TUOKEOGO Dog pad training grass potty with tray.

TUOKEOGO Dog Grass Pad with Tray

With a sloped design and retractable tray for rapid drainage and easy clean-up, this puppy training grass is perfect for your puppy’s potty training journey. It’s an ideal size for any young tail-wagger without taking up too much space around your home.

  • 2-quart holding capacity.
  • Unique no-mess drainage system.
  • 12-month warranty.

House training your puppy can take time and requires plenty of patience, positive reinforcement, and consistency. However, the right tools are key to speedy training as well as reducing stress for new pet parents! Not only will the best puppy grass pad help your pooch learn where to go potty, but it can also come in handy later on in life. Consider this a straightforward and mess-free solution to keep your dog happy, and your home clean.

The best puppy grass pad.

Top Puppy Grass Pad Recommendations




TUOKEOGO Dog pad training grass with tray

Dimensions: 25 x 20 inches

Dog size: Small to medium

Reusable: Yes

Type of Pad: Artificial

  • Fast draining artificial turf.

  • 3-layer collection system.

  • Includes two turf pads.

Product Rating: 4.9/5

Petmaker artificial grass puppy pad

Dimensions: 16 x 20 / 20 x 25 inches

Dog size: Small or medium

Reusable: Yes

Type of Pad: Artificial

  • Designed for puppies to senior dogs.

  • Easy clean.

  • Replacements are available.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad

Dimensions: Various sizes — 18 x 24 up to 72 x 72 inches

Dog size: Small, medium and large dogs

Reusable: Yes

Type of Pad: Absorption pad

  • Multipurpose design.

  • No assembly is needed.

  • Large surface area.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

Hompet Puppy Turf Potty Training Pads with Pee Baffle

Dimensions: 30 x 20 inches

Dog size: Small and medium

Reusable: Yes

Type of Pad: Artificial

  • Unique design.

  • Larger size than other options.

  • Removable base for easy cleanup.

Product Rating: 4.1/5

PFL Dog Grass Large Potty Patch

Dimensions: 35 x 22.6 inches

Dog size: Medium to large

Reusable: Yes

Type of Pad: Artificial

  • Large size — will last your pup into adulthood.

  • Four-toned grass texture.

  • Washable base pad.

Product Rating: 4.0/5

Pet Awesome Dog Potty Tray

Dimensions: 25 x 20 inches

Dog size: Small

Reusable: Yes

Type of Pad: Absorption pad

  • Great color variety.

  • Removes eyesore of disposable pads.

  • Fast drainage.

Product Rating: 4.1/5

Puppy Grass Pad Buying Guide

Potty training is one of the first puppy essentials. And, even if you have a backyard to offer as a bow-wow bathroom, there will be times when letting them out for a comfort break isn’t possible. Hence, a puppy grass pad could be the solution to avoid puddles and presents on your kitchen, living room, or hallway floor.

What’s more, the principles of puppy indoor potty can be adopted to progress to outdoor pee-pee and poop training.

What Is an Indoor Dog Potty?

Most commonly, an indoor potty for your dog will consist of a layer that’s designed to absorb the pee, a top layer that may be artificial grass or just drainage holes, and a third base layer that can be emptied and cleaned.  

Many pooch parents find them an ideal training aid for creating the association between going potty outside on the grass from within their home. For this reason, you’ll find most arrive with fake, soft grass to reflect the natural world to teach your puppy. 

You can opt to use these trays purely for puppy potty training, but nothing is stopping you from keeping it around for as long as you need.


Advantages of Fake Grass For Puppy Training

While some doggy parents may swear by these puppy grass toilet trays, perhaps you’re struggling to see where they may have a place in your home. Here’s a roundup of the benefits:

  • Convenience — If you don’t have direct access to an outdoor space, these can be a dogtastic alternative to hurrying your pup out of the door before they have an accident.
  • Easy cleanup Less mess and time wasted mopping up mishaps.
  • Perfect for inclement weather — Your pup isn’t restricted by harsh weather conditions. They can take their comfort break in the comfort of your own home.
  • Puppy-friendly Keeps unvaccinated pups away from the dangers of the outdoors.
  • Portability — Transportable — move it from indoors to outside — and vice versa — without fuss.
  • Ideal for the eco-conscious — Much kinder to the environment than disposable plastic puppy pads.

Disadvantages of Indoor Grass Potty Training

No matter how handy these grass puppy pads are they do of course also have disadvantages. Here’s a run-through of the drawbacks:

  • Difficult to remove — If you decide down the line that the puppy tray isn’t working for you, it could be a difficult transition for your pooch — consistency is critical.
  • Mixed signals — Puppies may become confused and struggle to see the difference between having a pee on your rug or the grass tray.
  • Limited doggie socialization The convenience of the puppy grass pad can be too tempting. As in, your pup misses out on valuable RnR in the fresh air surrounded by people, smells, and sounds they wouldn’t normally be used to. A lack of interaction with fellow tail-waggers can lead to bad behavior as they mature.
  • Size Large breeds may struggle to find a fake grass puppy pad that will last for the duration of their dog’s puppy training period. During this time of rapid growth, you may struggle to find enough room around the home to fit a tray large enough to contain their mess.

Puppy Turf Pads — Misconceptions


Odor is often the first thing people think of when they consider having an indoor spot for their puppy to pee. However, by using the recommended cleaning products and never leaving it to sit for long periods of time, you shouldn’t notice any lingering smells coming from your pet’s puppy grass patch.


If you’ve opted to use fake grass for puppies instead of real, then you may believe the poor drainage myth. This shouldn’t be the case. These trays are specifically designed with plenty of drainage holes to prevent any of the disadvantages that come with lingering dog pee.

Choosing a Puppy Grass Pad — Considerations

You will always want to do the best for your pooch, and making this choice is another one of those confusing moments where you may not know what to look for. Here are a few points to think about.

Real or Fake Grass?

One of the first decision-making hurdles you’ll come up against is whether to use an artificial or real grass puppy potty. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages.


Real grass is beneficial if you’re introducing these trays to an older dog. As in, one that’s already used to doing their business outside. The familiarity will be a great help when it comes to making your pooch realize the correlation between the two.

However, in the long term, these turf trays can often prove to be the more expensive option compared to artificial pads — they will require frequent changing, especially during colder months when the grass dies off. This means if you’re wanting a consistently green and aesthetically pleasing grass patch for your pup, this may not be the best option for your needs.


Artificial grass will thrive in any climate, temperature, or condition — meaning this is a much better option if you plan on traveling with this tray or placing it on a porch or balcony in your home. Due to the synthetic material, they last much longer than natural grass pads — saving you money.

Artificial grass puppy pads come with the added advantage of having a removable tray, meaning you can remove the urine to try and avoid lingering smells. You’re also able to give artificial grass a good clean and rinse, which of course, isn’t possible with real grass.

What’s more, you can place your tray in any space that suits you — full sun, shaded spot, or a combo of the two. This ‘grass’ will look green, luscious, and aesthetically pleasing at all times.

Space and Sizing

How much room you have and the footprint of the grass pad are other important considerations. Many dog lovers who use these trays for training don’t have regular and constant access to the outdoors, meaning you may live in an apartment complex with limited space.

Keeping a dedicated area for your pooch is key in potty training. First, choose a suitable area you can afford to give up for the length of training. Next, check the puppy grass pad dimensions. Then, compare them to the chosen space in your home. Ensure the area will work for the tray space and you.


This aspect links to the sizing of the tray. Think about the required capacity you will need from your puppy training grass pad.

If you choose one that’s too small, keeping it clean could become an issue. For example, it could fill up quicker than anticipated, leading to frequent and inconvenient cleaning and emptying.

On the flip side, if the tray is too large, it can take up valuable space in your home and could also be overwhelming for your small pooch.

Best Puppy Grass Pads

It can be challenging to know which brand of puppy toilet training grass will work best in your home and suit the size and needs of your dog. 

For you to spend more time caring for your precious pooch, we’ve looked at the best puppy turf pads on the market. Using our canine knowledge, doggie user reviews and industry info, we’ve come up with our favorites.

If you have a smaller puppy and limited space for puppy potty training grass the TUOKEOGO could be a perfect choice. The 25 x 20–inch tray can be easily accommodated in most homes — big or small.  

The three-layer design consists of a top turf layer that’s quick draining, a second layer  made of a unique sloped drainage system, and the third layer, which is a removable collection tray. The collection tray slides out, meaning that the contents can be taken away without creating any extra mess, fuss, or hassle.  

TUOKEOGO has designed a system that means liquids will drain out from the turf in five seconds — thus minimizing the chance of lingering puppy pee aromas.




  • Convenient puppy-sized footprint.
  • five-second drainage time.
  • Removable tray.


  • Top layer moves around.

This artificial grass for puppy training from PETMAKER is perfect for small to medium-sized pups and pooches. 

With two sizes available — small 16 x 20 inches and medium 20 x 25 inches — you should be able to find a puppy pad that suits both your home and your pooch.  

Incorporating a three-layer system, the liquid drains into the removable collection tray for easy clean-up without mess and fuss. It’s also lightweight and portable, meaning you can transition to outdoor potty training your pup without hassle. 

PETMAKER offers packs of three replacement grass mats, so you can always have a spare top layer ready when it comes to swapping and cleaning the tray out.




  • Two sizes are available.
  • Easy cleanup design.
  • Portable.


  • Tray depth could be deeper.

Puppies are notoriously messy and going to the toilet is no exception. If you’re concerned with puppy pee not staying on the training pads, there is no need to panic. Hompet has created an ingenious invention to solve those issues in your potty training journey.  

It’s a three-piece system with the addition of a ‘bionic’ wall. This prevents mess caused by urine splash — one big worry for many dog lovers wanting an indoor dog potty. It also features a removable waste tray at the bottom for easy cleanup, and unique hemming along the grass mat to prevent fibers shedding, cracking, or disintegrating which could be a real hazard for a teething puppy that will chew anything in sight.  

An impressive 56 drainage holes are hidden away in the top layer grass mat, meaning your pooch won’t leave any lingering smells. However, there is only one size option of 30 x 20 inches, which could be too large for some homes.




  • Unique splash-proof back wall.
  • Larger size — caters to most breeds.
  • Replacement grass available.


  • No options for smaller or larger breeds.
  • Limited placement with splash wall fixed on one side.


If you’re seeking a puppy grass pad that’s going to take you from potty training through to adulthood. Measuring 35 x 22.6 inches, the larger area of the PFL could be one solution. 

With a soft, silky and four-toned texture, this artificial grass has a strong resemblance to the real thing, which would prepare your pup pawfectly for the big wide world. This puppy grass patch features an ultra-absorbent odor-controlling washable pad that sits underneath the grassy top layer. However, it’s not as convenient as the removable tray options we’ve previously discussed. 

That said, the eco-friendly and non-slip PFL puppy pads are a great reusable alternative to disposable plastic puppy pee mats if you’re trying to reduce your household waste.



Why We Love It

  • Larger sizing caters to more breeds.
  • Machine washable puppy pad.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Size could restrict homes with limited space.

Best Puppy Grass Pad Alternatives

If you’re feeling that fake grass for puppies isn’t quite right for you, here are two possibilities that may appeal to your home aesthetic.


For dog lovers who don’t fancy a puppy grass pee pad, a subtle-looking alternative, like the SincoPet might be worth a look. It’s quilted and fast-absorbing, yet it resembles a regular doggie blanket.

Made up of four layers. The top is a comfortable and soft polyester knitting and the base features anti-slip silica discs to prevent movement on hard flooring. The mid and core are moisture-locking to deter liquid from seeping through to the surface when under pressure.

This washable mat can be used anywhere you desire — for example, to protect furniture, keep the trunk clean, under food and water bowls, or as a base layer in a puppy crate.

Overall this pee pad has an attractive visual appeal with no obvious sign of its intended use and can be employed in several settings, as we just covered.




  • Multipurpose.
  • Washable.
  • Comes with grooming gloves.


  • May cause confusion between carpet/pad. 
  • Only one design.

The Pet Awesome potty tray might be just the ticket for those dog lovers who love to add a splash of color to their pup’s accessories. Available in a variety of shades you’re sure to find a match for you and your pooch. 

Yet, the benefits go beyond aesthetics. Many find trouble preventing their baby bow-wow from chewing up and destroying disposable pee pads on the floor. This potty solves that issue by containing the pad within a plastic tray. 

Featuring a stay-dry top layer, it permits your furry friend a mess-free potty training experience with a super doggy-friendly design.

With no assembly required, this lightweight tray can be used in or out of the home, allowing for use on patios, kennels, and porches too. Elevated sides offer protection from splash marks, keeping all mess contained.

However, some issues may arise in getting your pup to stand on the hexagon-shaped mesh top layer. The drainage holes could prove uncomfortable on tiny paws if they’re not used to the feeling.




  • Several colors are available.
  • Prevents pup tearing up disposable pad.
  • Fuss-free clean with soap and water.


  • Need to regularly purchase disposable pads to insert.


The right setup for your pooch is critical when it comes to helping them master the art of potty training. Yet, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style and design.

Remember to assess what would best suit your dog based on their size, breed, and how long you plan to keep this piece of equipment around. 

Welcoming a new four-legged family member into your home can be hard work. That said, by ensuring you have the tools you need, as in, the most suitable puppy grass pad, you’ll save time, hassle, and most importantly, stress during your pooch’s potty training journey.

Fake Grass for Puppies FAQs

“Do Puppy Grass Pads Work?”

Although commonly referred to as a Puppy grass pad, this doesn’t mean they’re limited to young dogs. For example, if you have a mature pooch that struggles with mobility, or perhaps you lack access to an outdoor space — these grass patches can work too.

“How Do You Transition a Puppy From Pee Pad to Grass?”

Placing the pad onto indoor artificial grass, or closer to an external door is a step in the right direction. Once your pooch is comfortable with the idea of going outdoors, position the potty outside and encourage them to use it out there.

“Does Fake Grass Work for Dogs Potty Training?”

Yes. You will need positive reinforcement to get your dog to go over and use the mat at first, but it’s an ideal way to create that link between fake grass and going outdoors for when they need the toilet.

“How Do I Get My Puppy off Puppy Pads?”

Generally, it’s best to do this slowly and in small steps. This avoids confusing or stressing your puppy out, which can cause further potty training issues. Try moving the pad slowly and encouraging them outdoors with lots of praise, they will get the idea into their head that outside equals potty equals reward.

“When Should Puppies Stop Using Pee Pads?”

All dogs are unique, so don’t put pressure on you or them if it takes a bit longer. Remember, what works for you may not work for others. If you’re looking for a rough idea of when to transition away from pee mats — 12 months is a good target to achieve.

“Do Dog Grass Pads Smell?”

A big worry among pet parents is the odor artificial grass will cause in their homes. As long as you’re following manufacturers’ cleaning recommendations and time limits, this should be minimal.