Is the Lowchen a Hypoallergenic Dog?

Yes! The Lowchen is a hypoallergenic dog breed that hardly sheds or drools.


The Hypoallergenic Lowchen

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Bred to be the ultimate companion to humans the nature of the Lowchen hypoallergenic dog will make you fall in love with him. Some owners even claim that it is the perfect dog breed! 

The Lowchen are adorable, loving, and extremely friendly. With their playful nature comes a sweet and gentle charisma that will woo any heart. They will make friends with just about anybody — whether it’s children, the elderly, or other pets. 

Lowchen dogs have a hypoallergenic coat, which makes them an excellent choice for people prone to allergies. They shed and drool very little

They are famously known for their traditional “lion cut,” which makes them resemble a miniature lion. In fact, the name, “Lowchen,” literally means “little lion” in German. Their bravery, elegance, and fearlessness are the qualities that give them their lion-like personality.

Eager to please and easy to train, the Lowchen makes an ideal pet for first-time dog owners. They are highly intelligent and alert, and respond well to training. They will actively inform you about any stranger passing by the house, by barking. The barking habit, however, needs to be curbed from puppyhood. 

This dog breed loves company.They are likely to develop separation anxiety if their puppy training does not teach them to cope with being left alone. 

For more information on training a Lowchen, check out our section on exercise and training.


Lowchen were royal pets among Europeans for more than half a century. They were beloved companion dogs to ladies of the court. These little lions were seen as a symbol of strength, power, and courage in the 1500s.

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Lowchen Quick Facts

Hypoallergenic Dog: Yes!
Shedding:  Low
Drooling: Low
Size: Small
Breed Group:  Non-sporting
Lifespan:  12 – 14 years
Energy Level: Moderate
Trainability:  Easy
Family Dog: Yes! Good with kids.



About Lowchen Breed


About the Lowchen Breed

Lowchen Physical Characteristics 

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The Lowchen is small in size, and defined as a toy dog breed. The average male stands at a height of 13.5 inches (34 cm) and weighs about 15.5 pounds (7 kilograms).Females measure 12.5 inches (32 cm) on average and weigh around 13 pounds (6 kilograms). 

Lowchen carry their head high as they walk majestically, giving us a glimpse of their noble legacy. They have bright and lively dark brown eyes. The ears are pendant, set just above the eye-level. The muzzle is broad and fringed; whereas the nose is mostly dark brown. 

Lowchen Hypoallergenic Coat

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Lowchen have a low-shedding hypoallergenic coat that makes them the ideal candidate for people with asthma and dog allergies. Dense, silky, and mildly wavy, the coat is often kept in a traditional “lion cut.” Although, some may prefer a “puppy cut” for their little pooch. Beneath the hypoallergenic coat, they are a strong and robust build. As for the coat color— it could be any shade on the canine rainbow!

Lowchen Temperament

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Big personalities in small packages — Lowchen are always a pleasure to be around! This adorable pooch is extremely gracious and affectionate. Outgoing and cheerful, they will make friends with just about anyone – a stranger, a child, an adult, a dog, or even a cat! Their clownish personality and playful nature bring an uplifting mood to any room.

Brave and fearless, they will not step back from anything or anyone. Unaware of their size, they might try to take on a bigger dog all by themselves. For their own safety, monitor their play with larger dogs and be sure to leash them when you go for a walk. 

Devoted, enthusiastic, and loyal, Lowchen will be the perfect companion for a person who loves small dogs but suffers from dog allergies. They love their pet parents with all their heart.

These little lions form deep connections with their family and thrive on affection and attention. They are extremely sensitive, and they can’t stand being ignored. Leaving them alone may trigger depression and anxiety.


During World War I and World War II, the Lowchen dog breed was on the verge of extinction. They are no longer considered to be endangered, yet they are still rare to find!

Lowchen non shedding dog.

Getting a Lowchen Puppy

Are You Considering Getting a Lowchen? 

Here are the top five facts you should know:

  1. They shed very little and are hypoallergenic. If you or any family member suffers from dog allergies, their hypoallergenic coat should not trigger an allergic reaction.
  2. This dog breed loves to bark! You will be alerted if a stranger, or even a squirrel, is passing through the front yard. Though this makes them an excellent watchdog, it might be a nuisance for you or your neighbors.
  3. The Lowchen puppy must be socialized from an early age, to make sure that he doesn’t grow up to be shy and timid.
  4. These dogs thrive on human companionship, and are prone to experiencing separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. 
  5. These pooches are a rare and expensive breed. They are hard to come by, and if you manage to find a reliable breeder, be prepared to join a waiting list. It may take as long as a year to get your puppy.




If you have further questions about Lowchen, check out our FAQ section.

Lowchen Training and Exercise

Encouraging Good Behavior in Your Lowchen

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Lowchen are smart and active, which makes them easy to train. They are intelligent and will soon learn to understand your commands. This makes them a suitable breed for novice or inexperienced dog owners. 

Experienced dog trainers recommend the following training for Lowchen puppies:

  1. Housebreaking: Housebreaking comes slowly to this breed. This is not uncommon for dogs of this size, but it makes crate training essential for Lowchen puppies. 
  2. Barking: Active and alert, these pooches are quick to bark at anything suspicious. They might need a lot of socializing and training, in order to control their instinct to bark.
  3. Separation anxiety: Lowchen are prone to develop anxiety when left alone. As a result, they may adopt destructive behavior. Crate training from an early age will help them cope with stress, and build their confidence.
  4. Small dog syndrome: This behavioral trait is common among small sized dogs. It happens when people underestimate how much training and consistency Lowchen puppies require. Some owners allow their puppies to jump on them or tug on their leash, for example. If these issues are not dealt with during puppyhood, they may result in disruptive and aggressive behavior in later life. 


Exercise Needs for the Lowchen Dog

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 Lowchen are not an outdoor breed, but they do need a moderate amount of exercise, to provide them with daily physical and mental stimulation. A few brisk walks a day will keep them physically fit. They are known to do exceptionally well in agility and obedience competitions too. 

Lowchen Grooming and Care

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The Lowchen dog’s hypoallergenic coat requires a fair amount of grooming to keep it from matting. Regular brushing is a must for this breed. If you cannot keep up with the brushing, you might want to consider frequent clipping to keep the coat neat and tidy. You could either get the traditional “lion clip” or the preferred “puppy clip.” 

To ensure good health in your pup, clean its ears weekly, and claws should be clipped bi-weekly. You will need to brush their teeth at least twice a week. 


Lowchen Health Issues and Care

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 Lowchen are exceptionally healthy dogs, because of the strict breeding program established for them in the 1970s. Some common health concerns they can have include:





Lowchen are hypoallergenic, low-shedding dogs. They don’t tend to drool much either, which makes them an ideal dog for people with allergies. With their friendly and spirited nature, they get along with everyone!

Lowchen are smart, active, and easy to train! These small-sized pups are fun to be around. Their loyalty, dedication, and affection for humans make hypoallergenic Lowchen dogs the perfect companion dog to have! 

Lowchen FAQ

Do Lowchen Shed?

No. The Lowchen is a low-shedding, hypoallergenic dog. It rarely drools and has a low dander tendency.

Are Lowchen Good for People with Dog Allergies?

Lowchen are hypoallergenic, which makes them ideal pets for people who have dog allergies. 

Is the Lowchen Good With Kids?

Yes! Lowchen love kids. They are very friendly and love to play with children as well as other pets. 

Is the Lowchen Intelligent?

Lowchen are smart, clever dogs. They are also very active and easy to train.

Is the Lowchen Good to Keep in an Apartment?

Yes! Lowchen are suitable for tiny apartments and large houses alike. 

What Is the Lowchen Size?

Small. Males are 13-15 inches tall and weigh between 13 and 18 pounds. Females stand at 12-15 inches height and weigh 11 to 15 pounds. 

Is the Lowchen Easy to Train?

Lowchen are intelligent dogs that can easily be trained. Crate training them when they are puppies will help with their housebreaking and reduce the risk of separation anxiety.

How Much Does a Lowchen Cost?

A lot! The Lowchen averages $5,000 – $8,000 per puppy.

Lowchen Facts Summary

Breed Lowchen
Other Names? The Little Lion Dog, the Petit Chien Lion, and the Leoninus
Hypoallergenic? Yes. 
Size Small
Height Male: 13-15 inches

Female: 12-15 inches

Weight Male: 13-18 pounds

Female: 11-15 pounds

Lifespan 12 to 14 years
Temperament Friendly, playful, lively, affectionate, fearless
Colors Black, Brown, Blue, White, Tan, Grey, Silver, Red
Coat – describe the coat Dense, mildly wavy and silky
How much grooming? Medium
How much shedding Low shedding
Dander levels Low dander potential
Saliva – Drooling and licking frequency?  Low drooling tendency
Energy levels Moderate
How much exercise do they need? Low 
Health problems Cataracts, patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy & hip dysplasia
Suitable for kids? Yes! They love kids.
How much do they bark? A lot, if insufficiently trained.
Can they be left alone? No. They can suffer from separation anxiety.
Intelligent? Yes
Trainable? Yes
How popular as a pet? Rare. They are expensive pets to have!

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