We were out on a walk today, when we met Chee, taking his dog Dexter for a walk. Dexter is a Golden Retriever Poodle mix (also known as Goldendoodle).

Of course, I stopped to say ‘Hi!’ to Dexter and ask about him!

Here’s what I learnt from Chee:

Dexter is a beautiful dog – well socialised and loves children. He is obedient and is a gentle, happy, and well-adjusted dog. Dexter enjoys going for walks and loves the water.

But is he hypoallergenic? Absolutely! Both Chee and his wife suffer from pet allergies. Chee used to have a problem with dog hair and dander and his wife is allergic to their cat, but neither of them have any allergies to Dexter! His coat never sheds, and he doesn’t drool. Being a poodle mix, he does, however need regular grooming. He is so hypoallergenic, that he even sleeps in their bed, and they have no allergic reactions!

Dexter is a great example of a well-bred Goldendoodle – the perfect mix of temperament and coat. From day one, this happy, well-adjusted pooch was provided with a loving home, plenty of attention and exercise, great training, good socialisation, and excellent grooming! The result: Chee and his wife have a beautiful hypoallergenic family dog they love and enjoy.

Thanks for sharing your Groodle, Dexter with us Chee!

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