Odorless Dog Breeds

Is there such a thing as odorless dog breeds? 

You bet. 

Some dogs may just need a good bath to get rid of the smell — especially if they’ve been rolling in something unpleasant. Yet, there are breeds considered to be non-smelly dogs due to genetics, coat, and secretion levels.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid that distinctive ‘wet dog’ smell, but this doesn’t mean it should linger long after they’re dry. So, if a whiffy woof woof doesn’t appeal to you, we’ll let you in on a few dog breeds that don’t smell, and ways to get the best smelling dog possible.

So, if the smell of eau de pooch filling your home fills you with dread, read on…

Why Do Some Dog Breeds Smell?

Want to know what makes odorless dogs the least smelly dog breeds? 

The type of dog creates a variety of personality and physical differences that can welcome unfortunate scents. Often the difference between dog breeds that don’t smell or do is genetic, but here are a few other reasons: 


All dog breeds have a skin cycle — as in, their old skin dies and is replaced by new skin — like humans do. It’s often the main trigger for pet allergies. Their old skin (aka pet dander) dies and is replaced by new skin. If your dog is lacking in the grooming department, this dander can collect and create an unwanted smell.

Some dog breeds produce far less dander than others, which is one of the plus points of hypoallergenic dogs. Not only do hypoallergenic dogs not trigger allergies, but they also fall into the dogs that don’t smell category.

Surface Oils

Your dog’s skin has surface oils designed to keep their coat and body in good condition. But, when these oils start to break down, it creates a foul smell. This occurs when bacteria and yeast levels rise, commonly caused by skin allergies. 

Some water dog breeds, such as the Labrador Retriever and Irish Water Spaniel, produce excessive oil levels to keep the hairs hydrated for repelling water.

Thick Skin/Coat

Dogs with dense coats that require a lot of maintenance can be another key reason behind the smelliest dog breeds.

This thick fur can trap dust, poop, and even dead skin, as well as anything else your dog picks up on their journeys. If not groomed frequently to make sure dead fur is removed, it creates the smelliest of pups.

The same issues occur in dogs with thicker skin. Many have folds and creases that trap bacteria, leading to infection and other issues in your pooch.

How To Get The Best Smelling Dog

We all know a bath keeps your dog clean and smell-free for a while. But there are a few more things you can try to keep doggy odor to a minimum — even if you have one of the stinkiest breeds.

High-Quality Dog Food

You may not think so, but the quality of your dog’s food has a strong link to their scent. The better the food, the nicer they smell. This is why so many opt to feed their pooches high-quality meals or even raw food diets.

In addition to high-quality protein, you could introduce dog-safe fruits and veggies, and even fresh herbs like parsley will improve the smell of your pooch.

Washing Bedding

Just like you love to climb into fresh sheets, so does your dog! Whether they snooze on a bed, blanket, or in a crate, it needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid odor that can transfer onto them. 

Bacteria, mites, dirt, and even parasites can build up in a dirty dog bed. So, to avoid the possibility of a stink, make sure you launder it as often as you would your bedding.

Ask Your Vet

If you can’t figure out the cause of your stinky dog, you might want to visit your vet to see if the bad odor means something more sinister is going on under the surface. 

As mentioned, bad smells can often be an early indication of infections caused by bacteria and yeast, or other more complex issues. So playing it safe by visiting your vet is a good idea.

Low Odor Dogs That Don’t Smell

All dogs can give off a whiff occasionally, whether they’ve been rolling in a mess or are known to be stinky. But finding dog breeds that don’t smell is straightforward once you know what to look for. 

To help get you started, here are nine of our favorite dogs that don’t stink:

bichon frise odorless dog breed.

The Bichon is perfect for animal lovers who want a low-odor dog that doesn’t shed, drool, or have any of the qualities of the smelliest dog breeds. You can trim their hair or shave it down and still won’t need to worry about a bouquet of bow-wow.

 This loving little pooch has a gentle side, yet can be quite silly at times. The Bichon Frise is also an intelligent and versatile breed that adapts to living in most situations.

A clever canine companion that keeps your home smelling fresh, the Bichon thrives from positive reinforcement and attention — making them ideal for dog owners old and new.

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maltese odorless dog breed.

The Maltese is an adorable toy-sized dream that’s non-shedding, low drooling, and has the best single-layered coat for odorless dog breeds. With no undercoat, hair grows straight without any curl or kink, which helps minimize the possibility of trapped dirt. 

Not only are they superb no-smell dogs, but they’re also intelligent and easy to train — the perfect addition to any family. With daily brushing, this pooch is the ideal super cute but hardy breed that will be loved by many.

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poodle odorless dog breed.

Known for their high intelligence, versatile build, and allergy-friendly coat. Poodles have few health problems, which makes them one of the best dog breeds that don’t smell.

Poodles come in a range of sizes from toy, miniature, to standard but they all have the same temperament. Scoring highly on all marks, this pooch is a firm favorite for everyone, not just families. However, they do require mental stimulation and lots of exercise to avoid any naughty behaviors.

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yorkshire terrier odorless dog breed.

The Yorkie is a small hypoallergenic dog that hardly sheds and has a beautiful straight coat of silky hair you can cut to keep them clean and stink-free.

A bright and bold dog, originally bred to hunt vermin. Yet, thanks to their small size and low exercise needs they’re well suited to smaller apartment living. You must pay attention to their ear health as an excess build-up of ear wax is common. This can create unwanted infections, which could create a pungent smell.

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havanese odorless dog breed.

The beautiful Havanese is a fantastic odorless dog because they produce far less dander than other breeds. Their silky hypoallergenic double-layered coat has minimal shedding. You can also clip their coat to groom them for cleaner living, but they love the water!

Friendly and playful, Havanese don’t require excessive exercise. However, they’re still sturdy enough to take part in exuberant activities. And, their fun personality and trainability makes them fantastically adaptable for families, individuals, or couples.

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goldendoodle odorless dog breed.

Another best-smelling dog is the lovable Goldendoodle. This breed is perfect for active households as they need high energy and playful surroundings to match their big, strong build. 

The Goldendoodle is hypoallergenic and has beautiful golden locks. While it does require heavy maintenance, they don’t produce much dander, and are considered an odorless dog breed.

Of course, you can’t always prevent your furry friend from rolling around in a mess or getting dirty when outdoors. But, their coat and skin are the perfect allergy-friendly and non-smelling combo that puts them on our best-smelling odorless dog breed list.

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dachshund odorless dog breed.

The famously adorable Dachshund is known for its friendly nature and a long body with tiny legs. These characteristics make them well-loved by families and couples alike. Their coat comes in a huge range of patterns, colorings, and hair types, but all are considered dogs with no odor.

Their intelligent nature means they thrive on positive reinforcement and routines, and don’t seek out the smelliest mess to roll in. With regular grooming and bathing, this breed is a great pet that won’t create a smell in your home.

The downside, the Dachshund is prone to shedding, although it’s not as much due to their smaller size. But you may find during autumn and spring, they shed a lot more, which could be an issue.

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doberman odorless dog breed.

The big and bold Doberman is often viewed as an intimidating breed. But the reality is that this bow-wow is a real softie on the inside. While fearless and protective over their family, they still enjoy nothing more than a cuddle and some compassion from their owners. 

Sadly the Doberman will release dander into your home, but they shed minimal amounts of hair. And, unlike some of the smelliest dogs, they are considered clean and tend to avoid getting themselves too dirty.

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husky odorless dog breed.

The Husky is a clean breed that doesn’t have the typical doggy smell you would expect with such a high-maintenance dog.

This breed demands plenty of exercise and will need much more than a simple walk around your neighborhood to keep them happy. The Husky won’t make your place smell doggy, but you will find that their hair gets everywhere as they do shed a lot.

They have a double coat — a soft undercoat to keep them warm and a long thick guard coat to shield on top. Their coat is designed to blow out twice a year and will shed in huge clumps. So, if you want to make sure your next odorless dog breed doesn’t upset your clean house, this breed might not be for you.

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If a pongy pooch doesn’t appeal, look for breeds that aren’t prone to skin problems and avoid doggies with chubby folds. And, if you do opt for a thick-coated canine, ensure you groom them frequently to remove any dead hair and dander. 

Alternatively, look for a doggy that doesn’t shed much. Hypoallergenic dogs, such as the Havanese or Poodle, have fantastic personalities and can be a welcomed addition to any family who wants a dog with no odor.

Odorless dog breeds are fantastic companions to have — you get all the benefits of having a furry best friend without worrying about the whiff when visitors arrive!

Odorless Dog Breeds FAQs

What Dogs Don’t Smell?

The best odorless dog breeds, such as Poodles, Labradoodles, or Havanese, are known for having easy-to-clean coats and low dander. This prevents the possibility of excessive shedding or smell around your home.

Do All Dogs Stink?

Not all dogs will have a strong odor. Yet, some breeds will smell more than others depending on aspects — such as their sebaceous gland secretion or dander levels.

How Do I Stop My House From Smelling Like a Dog?

Some of the best tips for keeping your house clean are to vacuum all your furniture and clean your dog’s bed once a week. Regular grooming and deodorizing carpets can also help to minimize any smells.

Why Does My Dog Still Smell After a Bath?

If bathing your pooch hasn’t helped alleviate the stench, it could be a sign they have bacteria or an infection present on their skin, which will need proper treatment and not just shampoo.

What Breed Of Dog Has The Least Odor?

There are a few dogs that have a low odor, such as