While many pet parents would love to spend every waking minute with their dogs, that isn’t always possible. Our demanding lifestyles mean it’s unlikely you’ll be able to have your dog by your side at all times. 

And, if you spend a lot of the day away from home and have dog allergies, you’ll want to know more about hypoallergenic dogs that can be left alone.

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how long can a dog be left alone.

Leaving Your Dog Home Alone — Separation Anxiety

Getting a dog is a huge commitment. As living creatures, dogs need plenty of love, attention, exercise, and social interaction. If you have a busy lifestyle, you’ll need to make sure you choose a dog breed that doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety. 

It’s a condition that affects many dog breeds when their owner leaves them on their own. Some breeds may show no outward signs initially, but as they learn your routine they may become stressed when they realize that you are going out without them. 

There are some dogs that can be left alone all day, but other breeds will howl from the moment you leave until the moment you get home. Hence, it’s important to consider your personal circumstances before bringing a dog into your home. 

Separation anxiety can cause a lot of distress for dogs, and if you plan on leaving your dog home alone while at work, you need to make sure you have a breed that is happy in its own company. 

Common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs include:

  • Howling and barking — if your otherwise quiet dog becomes very vocal when left alone, it may be because they’re struggling with separation anxiety. Certain breeds will bark and howl nonstop when left on their own, this can be distressing for your pooch and annoying for your neighbors.


  • Chewing — is another sign. When left to their own devices, your dog may devour your best shoes, gnaw at the furniture, or anything else they can get their paws on. If they don’t partake in this activity when you’re around, it’s very likely down to separation anxiety.


  • Scratching and digging — some dogs hate being left alone so much, they try to dig their way out! Dogs with separation anxiety may scratch at doors and doorways, try to rip up the carpet, or just generally trash the house when left alone. 


  • Going to the bathroom when your dog feels stressed and upset, they may pee or poop. Being separated from their guardian can cause a lot of distress for some canines and you may return after a busy day, to find ‘puddles’ or ‘presents’ inside your home. 


  • Escaping when wondering, how long can I leave my dog alone, it’s important to remember that some dog breeds will try to escape, even after a short period of time. If your dog has separation anxiety, they may try to force their way out of windows, through closed doors, or over locked safety gates.
  • Anxious behavior — dogs learn your routine pretty quickly, and if they know you always leave the house at 8:00 am, they may begin to show anxious behaviors as you prepare to leave. They may pace, cry, seem irritable or depressed, and show signs of emotional stress.

Best Hypoallergenic Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

If you work full time and need to leave your dog home alone, choosing a breed that’s comfortable with its own company is crucial. As we mentioned above, separation anxiety can be stressful for your dog and also lead to your home being destroyed while you’re away. 

Plus, when you have dog allergies, you also need to find a suitable low-shedding breed. 

Dog breeds that can be left alone for long periods are the best choice for full-time workers or people who have a busy schedule. To help you find the perfect dog breed for your circumstances, we’ve put together this list of the best dogs that can be left alone and don’t shed.

can a hypoallergenic dog labradoodle be left alone.

If you’re looking for a large and loving dog, the Labradoodle could be the breed for you. Labradoodles are a mix between a Poodle and Labrador Retriever and are known to make fun, loving and loyal pets.

Due to their mixed heritage, shedding levels will depend on which parent the dog takes after. If your Labradoodle inherits more Poodle genes and has a curly coat, they shouldn’t shed much. However, if their coat is more Labrador-like — straight or wavy — shedding will be more frequent. If you’re unlucky, your dog may be more Lab than Doodle and they may shed more than you’d like. 

Labradoodles need around an hour of exercise a day. This breed is high-energy and will need the opportunity to run and play. However, if you stick to daily walks and give your dog plenty of love and attention when you are home, your Labradoodle should be ok when left alone. This breed is very intelligent, they know you are coming home and rarely display signs of separation anxiety.

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can a hypoallergenic dog basenji be left alone.

The Basenji originated in Africa with the purpose of hunting small game. However, over the years, this breed has become a popular choice for people with dog allergies. This bow-wow is bursting with energy and loves to play. Yet despite their high energy levels, these dogs can be left home alone without too many problems. 

Your Basenji will need several walks a day, or a total exercise time of at least 2 hours. Intelligent and independent, if you’re able to meet your Basenji’s need to play, run around and stretch their legs, they should be well-behaved and happy when you’re out. 

When it comes to shedding, the Basenji is awesome for allergy sufferers. With a short coat made up of fine fur, they don’t shed much, thus are unlikely to trigger allergy symptoms.

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can a hypoallergenic dog scottish terrier be left alone.

Terrier breeds are notorious for barking. However, you can expect your Scotty to be pretty relaxed when left home alone. Scottish Terriers are independent and confident little tail-waggers with hunting instincts and also known to make good guard dogs. 

While independence means they’re quite happy to be left alone, they love companionship too. Due to their high intelligence, it doesn’t take a Scotty long to become in sync with your routine and learn when you will be home or away.

Scottish Terriers may be small and have short legs, but they enjoy a long stroll. You should aim to walk your Scotty for around an hour a day. Like most breeds, your pooch will be much better behaved if its physical, emotional, and social needs are met.

They may have a double coat — a wiry outer coat and a soft undercoat — but Scottish Terriers are hypoallergenic and rarely shed enough to cause pesky allergy symptoms.

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can a hypoallergenic dog airedale terrier be left alone.

Airedale Terriers have an outgoing, confident, and friendly personality, and they’re also very smart. These dogs have an independent streak and aren’t overly prone to separation anxiety. If you’re looking for hypoallergenic dog breeds that can be left alone for 8 hours or more, an Airedale may be your perfect pooch. 

Airedales have a double coat, with wiry hair on the top layer and a soft undercoat. These Terriers are mild shedders and shouldn’t cause a problem for people with dog dander allergies. Any shed fur will become trapped between the coat’s two layers, and these hairs can be brushed out. 

These dogs are friendly, have a sweet disposition, and their intelligence means they’re easily trained. However, be warned, Airedales are so clever they can become bored quickly, so make sure you keep training fun and give them lots of opportunities to play and learn.

They may have a double coat — a wiry outer coat and a soft undercoat — but Scottish Terriers are hypoallergenic and rarely shed enough to cause pesky allergy symptoms.

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5. Peekapoo

can a hypoallergenic dog peekapoo be left alone.

The Peekapoo is a designer crossbreed, bred from a Toy Poodle and a Pekingnese. Thanks to their Poodle genes, Peekapoos are extremely intelligent and are rarely known to develop separation anxiety. This breed isn’t destructive, and they’re smart enough to know you will be returning. 

With the help of rewards and positive reinforcement, training should be straightforward. This breed makes a gentle and loving companion for the whole family. However, their small size means they may not be ideal if you have young children, who are yet to understand what it means to be gentle with animals. As a small breed, your Peekapoo will only need around 30 minutes of exercise a day, their little legs won’t need much more. 

Peekapoos are hypoallergenic and an excellent choice for people wanting dogs who can be left alone. You can clip their dog’s coat short, or if you prefer the natural look, leave it long. However, the latter will need to be brushed daily to avoid becoming matted and full of knots.

can a hypoallergenic dog lhasa apso be left alone.

The Lhasas were originally bred as royal watchdogs and, therefore, are happy to ‘guard’ the home while you’re out at work. They may be small and love a cuddle, but  also independent dogs and know how to amuse themselves when left alone. You’re unlikely to come home to a ripped-up couch or shredded door frame if you have a Lhasa Apso for a pet. 

Training this breed can be a little challenging, due to their stubborn streak, so start right from puppyhood. And, to reduce the chance of your boredom and destructive behavior while you’re out, give them lots of attention while you’re at home. Your Lhasa Apso will also need around an hour of exercise a day to stay physically and mentally stimulated. 

Lhasa Apsos have a long, dense double coat, yet are very light shedders. And, while their coat is hypoallergenic, this breed is known to be quite high maintenance — regular brushing is required.

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How To Leave a Dog Home Alone — Tips

Now you know the best hypoallergenic dog breeds for full time workers, you may be wondering how you can safely leave your pooch in the house for several hours at a time.

Here are our top tips on how to leave a dog home alone. Fortune favors the prepared, you shouldn’t just close the door on your dog and hope for the best! 

1. Train Them Early On

You can’t spend all day every day with your dog and then, suddenly, start leaving your dog home alone all day when they are three years old. 

You need to train your puppy from a young age to cope when left alone, even if just for a short period of time. As they grow older, you can teach your dog to go to their bed or crate for longer stretches of time. 

There are very few dogs that can be left alone all day, but you can train your dog to feel comfortable in their own company for several hours. 

2. Crate Training

If you’re worried about your dog destroying your house, try crate training. 

Teaching your dog to go and rest in their crate is an ideal way to give them their own space, while simultaneously saving your house from any doggy destruction. 

Use rewards and positive reinforcement to teach your dog that their crate is a comfortable, safe space and not somewhere to go as a punishment. 

3. Leave The Radio

Your dog can become bored and lonely when left to their own devices all day.

To help fill in the silence and give the illusion of company, leave the radio on or put something on the TV for them. Studies suggest certain types of music have a calming influence on canines. 

4. Provide Lots of Toys

Don’t want your pooch to chew the furniture? To solve this common problem, leave lots of toys, balls, and dog puzzle games around the home. 

By giving your dog lots to do, they’re much less likely to turn to destructive activities to keep themselves entertained in your absence. 

5. Meet Their Exercise Needs

If you’re going to be out all day, it would be wise to wake up early and take your dog out for some exercise before you leave.

The more pent-up energy a dog has, the more tempted they become to trash the house while you’re elsewhere. 

6. Establish a Toilet Routine

If you aren’t planning to use puppy pads or an indoor dog potty, you need to get your pooch into a good toileting routine. 

Let your dog out for a bathroom break before you leave for work, and let them out again as soon as you return. 

Separation anxiety is a complex issue and, unfortunately, it’s in some dogs’ natures. You don’t want to come home from work to a wrecked apartment or an upset dog, this is why it’s so important to research the best dogs to be left alone.

best dogs to be left alone.


If you have dog allergies, but need a pooch that can be left home alone, there are breeds out there that don’t shed and also don’t suffer from separation anxiety. For example, the Basenji, Labradoodle, and Scottish Terrier.

Hence, if you have a busy work life, dog allergies, and a full-time job, the best hypoallergenic dogs that can be left alone are the ideal canine combo.

Hypoallergenic Dogs That Can Be Left Alone FAQs

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Home Alone For?

Most adult dogs can be left home alone for around six to 8 hours. However, breeds that suffer from separation anxiety may bark excessively, cry or chew furniture in your absence. If you spend a lot of time out of the home, it’s crucial to research suitable dog breeds thoroughly before committing. 

Which Dog Breed Has The Least Separation Anxiety?

There are many hypoallergenic dog breeds with low separation anxiety, these include the following:

What Small Dogs Are Ok With Being Alone?

Small hypoallergenic dogs that can be left alone include:

What Are the Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

The common signs of dog separation anxiety include pacing, whining, barking, depression, chewing furniture when left alone, and urinating and defecating.