The Benefits of Hypoallergenic Apartment Dogs

Before we look at the best hypoallergenic dogs for apartments, there are some fantastic benefits to having these furry friends around.


You might assume welcoming a dog into your home means also welcoming in the extra mess. However, when you choose the best hypoallergenic dog for apartment living, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up fur and dander all the time.

Hypoallergenic dogs are both low drooling and low shedding. So, you’ll be spending less time wiping up slobber,, and the vacuum won’t be working overtime as it would with other breeds.


Living in an apartment can get lonely if you have no one else to talk to, and dogs are great company for an emotional and physical connection. They provide endless entertainment and love that can brighten anyone’s day!

They provide health benefits too, by bringing positive energy into your home, which can alleviate feelings of depression. Knowing your furry best friend is waiting for you each day is the best way to feel the love.

You can also make new friends with your canine companion, in the dog park, or even during walkies! You’ll find you have something new to talk about with people, which could start a new friendship over shared interests.


Even if you have one of the smallest apartment hypoallergenic dogs, their presence alone is enough to deter unwanted visitors to your home. In fact, some say dogs are better than hi-tech security alarm systems. With their amazing sense of hearing, they will bark if they think something isn’t right, which can help ward off any potential danger. Burglars are much less likely to break into a home that has a dog, so what’s stopping you?

Best Hypoallergenic Dog for Small Apartments

Apartment-friendly hypoallergenic dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but if your high-rise home is compact, a pint-sized pooch may be more practical for you.

hypoallergenic apartment dog bichon frise.

One of the best small hypoallergenic dogs for apartments — the Bichon is a lot more sturdy compared to other allergy-friendly breeds of comparable size. But they’re small enough to slot into almost any apartment living without difficulty. 

They require plenty of grooming to ensure their double white coat stays clean and healthy, but they don’t shed, produce dander, or drool much at all. Their fluffy fur can catch hold of allergens they collect from outside, but with the right grooming, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

hypoallergenic apartment dog border terrier.

If you want an apartment-friendly pooch who has plenty of energy to join you in the outdoors, consider the Border Terrier. Originally bred to hunt vermin, they have bundles of energy, but providing they’re well-exercised they suit the lofty lifestyle. 

They’re low shedding, low drooling, and best suited to older children or adults. They can also be incredibly stubborn and difficult to train unless you’re consistent and firm. However, Border Terriers are alert little tail-waggers, so make for a handy bow-wow burglar alarm to have around.

hypoallergenic apartment dog lhasa apso.

The independent and intelligent Lhasa Apso is an ideal apartment pooch — their exercise needs are easy to meet, and they make excellent guard dogs. The breed is devoted to their family, but this doesn’t stop their stubborn and unique personalities from shining through. 

They’re around 11 inches tall and weigh no more than 18 pounds, which is perfect for small apartment living. What’s more, they’re average barkers, so shouldn’t upset your neighbors. And, Lhasas make ideal family dogs, so you can’t go wrong!

hypoallergenic apartment dog maltese.

The cute little Maltese is a charming pup, so it’s no wonder they’ve been associated with royalty throughout the years! They’re true companion dogs and love nothing more than to cuddle up close with their owners. Plus, they don’t take up much space. Hence, why they make one of the best hypoallergenic dogs for small apartments

While they’re non-drooling, non-shedding, Maltese dogs need clipping every 6 weeks to prevent their silky coat from growing too long and forming matted knots.

Medium-Sized Hypoallergenic Dogs for Apartments

If you want hypoallergenic dogs, apartment size is a big factor, but you may find you can accommodate a pooch larger than our first picks. Here is a roundup of a few moderately-sized breeds apt for an apartment lifestyle.

hypoallergenic apartment dog poodle.

The Poodle comes in a range of sizes, from a toy, up to a standard size which is why they are such a popular and versatile breed. Even the largest Poodles are only around 24 inches tall, so you can find these hypoallergenic dogs in a variety of apartment-friendly sizes for any space.

They come in a huge range of colors, and their single-layer coat is dense and sheds minimally — creating the perfect allergy-friendly pooch. The Poodle is a family-friendly breed and is great with children. Plus, they’re highly trainable, so they’ll swiftly learn to follow your house rules.

hypoallergenic apartment dog irish terrier.

The cheeky and brave Irish Terrier is a man’s best friend, but their fading popularity means you could have a unique hypoallergenic pooch in your apartment. They’re alert, lively, and independent, like most Terrier breeds. But, they release a minimal amount of fur, unlike other similar breeds. 

They love spending time outdoors on long walks and running around without a care in the world. So, make sure you have a nearby dog park they can stretch their legs in. They also excel at canine sports, so be prepared to get involved in some activities with your pooch. 

However, as long as they’re getting the exercise they need, they can happily live in an apartment. They’re also moderate barkers, therefore, they shouldn’t cause too many issues with your neighbors.

hypoallergenic apartment spanish water dog.

The cute and curly Spanish Water Dog is ultra-low maintenance, adaptable, and eager to please, making them great for apartment living — as long as you have the space.

Their coat is made of a thick, curly, and woolen texture that cords up, so should never be brushed. How often you have them groomed and clipped is entirely up to you. But if their coat is left to grow, it will need to cord, which takes some experience and time. Thus, you may need to seek help from a more experienced water dog owner. 

They’re the ultimate low-fuss breed for a young, active person wanting a medium-sized apartment dog that’s sturdy and able to keep up on your outdoor adventures. That said, these dogs have an amazing off-switch, and will happily chill out as long as they’re getting enough exercise.

hypoallergenic apartment dog lagotto romagnolo.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-sized dog with a top weight of 35 pounds. They’re low shedders and have relatively low grooming requirements too.

Although the Lagotto is a sporting breed with high energy levels, these dogs aren’t hyperactive hounds. As long as their mental and physical exercise needs are met — plus, outdoor time with their hoomans — they will happily settle.

They aren’t considered excessive barkers, so this makes them a great option to keep your neighbors happy. Lagottos are also extremely affectionate dogs and good with other pooches.

Hypoallergenic Apartment Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

Sadly, we cannot take our dogs with us everywhere, but what makes apartment dogs hypoallergenic and easy to leave alone? Here are four prime examples:

hypoallergenic apartment dog labradoodle.

Labradoodles are a cross between the friendly Labrador Retriever and the hypoallergenic Poodle — meaning you get the best of both worlds. Their allergy-friendly coat can range from wool-like to fleece, and carries very low dander levels — depending on which parent it takes after the most. 

Their size means they aren’t ideal for small-scale apartments, but if you want a dog that can be left alone, the Labradoodle could fit the bill. They’re intelligent enough to rarely suffer from separation anxiety and quickly come to terms with following a routine and knowing when to expect you home.

hypoallergenic apartment dog scottish terrier.

The Scottish Terrier is a unique and independent little friend who is ideal as a guard dog when you’re away from home, without taking up too much space. You get the best of all aspects with this breed — they aren’t too big and have enough independence to be left alone, but they still love a cuddle once you get home from a day at the office. 

They don’t have overly high exercise needs either, with their short legs, an hour’s walkies each day should be sufficient. Similar to the Labradoodle, this breed quickly picks up on your daily routine and learns when you should be home — preventing the possibility of separation anxiety.

hypoallergenic apartment dog basenji.

The African origins of the Basenji have a long history, and they’re believed to be one of the first dog breeds that led to the canines we know today. They’re very clean, which is an apartment dweller’s dream — shedding minimally, with short sleek hair that requires little to no grooming.

Intelligent and independent, which means the Basenji copes well with being left alone in an apartment. That is, as long as you provide the right levels of exercise and mental stimulation. 

These dogs also don’t bark, they do occasionally make a yodeling noise but not very often, which is great news for your neighbors.

hypoallergenic apartment dog airedale terrier.

Our final hypoallergenic apartment dogs are the interesting and unusual Airedale Terriers. They also have high intelligence levels and use their independent thinking, which makes them great for being left alone in an apartment. Their grooming needs are pretty minimal, but they need regular brushing and stripping to remove all the old fur.

These hilarious dogs are the largest in the Terrier group, and their handsome appearance and unique shape are sure to stand out. They’re a highly sensitive breed, so make sure you use plenty of positive reinforcement with their training to reap the maximum benefits.


If you think having a smaller space or a roommate with allergies is going to ruin your chances of living with a furry friend, don’t panic. Our list of the best hypoallergenic apartment dogs is sure to have a breed you will fall in love with — without causing allergies or creating a mess in your apartment.

Dogs that are ideal for apartment living need to be very intelligent, so they aren’t susceptible to separation anxiety. Also consider their activity levels, as apartments can be limited on space for larger breeds. That said, with enough exercise, your high-rise hound should adapt, without causing your whole block a headache. 

The Lhasa Apso, Poodle, and Bichon Frise are some of the most popular choices for people living in apartments that want an allergy-friendly dog. Check out our dog breeds for more great hypoallergenic apartment dogs.

Hypoallergenic Apartment Dogs FAQs

What Is the Calmest Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?

The Labradoodle and Bichon Frise are some of the best dogs for allergy-sensitive owners who don’t have enough space for a large, high-energy breed. Their coats are easy to maintain and shed minimally — making them hypoallergenic-friendly.

Which Hypoallergenic Dog Can Be Left Alone?

The Airedale Terrier has high intelligence levels and uses their independent thinking. This makes them great for being left alone in an apartment, but make sure you provide plenty of positive reinforcement, otherwise, they can be vocal. 

Are There Any Dogs That Are 100% Hypoallergenic?

Sadly, no dogs are 100% hypoallergenic, but some breeds shed practically no fur during all seasons of the year. This makes them more suitable for those who suffer from allergies due to the reduced dander and fur.

What Is the Cheapest Dog That is Hypoallergenic?

If you want a hypoallergenic-friendly pooch to join your family, Terriers such as the Fox Terrier, are some of the cheaper puppies you can find. But, to save more money, check for rescue dogs near you that could benefit from a loving home at a fraction of the cost. 

What Hypoallergenic Dogs Are Good for Emotional Support?

For those requiring an emotional support dog that’s less likely to trigger allergies, the following dogs are a great choice.