Smart Hypoallergenic Dogs

Smart hypoallergenic dogs are not only clever canines but also a smart choice for those who suffer from allergies. 

These allergy-friendly pups are breeds that are known for their high intelligence levels. This can also translate into several behaviors — so you must know what you’re getting yourself into.

We’ve put together a list featuring some of the smartest non-shedding dogs. So if you’re seeking a family furbaby for a fun challenge in your lives — or a single-person household looking for a bright bow-wow — these tail-waggers won’t trigger your allergies. 

What Makes Hypoallergenic Dogs Smart?

You may not realize it, but a dog’s intelligence level is highly subjective. So, although one breed may show their smart nature through problem-solving, others may be professional escape artists and leave you running around in circles behind them.

To find out just how brainy a dog breed is, you need to look back to what the breed was initially created for. All dogs had a purpose and a job once, whether it was hunting, gathering, or just looking cute — these jobs help define what type of intelligence your dog will have.

  • Instinctive intelligence breeds that have inherited a natural ability to perform a job and know how to do it with minimal teaching. For example, Terriers are good at hunting, and while not hypoallergenic, Border Collies can herd sheep, or a Bloodhound can track things through their scent. 
  • Adoptive intelligenceinvolves more hands-on training and means the breed has a high ability to learn and pick up new tasks easily. But this doesn’t mean they’re smarter than instinctively intelligent breeds. Your dog may specialize in certain areas more than others — in the same way a human may be more musically talented than mathematically. Hence, a smart dog can also involve luck that’s based on the individual dog and their abilities and personality.
hypoallergenic smart dogs.

Hypoallergenic Smart Dogs — The Signs

If you’ve found yourself comparing your dog’s intelligence to others or want to determine if they truly are a cut above the rest — some obvious and possibly surprising clues will show you if your dog is a clever canine. 

There is no reliable IQ test you can perform on your pooch. Yet, there are some small and easy signs in their day-to-day activities, which may indicate they have a real thirst for knowledge and would benefit from some brain training activities.

Escape Artist

While it’s highly irritating to discover your dog has made a break for it from your garden, next time you’re chasing them around the neighborhood and cursing their name — remember this is a sign they’re smarter than you think!

If your dog has figured out how your door handles work, can un-latch the gate, or even just turn a handle, this is a mark of superior intelligence. They pick up these skills from watching you maneuver these barriers. They keep a mental note of how it works so they can try and make a run for it when you least expect them to.

Puzzle Toys

If you’ve ever considered using puzzle toys with your pooch, these are a great way to work on their problem-solving skills. If you own these toys and find your dog has mastered the technique and lost interest, this is a real giveaway that they know their stuff.

Another fun way to see if they have a good nose for problem-solving is to hide their favorite treats around your home in areas they wouldn’t normally sniff around in. See if they can track them down without any prompting from you — it gets their brain working to sniff out and locate the smallest morsel of food.

Senses Your Emotions

No, you’re not crazy for thinking it — your pooch might be able to tell when you’re upset! Smart hypoallergenic dog breeds can understand your mood and come to cuddle you for comfort when you feel sad.

If you’ve noticed that your pup offers a cuddle or friendly nudge to cheer you up, this could be a sign they want to make you feel better.

New Tricks

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach the smartest non shedding dogs new tricks pretty quickly! Most bow-wows can learn basic commands with the right motivation and training. However, you may find that an intelligent breed can understand and practice this trick much faster than other breeds.

If you find after months of not using a certain command that they still remember what to do with ease, you have an intelligent furry friend. Even something as simple as recognizing when to hesitate or stop at a busy road crossing can be a sign of intelligence!

They Can Tell You’re Going Out

Think about it, before you go out, you usually follow the same getting-ready routine. From brushing your teeth to packing a bag, your smart dog will be able to sense a change in your activities. They may display hyper or clingy behaviors to try and convince you to stay with them instead.


It may seem funny at the time, but if your dog has learned how to get what they want out of you and pull on your heartstrings, this is a positive reflection of how smart they are! From nudging their leash when it’s time to go outside or scratching at their empty food bowl — these are all forms of communication.

If your pooch nudges or even rolls over next to you, it means they’ve learned what works to get your love and attention — and will stop at nothing to get what they want!

hypoallergenic dogs smart.

How Do You Train Smart Hypoallergenic Dogs

Although hypoallergenic smart dogs don’t need special training, care does need to be taken when choosing the type of training method. This is to ensure that they don’t pick up any negative behaviors along the way. 

Right from puppyhood, your smart pooch will benefit from positive reinforcement and consistent praise when they’re doing the right thing. Continued exposure to these scenarios can help condition your dog into the best behaviors without allowing naughty habits to stick.

Find out what makes your dog tick. Whether it’s food training or a new toy, you can use these to your advantage and train the most intelligent dogs to act how you want them to.

Luckily, intelligence has nothing to do with trainability. Although a smart dog will learn a trick or command faster than a less intelligent breed, it doesn’t mean training will be a walky in the park. For those breeds that are incredibly clever — but also incredibly stubborn — with a mind of their own, you’ll need patience and dedication to teach them new skills.

The Best Smart Hypoallergenic Dogs

While there is a long list of smart hypoallergenic dog breeds, this doesn’t mean they could all be suitable for you. So, we’ve handpicked six from all doggy walks of life that are ideal if you suffer from allergies — and also have a fun intelligent nature you’re sure to love. Take a look and see if you find the perfect-match pooch for you.

Our first breed is one of the most popular small smart hypoallergenic dogs and a fantastic four-legged addition to any home with dog allergy issues. The Bichon Frise has a beautiful fluffy white coat that’s smooth and doesn’t cause any problems with shedding or dander. 

Their cheerful and charming nature has won over so many pooch parents. These bow-wow’s love company and aren’t too small that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy training. The Bichon is highly intelligent, yet can be a touch on the stubborn side if your whole family doesn’t stick to the same training routine and day-to-day rules.

Even though this breed thrives on companionship, their brainpower can also leave them prone to wandering off by themselves. Hence, keep an eye on them when you’re out and about. You will also need to ensure they receive the right amount of exercise to prevent any negative traits from presenting through their intelligent ways.

smart hypoallergenic yorkshire terrier.

Another one of the smartest small hypoallergenic dogs is the adorable Yorkshire Terrier. They’re a massive fan of apartment living and only require minimal exercise too. What’s more, as they produce very little dander and are minimal shedding, it means they’re allergy-friendly as well as intelligent.

Yorkies are highly affectionate and loyal, albeit a little strong-willed. You can use exercise to calm them down before a training session. And, as they’re super alert and smart, you shouldn’t struggle with teaching them commands.

The more this breed is exposed to new information and elements in their life, the more they absorb — taking it all in their tiny stride. Yorkies can even be house trained within a few weeks. So, you can have one of the smartest small hypoallergenic dogs with some patience and plenty of socialization.

With proper maintenance and grooming, the Norwich Terrier sheds little to none of its coat. Hence, they’re a wonderful intelligent hypoallergenic breed for anyone who loves the cheeky nature of a working Terrier.

These fun pint-sized pups were originally bred for hunting rats for farmers in Norwich, UK. This is why they have such a high prey drive and understanding of new commands. The Norwich Terrier is pawfect if you want an adorable dog that’s equally as feisty and willing to learn.

You really can get the best of both worlds as this breed loves to be cuddled and will give plenty of love back in return. However, their hypoallergenic smart dogs traits and independence mean they can be a bit demanding if they become used to getting their way. Thus, make sure you provide proper training from the outset.

Poodles are often mistaken for being cuddly lap dogs. Yet, they’re extremely loyal and have high intelligence, which is why they have become such popular family dogs. Plus, a trio of sizes — toy, miniature, and standard — also makes them adaptable to any space.

Overall, this breed is perfect for families who are seeking a high-energy play pal that isn’t going to trigger allergies. Their temperament and intelligence levels are universal to all Poodles. Their coats are prone to knotting and require grooming even though they don’t shed. But you also have the option to trim their fur down close to the body so they can keep cool in warmer climates. 

Whether you want a large or small pooch, the Poodle is one of the smartest non-shedding dogs around. Providing you keep training consistent and use plenty of praise and healthy dog treats to motivate them.

This small site hound originated in the Congo and has many traits similar to cats — they can be fiercely independent and even a little aloof. Basenjis are very elegant dogs that shed very little, making them a good choice for those looking for a hypoallergenic dog.

How intelligent these dogs are has always been debated, purely because they’re extremely difficult to train. But this is more to do with their independent nature than their lack of intelligence.

If you’re looking for a pooch that will consider you the pack leader and be a people pleaser, this is definitely the wrong breed for you. However, if you’re after a tail-wagger that sees itself as more of an equal — the Basenji is ideal.

Our final pick is a large, fluffy friend who adores being active. The Spanish Water Dog (SWD), was originally bred for retrieving, protecting, and herding — an all-around working breed. With this tail-wagger being low maintenance and non-shedding this hypoallergenic dog is smart and just as loveable too.

Their intelligence is matched by their energy, so are best suited to someone with a very active lifestyle. In contrast, SWDs aren’t your ideal dog for other small animals or children. Due to this breed’s working history, you’ll find they need minimal instruction to learn new commands and enjoy problem-solving activities more than anything else.

If you’re planning on choosing the Spanish Water Dog as your first smart hypoallergenic dog, you may wish to look into organized training classes near you. Doing so will minimize any standoffish behavior when being socialized, and make sure they don’t end up getting the better of you. 

Other Smart Hypoallergenic Dogs

If you still feel you’re unsure of what would make the best smart hypoallergenic dog for you, here are a few more breeds to weigh up. These bow-wow are known for high intellect and can also be welcomed into an allergy-prone household with no issues.


Even with severe allergy sufferers, you can find a dog that can fit into almost any dynamic and have the perfect personality to match yours. 

Most dogs will lose some fur or dander when kept within the home. But low-shedding and drooling dogs make the best allergy-friendly companions. Plus, with such levels of intelligence, they’re sure to provide lots of happy memories and fun times with you.

That said, while smart hypoallergenic dogs are fast learners, it doesn’t mean it will be plain sailing with your pooch. Hence, decide on the best training and exercise schedule to prevent them from ruling the roost.

Smart Hypoallergenic Dogs FAQs

What Is the Smartest Hypoallergenic Dog?

The Basenji is considered one of the smartest hypoallergenic dogs. This breed is highly intelligent but very difficult to train as they’re so independent and have a mind of their own.

What Kind of Dog Doesn’t Shed?

Poodles are widely recognized as one of the best breeds for intelligence and limited shedding. Their tight curly coats rarely shed and can also be shaved.

What Is the No 1 Intelligent Dog?

The most intelligent internationally recognized breed is the Border Collie, as they have extraordinary working abilities and instincts that make them super smart and active. Unfortunately, these dogs aren’t hypoallergenic.

What Is the Most Affectionate Hypoallergenic Dog?

Some of the most affectionate dogs that are also hypoallergenic are:

What Is the Calmest Non Shedding Dog?

Some of the calmest hypoallergenic dogs are: