TUOKEOGO Dog pad training grass potty with tray.

Pick For Life — Dog Grass Potty Patch

Although an artificial grass dog potty, it’s realistic enough to fool Fido. A generous size — 35 x 22.6 inches — this dog potty comes equipped with washable pee pads that sit underneath the turf — cutting costs on throwaway pads and saving you clean-up time. Plus, it’s suitable for both use inside and out — ideal if you’re training a pup.

  • Realistic grass by sight and feel.
  • Washable training mat included.
  • Portable with no assembly.

Finding the best dog potty grass for your furry friend can seem daunting with so many options available. These products allow more and more people to become dog owners, even if they don’t have regular access to an outdoor space. Encouraging the use of this innovative tool could mean that your home is protected from doggy mishaps. And, when nature calls, you’re not spending your life running up and down the stairs or waiting for the elevator.

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Pick For Life — Dog Grass Potty Patch

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Pick For Life Full Review

Size (inches): 35 x 22.6 x 1.4

Real/Artificial : Artificial

Warranty/Lifespan: Not disclosed

Weight: 7.05 pounds

  • Suitable for larger dogs.

  • Can be used both inside and outside.

  • Easy to clean.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Size (inches): 30 x 20 x 2.5

Real/Artificial : Artificial

Warranty/Lifespan: 3 years

Weight: 8.03 pounds

  • Three-layer design.

  • Features a splashback-preventing wall.

  • Sloped waste grid tray — keeps urine away from turf.

Product Rating: 4.4/5


Fresh Patch — Disposable Dog Potty

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Fresh Patch Full Review

Size (inches): (M)16 x 12 / (S)24 x 16 / (L)24 x 24 / (XL) 24 x 48

Real/Artificial : Real

Warranty/Lifespan: 1-2 weeks

Weight: 10 pounds

  • 100 percent natural.

  • Four sizes available.

  • Dirt free and fully disposable.

Product Rating: 4.2/5


Size (inches): (S) 24 x 16 / (M) 24 x 20 / (L) 24x24 / (XL) 24 x 48

Real/Artificial : Real

Warranty/Lifespan: 1-4 weeks

Weight: Unknown

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Simple and convenient plans available.

  • Four sizes.

Product Rating: 4.2/5

Best Dog Potty Grass Buying Guide

With inner-city living becoming more popular, many people have turned to training their pooch with the best dog potty grass. While dog lovers may seem skeptical about the concept, there are benefits to be had. For example, puppies, senior doggies, or hounds left home alone could all find grass trays for dogs useful. And that goes for their humans too — no more coming back to find a present or a puddle on the floor.

What Is a Grass Tray for Dogs?

If you have ever owned a puppy before you will understand the headache that house training can be — it’s no easy task. It requires patience, a strong stomach, and the ability to love unconditionally.

Picture this.

Your perfect little pooch has spent the first time home alone, you open the door only to be greeted by an indescribable aroma! The realization soon dawns on you…

Where is the poop? Where is the pee? What have they destroyed?

Every dog needs a place they can do their business, there is no doubting that. Hence, going to the potty outdoors is one of the first things you want your dog to master. Who wants to be greeted by urine and poop every time they come home?

Training your dog to understand where they can go potty is a task that requires a lot of patience and positive reward. Generally speaking, having a backyard or some outside secure place for your dog to use for their toileting needs is the ideal situation.

However, this isn’t always possible. Unvaccinated puppies who can’t venture out or older pooches that struggle to get around, plus high-rise living is becoming more fashionable, which means limited outside space.

These are all situations where a grass mat for dogs can prove useful.

Essentially grass potty pads for dogs do exactly what they say on the box. They are rectangular pieces of grass that you can train your furry friend to use indoors or outside if you have the space. There are many different products available for pet parents to buy and these can stem from real to synthetic grass. These potty areas have become more popular over time, but with an ever-growing market, which is the best grass patch for dogs?

Fresh Grass Vs Artificial Grass

The major difference when researching which grass pee pad to buy is whether you go for the real mccoy or a synthetic version.

Admittedly, the choice may be taken out of your hands when it comes down to doggie preference. I know my pooch wouldn’t even glance at artificial grass, but take your time and look at both, then decide which side is greener for you.

Fresh Grass

If your pooch is as fussy as mine then only real grass will do the trick. Companies are producing dog potty grass using hydroponic horticultural methods. That is, the grass is grown without using soil. The roots are grown so they are thick enough to absorb urine and its nasty ammonia smell. With the poops, you can dispose of these as you would if you were on a walk in the park. However, you have the convenience of flushing it rather than bagging and trashing it.

Overall, the real stuff is perfect if you’re eco-conscious. With the pads being 100 percent compostable, there is zero waste and essentially it’s better for the environment. The dirt-free poop box also means that you don’t have to worry about muddy paw prints around the home.

The other point to contemplate is that with these real grass pads being disposable, how costly will they become? Many brands offer subscription plans, yet the long-term regular expense is something to factor into your decision.

Artificial Grass

The synthetic stuff is made from soft plastic materials and imitates the look and feel of real grass. As artificial grass doesn’t have roots, it comes equipped with a catch tray underneath the ‘turf’, which collects the pee.

In terms of cost, typically these trays would be a one-time buy, although they aren’t indestructible. Over time, general wear and tear, and chemicals found in urine can break down the materials.

These trays work well when house-breaking a pup because they don’t know what real grass is like. For an older dog, they may think that the fake dog grass toilet just doesn’t cut it.

With a design for regular cleaning in mind. It’s very similar to a litter box, the tray needs to be washed in warm soapy water to prevent build-up. Let’s be honest no one wants to use an unflushed toilet right?
There we have it — the good, bad, and ugly parts of grass pee pads for dogs. Do you think your dog would prefer a real grass dog toilet over synthetic?

What To Look For When Choosing a Grass Box for Dogs

Here are some other doggie details to weigh up when choosing the best fake or real grass dog potty.


The artificial boxes require thorough cleaning daily whereas the natural grass doesn’t. You’ll need to decide whether you’re prepared to, or can dedicate time to the upkeep.

What’s more, some may have concerns over whether a real grass pee pad clings onto an odor even though its main job is to absorb urine. Hence, think about what you feel comfortable with — after all, it’s going to be sitting in your home.


Whether you decide to go artificial or real, you’ll want to look at how durable the box is. Dogs are creatures of habit and they like to scratch and mark their territories in various ways. For this, you need a box that’s sturdy enough to be able to put up with the abuse of playful puppies or chewing-prone pooches.


When researching, one question kept cropping up — ‘What size do I need?

Many mats come in mini, small, medium, large, and extra-large dog potty grass sizes so the choice would be yours. For my Shih Tzu, I tend to grab the medium to large size as I know she loves to have space to choose where she likes to do her business and is more comfortable with more room.

However, alongside the size of your pooch, the area you’ll be placing the potty grass will also be a deciding factor — ensure you have enough room. And, if you have more than one pup, you may wish to go up a size to accommodate the extra pees and poops.

Best Dog Potty Grass — Our Picks

Finding the best dog grass toilet can be a tricky task, so I’ve taken out the guesswork and narrowed down some of our favorites for you.

1. Pick For Life — Dog Grass Potty Patch

If the thought of mopping up accumulated doggie pee is putting you off, you may wish to check out this artificial dog grass toilet from Pick For Life. It features a tri-layer build — fake grass on top, a pee pad in the middle, and a tray at the base.

And, while artificial grass boxes aren’t known for their environmentally-friendly qualities, this potty includes reusable pee pads that absorb and trap odors for a long period of time. This not only reduces your waste but could save you money. Just pop the pad into the machine and it will work like brand new again.

In terms of clean-up — you can pop the pee pad into the washer and it will work like brand new again. The tray and grass can also be effortlessly washed down with soap or enzyme cleaner.




  • Soft, lifelike artificial grass.
  • Fuss-free maintenance.
  • Ready-to-use straight from the box.


  • Pads and replacement turf are hard to source.

2. Hompet — Dog Grass Pad

For little boy bow-wows, taking a pee often means lifting the rear leg to mark their territory. And, although this is perfectly normal behavior, it’s not something you want to experience indoors. This dog grass pad arrives with a handy wall to combat urine splash outside of the tray. 

The Hompet is a three-section synthetic grass patch. Arriving with a grass mat made using UV and doggie pee-resistant material — it’s designed not to disintegrate at the drop of a hat. The handy sloping tray drains the urine away down to the collection box at the bottom, which can be removed and contents conveniently disposed of. 

The turf used has a new hemming design to prevent your pooch from dragging the soaked grass out of its box. It’s also treated, so can be positioned outdoors — in all weathers — as well as inside. Ideal for transitioning puppies to the backyard.




  • Non-shedding, hemming grass matting.
  • Features a splashback-preventing wall.
  • Rapid drainage system.


  • Base can become uneven and wobble.

3. Fresh Patch — Disposable Dog Potty

This convenient yet practical product provides you with real grass for your dog to use as their bathroom. The grass is hydroponically grown and delivered directly to your door.

No time to dedicate to cleaning? No problem, this pad is 100 percent natural and made in the USA from real grass. They are fully disposable and keep your home smelling nice and fresh.  

Available in four sizes from mini to extra-large — meaning you’re sure to find the right size whether you have a tiny pooch or a gigantic fur baby.




  • Natural odor control.
  • Suitable for dogs up to 30 pounds.
  • Throw-away convenience.


  • Box isn’t weather-resistant.


4. Doggie Lawn — Potty Grass

This real natural grass absorbs smells and eliminates odors in the same way actual turf does. There’s nothing that comes more naturally for your doggy than doing their business in fresh green pads of real grass. So this could be perfect for spoilt pooches at home!  

This potty couldn’t be simpler! Just unbox and encourage your dog to use it for their toileting needs. It’s even available on subscription so you will never need to worry about forgetting to order your next lawn. 

Available in four sizes from standard to XL — for dogs weighing up to 50 pounds — it’s pawfect for every size pooch. And, bundle deals are available, which is ideal if you’re just starting out with potty grass. 

The 100 percent eco-friendly design will also keep your doggie lawn boxes out of landfills. Simply dispose of it in the compost pile and let nature do its thing!



Why We Love It

  • Completely biodegradable.
  • Zero soil. 
  • Disposable gloves included.


  • Not as absorbent as others.


Let’s be honest we all love our tail-waggers, yet we don’t want to live in a doggie potty. Thus, whether your bow-wow has mobility issues or you’re living in a top-floor apartment — a dog grass pad could be the solution when training your furry friend. 

I guess the question boils down to would you rather spend a few bucks buying dog training grass or your hard-earned cash on changing your entire flooring? 

Bear in mind, that although these potties are convenient, you shouldn’t cut or dodge Rover’s routine exercise. Even with a dog grass litter box or the best dog potty grass in your home they should still have the opportunity to go to the park like other pooches!

Best Dog Potty Grass FAQs

“Do Dogs Need Grass To Go to the Toilet?”

No. Dogs don’t need grass to go about their business. In fact, dogs can go anywhere provided their human cleans up after them. Owners generally encourage their woof woof to use grass as it soaks up urine rather than it sitting on concrete.

“Can Dogs Poop on a Grass Pad?”

If your little pooch needs to go potty, a grass pad is the way to go if you have no access to the outdoors. However, make sure you instill a good cleaning routine or you’ll find your little friend may refuse to go.

“How Do You Clean a Puppy Potty in the Grass?”

The easiest way to neutralize dog urine in artificial grass is simply to pick up the dog waste and then flush out the excess with water. You could use a bucket filled with warm soapy water, or the best bet would be a hose/shower head.

“Does Dog Potty Grass Work?”

It will work as well as any other housetraining method — providing you’re patient and consistent with your dog or puppy.

“How Long Do Dog Grass Pads Last?”

Real grass pads absorb a lot of the smell that artificial grass doesn’t, this means that you can go for a longer period of time between changing them. Most fresh grass patches will last between 2-3 weeks depending on how much use they receive.

“What Can Dogs Pee on Besides Grass?”

If you have a dog that prefers not to go to the toilet on grass there are some alternatives, such as:

  • Pea gravel.
  • Mulch.
  • Sand.
  • Artificial turf.