Is hunting high on your hobby list, but you’re being held back thanks to fur and dander? Hypoallergenic hunting dogs might be your savior.

The three most popular hunting dogs include Labrador Retriever, Springer Spaniel, and Pointer. Yet, if you suffer from animal allergies, these breeds could have your nose running and eyes watering quicker than they can recover that rabbit. 

Hence, if you love this recreational pastime, but your allergies are preventing you from enjoying it to the full — you’ll need to track down a pooch that’s a little different from the norm.  

To help you in your quest, I’d like to share with you six hypoallergenic hunting dog breeds you may not have thought about.

Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs — Contents

What Breed is Best?
Hypoallergenic Hunting Dog FAQs

Top Hypoallergenic Hunting Dog Breeds

Here are our top dogs who make not only the best pets but also the best hunting companion for those with allergies.

are poodles the best hypoallergenic dogs for hunting.

These dogs love to play and burn off energy in the backyard, but originally, the breed was used for hunting. While they weren’t expected to chase and hunt wildlife, they are renowned for the fetching and retrieval of game. 

The poodle is known to come in many variations, so if you’re interested in this breed, ensure you’re looking at the Standard poodle. The miniature or toy breed fits into the cute hypoallergenic lap dog category.

hypoallergenic irish water spaniel hunting dog.

The Irish Water Spaniel is a great family dog, full of fun and sociable. 

They have a double-layered coat that ensures dander and fur loss is kept on the dog until they’re groomed. This coat is also what makes them a suitable hunting companion. The outer layer is waterproof, meaning that inclement weather will not bother them. They’re also very intelligent and trainable. 

Just be aware that these dogs do need at least 40 minutes of walking each day — as well as time outdoors to run off any excess energy.

are labradoodles the best hypoallergenic dogs for hunting.

As a hybrid breed, this dog makes the perfect bigger hunting companion. They’re energetic, loving, and good-natured, which is also what makes them great family pets. 

They have a reputation for being well-rounded and hard-working gun dogs. However, you mustn’t choose this breed because of their genetic heritage and should be aware that not all Labradoodles will make the best hunting dogs. 

They will need to be trained continuously and from a young age for them to be able to meet your needs while out hunting. Yet, a huge plus is that these dogs are relatively easy to train, have a great work ethic, and love to please their owners.

hypoallergenic giant schnauzer hunting dog.

This breed is highly intelligent and also high energy — a perfect combination for hunting. Although they’re available in miniature, standard, and giant, I suggest the standard or giant would probably make the better hunting dogs due to their size and weight.

The Schnauzer is known for being extremely loyal, family-friendly, and they also make competent guard dogs. It’s easy to see why they’re also the tenth most popular breed in the world. 

The only downside is that they can be a little stubborn — you must ensure you set yourself up as the head of the pack. 

are aussiedoodles the best dog breed for hunting.

These beauties are a designer breed, a cross between a poodle and an Australian shepherd. This mix makes them not only natural herders but also retrievers. 

They’re super intelligent dogs that are, of course, highly trainable, have bags of stamina, and possess extreme energy levels — making them the perfect hunting dog. That said, Aussiedoodles are also full of personality and would fit in with any family.

hypoallergenic bouvier des flandres hunting dog.

Originally bred in Belgium as a herding dog, they also were used as hunting and guard dogs. They are very affectionate pooches that are loyal and friendly. This also makes them an amazing family pet. 

The Bouvier des Flandres are easy to train and highly intelligent. In fact, training is essential or you will end up with a dog that’s a handful.

What Breed is Best?

Hunting with a canine companion dates back centuries. Deemed as man’s best friend, they were relied upon heavily to help man in their journey of survival. Having a hunting dog that was well trained and could do their job at the highest level was paramount to successful existence. 

Nowadays, hunting isn’t a matter of life or death but is enjoyed as a recreational sport by many people. And, while your choice of dog will heavily depend on the type of game you’re hunting, there are certain generalized factors to think about.

Remember, choosing the right pooch will allow you to form the perfect partnership — that not only meets your needs on a long day of hunting but will also love their role. 

Breed Type

While breed choice may be reduced, it’s something you’ll wish to consider. 

With hunting at the forefront of your mind, look out for breed-specific traits required for a reliable working dog. There is little point in choosing a low-energy dog that hates being out in bad weather. Instead, a dog that’s easily trained has an intelligent nature, and responds well to its handler’s commands would be more suitable.

Size of Breed

When it comes to finding the perfect dog for your hunting adventures, size really does matter.

Picture yourself out in the woods with a tiny pocket-size pooch. Are you going to feel confident that this perfect little pup will be able to deal with rough terrain, inclement weather and possess the stamina for long days hunting? 

There are certain things hypoallergenic dogs can offer, but when it comes to hunting, you have to be very specific, as well as realistic to your requirements.

Energy levels

A hunting dog needs to be naturally active. This pastime is physically demanding for both you and your canine companion. Thus you don’t want to worry whether your pooch can keep up.

Your hypoallergenic hunting dog must possess a high energy level. A tail-wagger that lacks the get-up-and-go will soon lead to frustration and prevent you from enjoying your sport.

However, bear in mind, when you’re not hunting, your furry friend will still need the same intense level of stimulation and exercise. Hence, ensure you’re prepared to provide them an outlet for that energy. 


Training is imperative when on the hunt. Allowing your dog to learn the best techniques will help you in the longer game. The ideal way to train a hunting dog is by mimicking real-life scenarios — where they could be distracted or pushed off course. 

Some dogs are better suited to training than others. This has to be an important factor to take into consideration when choosing the right pooch for you. 

Training takes patience and hard work for your dog to become ready to hunt in the real world. They need to be prepared for every hunting eventuality.


As you can see, while not obvious choices, many of the pooches on this list have a long history of being hunting dogs. 

Admittedly, when choosing a breed, what you’re planning to hunt will play a part. Yet, they should be well equipped for long periods outdoors in potentially miserable weather, highly intelligent, easy to train, and have copious amounts of energy, plus bear a real desire to work. 

And, take into consideration whether your chosen hypoallergenic hunting dog has a bloodline made for the hunt as well as one that can lay and relax with the family on lazy days.

Hypoallergenic Hunting Dog FAQs

“Is There a Hypoallergenic Hunting Dog?”

Yes, there are hypoallergenic dogs that also make great hunting dogs. Depending on what you will be hunting will impact the type and size of dog you are looking for.

“What Is the #1 Hypoallergenic Dog?”

The best hypoallergenic dog for you will depend on your lifestyle and the type of dog you are looking for. Generally speaking, the Labradoodle is considered one of the best hypoallergenic dogs as they have a low-maintenance coat.

“Are Black Mouth Cur Dogs Hypoallergenic?”

Unfortunately, these aren’t a hypoallergenic breed. However, why not check out our list of alternatives — small, medium, and large size dogs.

“Is There a Hunting Dog That Doesn’t Shed?”

There are a few hunting dogs that don’t shed, such as:

“What Herding Dogs Are Hypoallergenic?”

If you are looking for a dog that has herding down to a fine art and is also hypoallergenic, here are a few ideas: