Dremel 7350-PET Dog Nail Grinder.

Dremel 7350-PET Dog Nail Grinder

Our top rated dog nail grinder comes with everything you need to get those claws trimmed and tidy from your home — straight from the box. The quiet Dremel for dog nails is compact and lightweight, permitting fuss-free use. Plus, with it being cordless, you’re not tied to a power outlet. It also arrives with a rechargeable battery and USB cable. 

  • Exceptionally quiet.
  • Cordless for convenience.
  • Lightweight. 
  • Many attachments.

Your dog’s paw care should be a part of your grooming routine — keeping nails trim is essential for not only comfort but also for health. Nail growth and wear depends on your tail-wagger’s lifestyle, thus will determine trimming frequency. There are several ways to give your pooch a peti-cure. The best nail dog grinders are convenient to use, faster than clippers and more cost efficient than trips to the grooming parlor.

Top Dog Nail Grinders Comparison Table





Item Weight: 8.8 ounces

Power Source: Battery powered

Charger Type: Micro USB

Noise Level: <50 dB

  • 7% quieter than the previous model.

  • Low vibration.

  • Five attachments.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

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Casfuy Full Review

Item Weight: 10.86 ounces

Power Source: Battery powered

Charger Type: Micro USB

Noise Level: <50 dB

  • Low noise — less than 50 dB.

  • Twin speed.

  • Rechargeable.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Item Weight: 9.6 ounces

Power Source: Battery powered

Charger Type: USB

Noise Level: Not listed

  • Includes nine attachments.

  • Charges in under 3 hours.

  • Dremel accessory compatible.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

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Dremel 7300 Full Review

Item Weight: 9 ounces

Power Source: Battery powered

Charger Type: Battery

Noise Level: Not listed

  • High and low speed.

  • Two-year warranty.

  • Range of accessories.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Item Weight: 8 ounces

Power Source: Battery powered/mains power

Charger Type: DC jack

Noise Level: Not listed

  • Detachable power supply.

  • Many accessories.

  • Comes with a storage case.

Product Rating: 4.3/5


Item Weight: 6.7 ounces

Power Source: Battery powered

Charger Type: USB

Noise Level: <50dB

  • Variable speeds.

  • Low noise and vibration.

  • Run time — 10 hours.

Product Rating: 4.2/5


Item Weight: 4.8 ounces

Power Source: Battery powered

Charger Type: Micro USB

Noise Level: Not listed

  • Three ports.

  • Quiet motor.

  • USB charge.

Product Rating: 4.0/5

dog toenail grinders.

The Best Dog Nail Grinders Buying Guide

Most dogs aren’t a fan of having a pooch pedicure. Clipping a dog’s nails can cause distress and anxiety in both you and your bow-wow. The best dog nail grinders are an alternative approach to this task.

What Are Dog Toenail Grinders?

An electric dog nail grinder is a handheld tool that rotates at high speed to file down a dog’s nails. The business end is typically cylindrical and rough like sandpaper — akin to a human nail file. When rotating at speed, it shaves off the excess nail. 

Using a Dremel dog nail grinder is not only faster than clippers but many dogs learn to relax more, especially if you use positive reinforcement. 

The downside to using grinders is that they vibrate, some dogs dislike this sensation. However, the chances of injury when using this type of trimmer are slim — they usually feature a safety guard that prevents you from going too close to the nerve endings in a dog’s paw.

Why You Need To Maintain Your Dog’s Claws

Your dog’s claws naturally file down as they walk — the sidewalk and other rough terrains keep their nails in check. But if your pooch loves a couch potato lifestyle or takes walks that mainly involve grass and other soft surfaces, it’s important as a dog parent you keep on top of their nail growth. 

Here are a few reasons why:

    • Injury — cutting your dog’s nails won’t stop them from being excited and jumping up. However, they will be less likely to cause a bad scratch to you and your visitors. 
    • Ingrown nails — trimming regularly will prevent their claws from curling and growing into their precious pads.
    • Infections — if left unnoticed, your buddy’s nails could become infected, and you will soon have a poorly pooch with an expensive vet bill.
    • Snagging — when nails grow too long, you may find that they can pull and damage soft furnishings, wear carpet, and pull on clothing.
    • Painful — your dog’s mobility could become an issue — walking could become a painful activity. Signs they need their nails trimmed include, gnawing at their paws and refusing to walk.

So we’ve considered why it’s important to keep those nails short, but why do it yourself?

Benefits of Using a Grinder

  • Frequency — grinding a dog’s nails is a speedier job than using clippers.
  • Cost — you will eventually pay less than regularly visiting the groomers for a pedicure.
  • Handy and quick to use — operation is generally straightforward — with one flick of a switch, you’ll find that you have a precision pedicure tool. 

Cons of Using a Grinder

  • Noise — some grinders can generate a noise, which can distress your pooch.
  • Vibration — if your dog doesn’t like this sensation, they can become distressed when using a nail grinder on a dog.
dog nail grinder.

What To Look For When Choosing Nail Grinders

Here are a few points to think about when choosing the best nail grinders for your pooch.


If you find that your fur baby is startled easily by noise, opt for a quiet model. Aim for less than 50 decibels to make the experience less stressful and reduce their anxiety. 


Choosing a grinder with variable speed settings is recommended. This is because not all your dog’s nails will be of equal thickness. The thicker the nail, the higher the speed required. Various speeds are also a plus point if you have more than one furbaby.

Safety Features

A safety feature such as a protective sleeve can help prevent fur from getting caught in the grinding wheel. 

Cordless or Corded

Both cordless and corded come with their own pros and cons. While corded nail grinders have a constant source of power, you’re limited to where you can work — you need to be close to the mains.

Cordless nail grinders give you the option of carrying out nail grinding anywhere, but they do tend to be a little heavier due to the battery. And, you’ll need to be aware of the battery life.

Best Electric Nail Trimmer for Dogs — Our Favorites

Selecting the best nail grinders for your pooch may seem a daunting and time-consuming task. Hence, to get the ball rolling, I’ve put together some of my top picks.

1. Dremel 7350-PET Dog Nail Grinder

Arriving with four sanding heads, the grinding shaft, and a USB charging cable — this kit allows you to get your pooch’s nails under control from home, as soon as you take it out of the box. 

The Dremel grinder is classed as a quiet dog nail grinder — its operating noise is under 50 decibels, which is lower than a refrigerator. So, it’s ideal if your pet is a little uncomfortable with the noise associated with this type of nail trimming. 

It has a cordless design, which means you can pack up your kit and take it with you on your travels.

Dremel 7350-PET Nail Grinder for Dogs.


  • Quiet operation.
  • Cordless for convenience.
  • Lightweight.
  • 12,000 RPMs.


  • Short run time — one hour and 20 minutes per charge.

2. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

The Casfuy nail grinder has a diamond grinder bit, ensuring the safest, stress-free, and comfiest nail trim. 

This grinder has an adjustable speed and three different-sized mandrels — small, medium, and large — supporting varying levels of nail hardness and doggy size. Hence, this could be handy if you’re a multi-pooch household.

And, if your furry friend heads for the hills when you’re vacuuming, or when the washer is in full spin, the Casfuy may offer a solution. It employs extremely quiet technology that creates both low vibrations as well as muted sound — reducing the chance of stress from appliance noise.

Casfuy Nail Grinder for Dogs.


  • Fast charging — 3 hours.
  • Low noise, less than 50dB.
  • Variable speeds — high and low.
  • Convenient charging via USB.


  • High speed may not be man enough for tough nails.

3. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grinding Kit

The Dremel 7300 nail grinder offers an alternative way to clip your dog’s nails. The rotary tool reduces the stress levels for both you and your dog, and there is less chance of cutting them too.

With variable speed — 6,500 and 15,000 RPM — you can work at top speed to grind down the end of the nail, then slow down the pace for more accurate work as you’re nearing the length required. 

This Dremel Paw Control dog nail grinder uses a sanding drum of 60-grit that kindly trims your dog’s nails.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Dog Nail Grooming Tool.


  • Lightweight for easy use.
  • Twin-speed operation. 
  • Two-year warranty.


  • Sandpaper band loosens.

4. Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Kit

This handy tool is perfect for those newbie doggy nail cutters among us, as it comes with a paw guide set at 45 degrees. This paw positioning feature hugely reduces the chances of you nicking your pet and causing them any pain. 

The Dremel includes a Dremel attachment for dog nails that has nine pieces, providing multiple nail grinding options. And, with a proprietary attachment changeover system, switching between grinder heads is fuss-free. 

The Dremel nail grinder kit is ready to use, and the rechargeable battery can be charged quickly and easily — in under three hours — with the included USB charger.


Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder.


  • Nine Attachments.
  • Nail guard.
  • Four speeds — up to 25000 RPM.


  • May struggle with thicker nails.

The Andis Nail Grinder tool has two speeds — 7000 and 12000 RPM for efficient clipping. Its specialist tips claim to create smoother rounded nails with no pain to your pooch. 

The grinder is powered through the mains, but it does have a removable power supply, so it’s easier to pack on your travels. Altogether the kit includes one large grinding mandrel with three sanding bands and one small grinder mandrel with two sanding bands.

The pack also provides you with a handy storage case so you can keep it all together.

Andis EasyClip 2-Speed Nail Grinder for Dogs.


  • Detachable power supply.
  • Two set speeds.
  • Neatly packs away in a storage case.


  • Lacks the freedom of cordless operation.

6. Razoo Dog Nail Grinder

An upgrade from the brand’s previous model, the Razoo Diamond Bit Dog Claw Grinder generates less than 50 decibels operation noise and features dual speed. 

With three attachment sizes, it will work as a puppy nail grinder and the best dog nail grinder for large dogs — so it’s a versatile piece of equipment. 

Arriving with a large capacity rechargeable battery, Razoo states the motor can run up to five times stronger than its predecessor. And with its battery charge indicator, there is no guesswork in how long you have left.

However, with a run time of five hours, its generous operating time should be sufficient for you to complete the nail-trimming task. Yet, if it does run out, it only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.

Razoo Nail Grinder for Dogs.


  • Extensive run time.
  • Suitable for all dog sizes. 
  • Digital display.


  • Faster trimming on thicker nails would be an improvement.

7. Hertzko Electric Dog Nail Grinder

For those seeking value for money, the Hertzko Dog Nail Grinder could appeal. While it’s reasonably priced, it still includes many features of the higher-end models. 

The grinder comes with three attachments of different sizes, allowing you to find the most accurate fit for your dog. An ultra-quiet motor keeps your canine as calm as possible, and the safety guard prevents you from snagging any fur while the mandrel is spinning. 

However, if you have a large breed, you can remove the cover to use the bit on their nails.

It also comes with a micro USB for recharging and is super easy to clean. Remove the cover entirely to give the grinder a good clean for its next use.

Hertzko Electric Dog Nail Grinder.


  • Run time — 2.5 hours.
  • Good value. 
  • Includes USB charger.


  • Grinding could be faster.


While clipping your dog’s nails may seem a tedious task, grinders, such as the Dremel 7350-PET Cordless Dog Nail Grinder, could make lighter work of your tail-wagger’s talons.

Consider whether you would prefer a rechargeable cordless or corded model, how fast it will trim, how much noise it makes, and whether the run time and charging time are adequate for your needs.

Whatever you decide, the best dog nail grinder offers a calmer and more convenient way for you to keep on top of your dog’s nail routine. I wish you and your dog a happy pet-icure session.

Dog Nail Grinders FAQs

Are Dog Nail Grinders Any Good?

Grinders are preferred when you’re dealing with dark nails. The dark pigment means that with clippers, you have to guess where the quick is, making injury more likely. A grinder will only shave off bit by bit. Therefore, avoid hurting your dog. 

Do Nail Grinders Hurt Dogs?

No. Grinders are designed not to harm your dog. Many pets don’t like these devices because of the noise and vibration, so it is more of an aversion to the sensation rather than a painful experience. However, you must understand that grinding causes friction to the nail, and friction causes heat. Grinding in one spot too long can lead to discomfort.

Can I Use Sandpaper on My Dog’s Nails?

You could create a scratchboard for your dog, but you’ll need to train your pooch to use it. This will file them down but aim for 30-40 grit sandpaper.

Is It Better To Grind or Cut Dog’s Nails?

This will depend on your pooch. One dog may prefer the snip ‘job done’ approach, whereas others may be fine with the grinder. Also, consider the noise factor, as grinders will be noisier than clippers.