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Meet Spartan, The Non-Shedding Airedale Terrier

Meet Spartan, The Non-Shedding Airedale Terrier

Hi I'm Fiona and I would like to tell you about the breed Airedale Terrier and my boy Spartan. He was born on 9 September 2017 and currently is just 8 months weighing in at 24kg. The 8 month young picture below shows him with his winter coat, not stripped and very...

Introducing … Dexter, the Hypoallergenic Groodle!

Introducing … Dexter, the Hypoallergenic Groodle!

We were out on a walk today, when we met Chee, taking his dog Dexter for a walk. Dexter is a Golden Retriever Poodle mix (also known as Goldendoodle). Of course, I stopped to say ‘Hi!’ to Dexter and ask about him! Here’s what I learnt from Chee: Dexter is a beautiful...

Meet the Dogs is a page dedicated to dogs we meet. They are family pets, companion dogs, and champion dogs … and of course they are hypoallergenic dogs!

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As we meet dogs and their people, we love to ask questions, learn more about the breeds, and any interesting facts that a dog owner might be able to tell us about their dog… and of course, we ask questions like, “Is your dog good for people with allergies?” “Are they a non-shedding dog?” “How do you care for their coat?” … anything we can learn about these dogs as a hypoallergenic breed.

It’s one thing to learn the technical information about various dog breeds, but really, where the rubber meets the road, is talking to other dog owners. This is where we can learn so much more about the personalities of the various dog breeds, how they are in a household, and enjoy the funny stories that every dog owner invariably has about their particular pooch!

We’d love to meet your dog!

If you have a dog that is a hypoallergenic breed, we’d love to hear from you!

You can tell us a bit about their personalities, how you look after their coat, if anyone in your house has allergies and if your dog is hypoallergenic for them, and of course any fun or quirky stories about them that would enlighten other people considering your breed as a pet for their household.

We will need a short article about your dog (any length is fine!), and at least 1 high quality photo (more if you’d like). Please ensure the main photo is landscape setting so it fits on the site best.

Please contact us through our contact form and let us know you have a dog you’d like to introduce to our readers.