Think you know Poodles? Guess again!

The name is Scruffy. I am a Toy Poodle and I know I look like I should be on a damn hallmark card. All cute and fluffy, aren’t I? Yes, indeed I am, but there are some things about me you need to know. I am not going to sit on your lap all day and snuggle. In fact, please do not touch me right now. You might touch me later, if you ask nicely. Actually, just let me tell you when the appropriate time to snuggle is next time. It will go a lot better for both of us.

A dog with opinions?

My favorite person says I have “opinions.” It’s true.

I have opinions and since I look as sweet as cotton candy I feel I need to express myself a little bit more exuberantly than the mutt next door. I am funny, friendly and social most of the time but please respect my space. Let me come to you. You want to pick something up and hug it? Get a stuffed animal. I am not here only for your pleasure.

It is hard to have brains and so much beauty. I know many think I overreact with the cats, friends one minute and enemies the next. What many of you don’t know is that the cats seem to test me. They test my patience. They know that they should not walk near the doorways or my food bowls. Sometimes they seem to need to be reminded of the correct way to comport themselves. I am qualified for this job, among others.

I’m a therapy dog that doesn’t shed … and a farm dog too!

My favorite person got me for her daughter to do agility in 4H. I’m very good at it. I’m also a therapy dog and will be working as her service dog soon. She has asthma and liked the fact that I am said to be hypoallergenic and that I do not shed. Laughs on her! Even though I’m a Toy Poodle, and might look very cute, I am a farm dog, and have not met a puddle, horse poop or dead animal I do not like. My coat is said to be as obnoxious as I can be. I need a spa day at least once every four weeks or so. I am not overly fond of spa days but I am not fond of matting either. If you think you are brushing that mat out behind my ear you have another thing coming.

Please, don’t forget that I am still a dog! I am not put on this earth for you to pick up, dress up or put in a stroller, thank you very much. There are smells I need to follow and places I want to go! I bet you would be surprised to learn that I love to play ball – especially with a full-size football. I can lay on the back of the couch behind you for a while but then let’s go do something!

Let’s go meet some new people! I love people. They love me, too. I have learned to smile at them and say “hello” all by myself. The people love it! But I will show my teeth if someone is smoking a cigarette, as I think it is a nasty habit! I am good-natured and honestly love to be around my people more than the other dogs, cats, and horses on our farm.

If you want a toy poodle like me you should know that we poodles are not play things. We are still dogs. Most likely the best dogs out there, certainly the smartest (don’t believe all the hoopla about border collies being smarter than we are). If you can give us room, let us express ourselves, provide basic grooming (even though we generally hate it) and let us have time to be dogs we will look forward to being your best friend forever!

You can learn more about my kind of dog (Poodles) here … Enjoy!