Welcome to Hypoallergenic Dog – where you can find a BIG list of hypoallergenic dog breeds, and learn about which dog might become your new best friend!

I was doing some research into Hypoallergenic Dogs on the internet, and found that, while there’s plenty of information about dogs for people with allergies, it seems to be fairly scattered across the internet – in lists like “The Top 10 Hypoallergenic Dogs”. There are also super informative sites about particular hypoallergenic dog breeds, but finding in depth information and a complete list of dogs that don’t shed on one site is not so common.

It is my aim with this site to provide informative articles about hypoallergenic dog breeds. Grouping them into dog sizes will help you discover the perfect dog for you –

In addition to a hypoallergenic dog, people with dog allergies also need to consider ensuring you have hypoallergenic dog products, like dog beds, blankets and other dog accessories that are easy to wash and keep free from allergens. If you get a dog with hair and not fur, you will need to keep their coat in good order, and of course keeping your home clean will be important.

I understand how time-consuming it can be to search the internet for answers, so I have researched the best hypoallergenic dog accessories to help you find everything you need to live with your dog and your dog allergies successfully!

This site is new and growing, so please check back regularly. If your favorite hypoallergenic dog breed isn’t here yet, please contact me, and I’ll by happy to add it to our growing list of hypoallergenic dog breeds!