Spoodle vs Cavoodle – Similarities and Differences

Choosing a dog to bring into your family is a big decision, but being able to narrow it down to two breeds is a huge step forward in finding the right pooch for you. So when it comes to Spoodle vs Cavoodle, are there really any differences between them?

You have many things to take into consideration before bringing your furry pup home — such as space, size, behavior around children and people, and shedding breed or not. 

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about these two wonderful bow-wows.

Spoodle vs Cavoodle Quick Comparison Chart



Mixed Breed

Cocker Spaniel / Miniature Poodle

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Miniature Poodle








Family Dog




10-15 inches

11-18 inches


12-24 pounds

12-24 pounds


$900 - $1100

$1200- $1800





14-18 years

9-15 years

Coat Colors

Black, Brown, Silver, Tan, Red, and White

Black, White, Chestnut, Tricolor, Apricot, and Sable


Easy to train

Highly intelligent — easy to train if patient

Spoodle vs Cavoodle — The Breeds

cavoodle vs spoodle Temperament.

A Spoodle is a mixed breed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Toy Poodle. Often referred to as a Cockapoo, this breed is loving and sweet with a big heart. 

They have great hypoallergenic tendencies — perfect for people with pet allergies. Plus, these pooches are easily trained and make amazing family dogs.

The fact they have a Toy Poodle running through their DNA means they don’t get very big, perfect for smaller homes and yards. But don’t be fooled, these beauties still have a super-energetic streak.

cavoodle hypoallergenic.

These wonderful woof woofs take the very best from their parentage. Crossed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, you’re sure to find that they enjoy spending time with their human family, including children. 

The Cavoodle has a soft, single coat that’s either wavy or straight. Due to the Poodle DNA, these dogs are considered extremely low shedding, making them ideal if you have allergy-sufferers at home.

Highly intelligent, which comes from their Poodle ancestors, these beauties are a truly spectacular breed. They can be handy watchdogs — barking more than average — but once they realize the ‘intruder’ is friendly, they will cover them in kisses in no time.

Cavoodle vs Spoodle Size

It’s important to choose a breed that will be a good fit for your living environment. So let’s consider the size difference between a full grown Cavoodle vs Spoodle. 


Considered a small breed, but the size of a Spoodle can vary depending on their parentage.

  • Spoodles can grow to between 10 to 15 inches in height.
  • They can weigh anything from 12 to 24 pounds. 


There isn’t much difference between these breeds when it comes to their height or weight. But remember that both of these factors will depend on the size of their parents.

  • Cavoodles can be anywhere from 11 to 18 inches in height, so only slightly taller than the Spoodle.
  • Weight-wise, they’re the same — weighing from 12 to 24 pounds.

Cavoodle vs Spoodle Temperament

It’s easy to recognize that these breeds will be similar in temperament. 


These are lively and affectionate companion dogs. They love being around their humans and so can suffer from separation anxiety if left for long periods of time alone.

They’re known for having a gentle nature and are amazing around children, making them an ideal family dog.

If you wish to crate train your pooch, have patience. The sheer thought of them being away from you in a crate can create a very stressed pooch indeed. 


Just like their canine counterparts, they prove to be just as loving and affectionate. They believe that there is no difference between themselves and their owners, and you all run as one pack, which I think is super cute! 

The same separation anxiety issue arises in this breed. Leaving the house without them can leave them feeling stressed and anxious.

spoodle vs cavoodle price.

Spoodle vs Cavoodle Exercise Needs

Are you looking for a running buddy or a cuddling buddy? Let’s see what you get with both these bundles of fur.


Cavoodles will be happy with a few short daily walks or even a trip to the dog park. Yet, don’t be deceived by their small stature. These dogs can be trained to play fetch and love agility games too, such as tunnels and jumping hurdles.


Spoodles have highly energetic personalities. They have a little more energy than the Cavoodle, which means walkies will be a more lengthy affair —  several times a day. 

Again these dogs love to play fetch and will happily enjoy a run in the dog park with their furry friends.

Spoodle or Cavoodle — Training

Both pups benefit from having the highly intelligent Poodle in their heritage. This means they can pick up tricks more rapidly than other breeds and are easy to train.


The Cavoodle also benefits from the traits of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This breed has an exceptional desire to please. Does this mean that the Cavoodle is easier to train? Absolutely! The Cavoodle is happiest when obeying commands and making their humans proud. 


The Spoodle has the same level of intelligence, hence are fast learners. However, compared to a Cavoodle, you may need to have a little more patience and time to grasp new things. The Spoodle’s attention span is also shorter, so you may need to break up training sessions into brief chunks.

Spoodle vs Cavoodle Price

Gone are the days when people only sought the highest degree of pedigree.

Mixed breeds are now thought to be more popular. Selective breeding means that breeders choose the best traits from each breed. This also helps to weed out any genetic conditions that pedigree dogs may be prone to. 


Spoodles can be expensive in their own right. If you have your heart set on a cute little Spoodle pup, you can expect to pay anything from $900 to $1100 or more in some cases. 


Cavoodles can cost a little more than a Spoodle. With prices starting at around $1200 up to $1800. Again the cost will depend on the parents, breeder, etc.Be wary if you find a ‘bargain’ Spoodle or Cavoodle. Puppy mills are on the increase. Prices are often lower from these ‘farms’ because the breeder is solely profit-driven — focusing on producing and selling as many pups as possible. Hence, the welfare and conditions of these dogs are far from acceptable.

Spoodle vs Cavoodle Shedding

The good news is the Spoodle and the Cavoodle carry the genetic makeup of a Poodle. This means that both dogs are extremely low shedders — making them a wise choice if you have allergies. 

Their coats have similarities and can come in a variety of colors including black, tan, and red. You can even get beautiful tricolored pups which in my opinion are totally adorable.

spoodle or cavoodle.

Spoodle or Cavoodle Grooming Requirements

Cavoodles and Spoodles can have curly or straight coats. And, as with any hypoallergenic dog, there will always be grooming requirements. 


Both the Cavoodle and Spoodle will require brushing around once a week to detangle any matted fur. This is even more crucial if your dog has curls — as these tend to tangle more often.


Similarly, the two breeds will also require a bath more frequently due to their oilier short hair. You will also need to visit the groomer around every six weeks for clipping. 

Nails and Teeth

Both these little bundles of fluff will require daily toothbrushing to ensure there is no tartar build-up. You could also use regular dental chews to get those back teeth.

Nails should be checked regularly, especially if your pooch isn’t walking on tougher surfaces — such as concrete — very often. You could also ask your groomer to check their nails at their regular appointment.


Both breeds are very similar in weight, height, and color. 

The Spoodle seems to be a little more popular as a family dog due to its energetic nature. And, if healthy and well, can live a fantastic 18 years! 

If it’s a snuggle buddy you’re looking for, then you could turn to the Cavoodle. Not only is this dog low maintenance, but a walk a day is more than enough for them. Without health complaints, they can live for up to 15 years. 

To be fair, I think I’m safe in saying that both breeds Spoodle vs Cavoodle sound fantastic additions to any household. The ultimate choice of which one is better would depend on personal choice and lifestyle.

Spoodle vs Cavoodle FAQs

Which Is Better, a Cavapoo or a Cockapoo?

Cockapoos, otherwise known as Spoodles, prefer a more active lifestyle. If you’re energetic and capable of more than a stroll down to the dog park, the Spoodle could be the one for you. 

Are Spoodles Barkers?

All dogs bark! Some breeds are prone to barking more than usual. The Spoodle is no exception. 

Are Cavoodles Anxious Dogs?

Yes, these dogs love people so much they can suffer from separation anxiety. This means if you’re home often during the day, this could be the bud for your pack. 

Are Cavoodles and Spoodles High Maintenance?  

Regarding grooming — yes! Regular brushing will be required to detangle their fur, to keep them silky and soft. 

What Is the Best Poodle Mix Dog?

For me, the award lies with the Spoodle. This breed has a bubbly personality that’s willing to bring love and joy into anyone’s heart. Their low-shedding coat also means they’re perfect for people who suffer from allergic reactions. 

What’s the Difference Between a Spoodle and a Cavoodle?

The main differences between the Spoodle and Cavoodle are:

  • The Spoodle is slightly shorter than the Cavoodle.
  • Both are easy to train, but the Cavoodle’s desire to please makes them highly trainable.
  • The Cavoodle is considered above average intelligence, while the Spoodle is average.