of these tight curls can be a challenge. This Poodle-style comb pledges to take the hard work out of combing Poodles and other pooches with coarse fur. The weight of this brass-core, stainless steel comb takes up half the battle — leaving you to smarten up your darling doggy.

Attention to detail has gone into the design, round-ended tines, and teeth spaced out at specific intervals suited to coarse coats. This means you don’t have to worry about snagging your fur baby’s roots and causing irritation.

Chris Christensen Coarse Poodle Style Buttercomb.


  • Detangles legs and skirt fast.
  • Great for the whole body.
  • Rounded teeth prevent snagging.


  • Slightly more expensive than other dog combs.

This double package ensures you have all you need to groom your bow-wow. It includes a 6.25-inch length comb with densely spaced teeth — great for little furry heads, legs, paws, and finer combing. And, a 7.4-inch wider spaced comb for backs and bellies, plus initial use. 

The stainless steel teeth with round ends ensure that combing is pain-free and effective at working through the tangles and debris your dog can pick up on their adventures. 

These combs are not only great for dogs, but you can use them on other animals like cats and horses. This shows how versatile they are.

Cafhelp 2 pack de-matting Dog Combs.


  • Good value.
  • Great metal dog comb for longer fur.
  • Suitable for other pets/animals.


  • User comfort could be better.

Poodle Pet is offering a great deshedding comb for dogs. This comb offers teeth that are two lengths, meaning it could be suitable for both long and short hair canines. 

The benefits of the dual-length teeth imply that it’s a tool that can quickly release knots and matts while maintaining your dog’s comfort.

It also has a sturdy plastic handle offering you decent control, plus groomer’s hand cramps shouldn’t be an issue with prolonged use.

Poodle Pet Detangling Grooming Comb.


  • Non-slip handle design. 
  • Long and short teeth.
  • Suitable for long and short hair.


  • Difference in tooth length may not suit all dogs.

If you’re after a grooming tool kit, this could be worthwhile considering. Equipped with four combs — a tear stain removal comb, flea extraction comb, 2-in-1 greyhound style comb, and a closed teeth comb, it has all the grooming essentials.

Each of these tools is designed to help you bring your dog’s fur to life and give them the wow factor between grooms. This is the only set that includes a small dog eye comb.

You can buy this entire package for a very reasonable price, which may appeal to a first time DIY doggy groomer.

GUBCUB Grooming Comb Kit For Dogs.


  • Multi-comb kit — face, legs, tail, and body.
  • Ideal starter or backup comb set.
  • Fuss-free cleaning.


  • Durability could be better.

Both these combs are designed to provide your dog with a relaxing experience while you comb them. Manufactured with rounded steel teeth, they are built for safety and are gentle on the skin.

You received two combs in this pack. The flea removal comb is also great for getting rid of excess fur, which could be classed as a thinning comb for dogs. 

The second comb is more traditional — being 7.5 inches in length. It features two tine widths — enabling you to tackle tangles and more challenging matting and knots. Plus, with its robust steel material, durability shouldn’t be a problem.

Bealihelp Grooming Tool for Dogs.


  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Removes fleas quickly and pain-free.
  • Two sizes of teeth in one comb.


  • Dense teeth on flea comb may not be suitable for coarse fur.


A dog comb is an essential grooming tool — it will keep your pooch tangle-free, comfortable and ensure their coat is in the best possible condition. 

Out of the list, my top pick has to be the Drop N Drag T-Rake A431. The durable handle and well-constructed teeth can handle any coat. 

Whether you need to remove fleas, manage shedding or keep on top of regular maintenance — you’re sure to find one of the best dog combs to fit your purpose.

Best Dog Comb FAQs

Are Metal Combs Good for Dogs?

Metal combs are only as good as their handle. A flimsy handle can leave you with less control and make the combing process more hard work than it has to be.

Can You Comb Matted Dog Hair?

If you have been met with a rather large matt in your dog’s fur, before you tackle it with a comb, the best thing would be to give them a good wash and shampoo. This will release any debris and dirt that could be holding it together. Next, work it apart using your fingers. A comb can be used to detangle any small knots that remain. 

Does Coconut Oil Help Detangle a Dog’s Hair? 

Coconut oil can make hair and fur softer. Using oil on your dog’s fur will help make your combing task more bearable. Massaging warm oil can also benefit your dog’s skin if it has become sensitive due to the knots.

What Do You Do for a Severely Matted Dog?

If it’s not possible to tease the knot, or there are too many, it’s better to cut them out. Follow it up with a full body trim, so it doesn’t look out of place.