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Hypoallergenic Dog — Your Ultimate Doggie Sensitivity Guide

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Loyal, loving, and large-hearted — dogs are the perfect companions, whether you’re young, old, or anywhere in between.

But, if you’re susceptible to intolerances or allergies, these awesome pooches can unintentionally and innocently trigger unpleasant and unwanted reactions — deterring or preventing you from welcoming a new member to your family.

Don’t let this happen!

Backed by expert knowledge and research, Hypoallergenic Dog is your complete canine intolerance 101 — guiding you through the trove of terrific tail-waggers that are gentle on your sensitivities.

Why Hypoallergenic Dog Began

Because having an allergy shouldn’t stop you from welcoming a new furry family friend.

I know — intolerances are annoying, trust me, I have enough of my own — but these often chronic conditions should never restrict your life choices, enjoyment, or experiences.

And unfortunately, many canine-adoring people with sensitivities arrive at a depressing conclusion — that they will never truly feel the love, attention, and affection from a fur baby and become a pooch parent.

So, we created hypoallergenicdog.net — empowering you to make informed decisions. But most importantly, demonstrating that sensitivities and doggy companionship aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Drawing on personal experience, research, owner testimony, expert opinion, and specialized breeder knowledge — we are your trusted resource for every aspect of hypoallergenic canines.

Hypoallergenic Dog — Here to Help You

Let us dispel a myth — adopting a hypoallergenic dog isn’t black and white.

Much online information regarding canine sensitivities will do nothing more than provide a couple of top lists — doggy breeds that trigger allergies, and those that don’t. At best, this insight is incomplete, at worst, it’s incorrect and misleading.

The truth is, pooch intolerances are varied and with a multitude of causes, including:

  • Dander.
  • Saliva.
  • Mites.
  • Fleas.
  • Coat texture.
  • Shedding.

Hence, while a non-shedding canine is excellent for someone with a dander allergy — if he or she is heavy on the drool, they could be a nightmare for someone with a saliva sensitivity.

And we know that.

That’s why we’ve ensured for every dog type, breed, and variant — we explain precisely where the awesome pooch is formidable on the hypoallergenic spectrum, and crucially, where it isn’t.

Who Should Utilize Hypoallergenic Dog?

Even if pooches don’t make your eyes water, induce sneezing, coughing, or scratching — the wealth of information at Hypoallergenic Dog is your complete resource for researching a new furry addition to your loving family.

On top of the extensive and detailed data on each breed’s allergy-inducing propensities, we’ve given you a full exploration of the doggy’s nature, lifestyle, and background — allowing you to select the perfect companion that’s suitable for your lifestyle and your fur baby’s care, happiness, and attention needs. This includes:

✔Size, weight, and life expectancy.

✔Suitability for families and small children.


✔Exercise requirements.

Grooming needs.


✔Genetic health issues.

✔Coat Types.

✔Breed varieties.

✔Propensity to separation anxiety.

How to Use Hypoallergenic Dog

Any way you wish!

This is YOUR resource as a prospective pooch mom or dad — whether you’re looking for a low-dander doggy to prevent allergies, a non-shedding canine to save your furniture, or a high-energy tail-wagger to match your active lifestyle.

For ease of navigation, we’ve categorized the information into:

However, most people utilize Hypoallergenic Dogs to research, investigate, and identify the perfect pooch that won’t trigger allergies or intolerances. If that’s your interest, I suggest the following starting strategy:

  1. Decide the size of the doggy that will be happiest in your home and fit with your lifestyle.
  2. Head over to either the small, medium, or large doggy section.
  3. Exclude the furry friends liable to set off your sensitivities.
  4. Utilize the additional information (exercise needs, suitability for kids, grooming requirements, etc.) to create a shortlist for your ultimate new family member.

Hypoallergenic Dog — For You and Your Doggy

You don’t own a dog — you share your lives together.

Hypoallergenic Dog is as much about you and your needs, as it is your pooch’s. Living with a doggie that can set off allergies can be upsetting for both parties — not only do you suffer from sneezes and itches, but your fur baby can feel ignored, unloved, and confused as you try to avoid intolerance triggers.

Choosing your forever friend is a big decision — and we can help to ensure that both two-leggers and four-leggers have a wonderful, affection-filled, thrilling life together.

Thank you for visiting hypoallergenicdog.net, and we wish you all the best in your search for the consummate pooch pal.

And, once you’re settled with your new family member — drop us a line! Feel free to write a short profile, detailing your experiences, the ups and downs, and the love you receive from your canny canine. Not only is it amazing for us to share in your happiness — but it can also assist others on their exciting journey to doggiehood.