Ace the Miniature Schnauzer

Hi there, everybody! I’m Ace, and I’m a Miniature Schnauzer that’s full of fun and love! I was adopted by my people about six months ago, and so far, they think I’m the best boy there ever was!

small-schnauzerMy mommy got me because she needed a hypoallergenic dog, and she thought my beard was the cutest thing ever. So here I am! When Mommy was a human puppy, she had a Jack Russell Terrier-Sheltie mix that she adored, but she could never give him cuddles without getting rashes from his fur. How awful to never get cuddles from your human! But thankfully I don’t make my mommy itch, and she can hug and cuddle me to my (and her) heart’s content!

Some dogs may not be big cuddle bugs, but I am the complete opposite! Whenever Mommy sits down on the floor next to my bed, that’s my cue to come running as fast as I can to get lots of loves. And it doesn’t even have to be my mommy. I love her the most, of course, but if I see another person, I get super excited to get cuddles from them, too!

Little kids are the best in my opinion. Unfortunately, I don’t have any little human siblings, but whenever a kid comes running up to me at the park or around the neighborhood, I just wag my tail like crazy and let them pet and hug me. It’s one of my favorite things!

Another one of my favorite things is getting good exercise. I don’t need a ton of it, but I sure do like getting all the exercise I can. Some days I get lots of it! Like when I get to run alongside my mommy’s bike, and then come home and play tag with her and daddy. It’s the best, even though I crash in bed super hard afterwards! My parents have a hard time getting me up before noon after days like that!

hypoallergenic-schnauzerThen there are those other days that I don’t get a ton of exercise, but I still behave like a good little boy should. I just have a harder time sleeping and can be a little restless in my bed. But that’s about it. I don’t go crazy like those super high-energy dogs, which I think my mommy appreciates. Even still, Mommy prefers it when I get a good night’s sleep, so she and daddy try to walk me every day. I think she just likes it when I wake up after a super long snooze because I have a very adorable, smooshed beard. Plus, I have lots of stretches and yawns that she just can’t resist. It’s my secret way of tricking Mommy into petting me. (But don’t tell her I told you!)

You may have heard that us Schnauzers can be quite vocal, and I guess you’d be right. I’m not really sure, though, because I’m pretty unique. I was never much into that barking thing. But even still, from day one, my parents made sure to help me understand that barking was not allowed in the house. And I’m very good at following that rule! Right now, I’m running on about three weeks without a single bark indoors! Mommy is super proud of me!

But don’t worry—I still have ways of getting my message across. Like when I’m really excited, I start having super loud sneeze attacks. Or like when I see another person or dog outside the window, I get so eager to meet them that I can’t help but whine and whimper.

… Or like when Mommy tells me to sit on the hard wood floor. That’s the worst! I don’t know what she’s thinking! That stuff is hard and cold; I’m not putting my tushy on it! At least that’s what I think until she waves a bacon-flavored treat in front of my nose. Then I have no choice but to wiggle myself backwards until my back paws hit the rug where I know it’s safe to sit. But as I lower my tushy to the floor, I always make sure to let out a big ol’ long grunt just to let Mommy know that she was silly for wanting me to sit on the hard floor to begin with. She keeps trying to get me used to sitting on things other than carpet and grass, but I don’t know why she bothers. You’d think she’d realize by now that I have a stubborn streak!

However, I also have an undeniable cute streak. Especially after a trim. My mommy grooms me herself so that she can get me looking exactly how she wants. She likes me cut really short, so she clips me about once a month. But it’s not really necessary to cut me that frequently; she just likes it when my fur feels like velvet. And I can’t blame her!

I can’t say that grooming day is my favorite, but I’m still a really good boy about it. It took me a while to get used to all that vibrating the first time, but now I’m a champ! I even let her get my ears that way no problem. She doesn’t trim my beard very often, though, because she likes that good and long! However, that is the one part of me that gets sprayed with water and combed daily because otherwise, my mouth hairs get a little lopsided and crunchy. But what can I say? I can’t help it. I try my best to keep it clean myself by never drooling (unless I get intense amounts of exercise), but I can’t help the water and food bits that get stuck in there.

Mommy doesn’t seem to mind though. After all, I do make up for all the extra work put into grooming by keeping the floors and furniture spic n’ span and hair-free! In fact, it’s Daddy that’s the gross, hairy one. Mommy finds piles of his hair all over, but she only ever finds one or two of mine at a time. Silly, shedding Daddy! I’m telling you—they should make hypoallergenic humans!

But even though my people shed more than I do, I still love them anyways! After all, I’m just happy to be here living life and loving everybody (except maybe those weird animals that purr, but who likes those things anyways?) One thing is for certain – I love my people, and they love me! And I think they are now forever converted to Schnauzers! But then again, how could they not be?

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