ALLISANDRO Extra Softness Microplush Dog Blanket

  • Wide range of sizes to suit all pup dimensions.
  • Dense flock material.
  • Soft and snug for a cozy canine.
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Non-toxic materials.
  • Choice of colors and doggie-themed patterns.

Hypoallergenic dog blankets can be the answer to both your, and your pooch’s, sneezing and itching symptoms.

It’s like this.

You can clean, vacuum, and dust your home until it’s akin to a clinical laboratory. But unless you take care of your fur baby’s slumber sheet, your efforts will be in vain.

Standard doggie blankets are luxury hotels for fleas, mites, molds, dander, and spores — all of which can induce unpleasant allergic reactions.

Yet, using one of the best hypoallergenic dog blankets can keep these unwanted tenants out of your home — giving you and your pooch a more comfortable and pleasant life.

Before I reveal how these allergy-eliminating bed covers work, here’s a quick glimpse of my top five products:

Top Hypoallergenic Dog Blankets Comparison Table





32 inches by 24 inches.

40 inches by 32 inches.

48 inches by 32 inches.

64 inches by 40 inches.

80 inches by 64 inches.


60 inches by 52 inches.

60 inches by 54 inches.

72 inches by 54 inches.

72 inches by 60 inches.

84 inches by 62 inches.

84 inches by 57 inches.

84 inches by 60 inches.


50 inches by 60 inches.

90 inches by 90 inches.

Is My Dog’s Blanket Causing Allergy Symptoms?


In short, quite possibly.

It’s true that other factors — such as pet food, home cleaning products, and even the seasons — can leave your pooch sneezing, coughing, or itching. In these circumstances, using hypoallergenic dog foods, selecting chemical and fragrance-free cleaners, and fitting an air filter could simply solve these issues.

However, a more common culprit is your dog’s sleeping area. Typical symptoms include:

  • Hives.
  • Sneezing.
  • Red skin, scabs, or rashes.
  • Ongoing ear infections.
  • Persistent scratching, or biting the skin or paws.
  • Coughing.
  • Issues with breathing.
  • Discharge from the nose.
  • Facial or lip swelling.
  • Watery eyes.
  • Constant grooming or licking.

Just like you and me, your fur baby may have an intolerance to certain fibers. However, it’s not just the base material that’s the culprit — chemicals that manufacturers have used in their production can also be antagonists.

Experts explain that many humans and animals have a serious allergic response to textile-impregnated fire retardants. Furthermore, these compounds can induce some rather unpleasant health issues, such as:

  • Lowering the immune system.
  • Disrupting the endocrine glands.
  • Affecting unborn puppies.
  • Elevating cancer risk.
  • Damaging newborn puppy development.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not advocating that you fill your home with highly flammable materials, purely to stop a few sneezes. 

However, it may be worth avoiding some of the more dangerous fire-retardant chemicals, such as PBDE, TBBPA, and HBCD.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

While the chemicals in your dog’s blanket may be inducing allergy symptoms, there are some more likely offenders — dust mites, spores, and molds.

These living organisms take up residence in your fur baby’s snuggly sheet — and then proceed to make both your lives hell.

Allow me to explain.

The Hidden Horrors in a Dog Blanket


As dedicated and conscientious pet parents, we give our pooches the necessities of food, warmth, and water. Ok, on top of that we also shower him or her with oodles of love and attention, and vice versa, but let’s just concentrate on the essentials for life.

According to Ludwig Maximilian University, the most common allergens in dogs are dust mites, spore, and molds — and the chances are they’re living in your pup’s blanket.

And, in the same way you nourish your pet’s life needs, unwittingly you and your pet are generously giving these allergens the perfect conditions to thrive.

Listen up.

Your home is already warm, but your dog’s blanket is a veritable central heating system for these nasties. Not only does it provide insulation, but every time your tiny terrier sleeps on it, the temperature increases to around 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, these hidden horrors are enjoying a summer vacation.

Furthermore, they’re extremely well fed.

Dog hair, dander, and skin cells are a three-course meal for these microscopic monsters — allowing them to grow, reproduce, and multiply. 

Icky, right?

Finally, these mites and molds are far from thirsty. Humid home conditions, especially if your dog’s blanket is in the kitchen, give them just enough water to survive. However, add to that perspiration from your pooch, saliva, and any accidental dribbles — and it’s an all-night session at the bar, allowing them to thrive and multiply.

Here are the facts.

Research from the University of Bristol investigated 68 different samples of dog bedding. On over 60 percent of these blankets, dust mites weren’t just living, they were thriving.

Not only can they cause nasty reactions in your fur baby — they’re also likely to send you into a fit of coughs and sneezes.

How Hypoallergenic Dog Blankets Can Help

Hypoallergenic dog blankets still provide your doggie with all the warmth and snuggly comfort they need — but without inducing allergic reactions.

Typically, they’re made from synthetics that haven’t been overly exposed to harsh chemicals — or those that, instead, use natural materials, such as wool or suede.

Furthermore, their construction prevents dust mite and mold incursion and can be easily washed without you having to take them to the dry cleaners.


Just a quick piece of advice.

You want to ensure that your doggie’s entire sleeping area is completely unattractive to mold and mites. There’s little point presenting your pooch with an allergy-resistant blanket and then placing it on a mattress that’s already a heavenly haven for these tiny terrors. Hence, it’s sensible to combine the blanket with a hypoallergenic dog bed.

How to Select the Ideal Hypoallergenic Dog Blankets


When looking for anti allergy dog blankets, there are a few key characteristics to look out for.

Some ensure that the sleeping material repels or discourages allergens, others are more particular to your pooch’s practical requirements, as well as your own.

Here’s my brief guide to selecting the perfect hypoallergenic dog blankets:


Naturally — if you’re aware there are certain fabrics that cause your pooch discomfort — avoid. However, the unwanted reactions more commonly arise from the allergen-friendly conditions that the material promotes.

Choose fabrics with a short and dense flock, combined with a tight weave — giving dust mites and spores little space in which to live, and also preventing penetration. Furthermore, try to avoid those that include fire retardant chemicals.

Alternatively, look for natural textiles that are exposed to fewer compounds in the manufacturing process. For example, wool contains lanolin — a wax that science knows repels dust mites.

Machine Washable

A research paper, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, demonstrated that washing pet bedding will remove up to 83 percent of dust mites. Additionally, it explains that repeated cleaning reduces the mite infestation even further — keeping both you and your doggie symptom free.

Cooling and Heating

Ideally, your pooch’s blanket should keep them warm in winter — but also provide a cooling experience in the hotter summer months. Otherwise, excess perspiration will feed the mites and spores.


If you spot a large blanket at an excellent price — the price:volume ratio might be a temptation.

Don’t let this happen!

Purchase a cover that’s suitable for the size of your pooch and his or her bed — and no larger.

Too big, and you’ll be folding the blanket into layers, simply to fit — and with every fold, there are additional hiding places for allergy-inducing nasties.


Sweat, dribbles, and slavers can make their way into the material of your dog’s blanket — nourishing the molds, mites, and spores.

Where possible, look for a sheet that will repel moisture, denying these allergens of their life source.

Non-Pet Specific Products

In recent times, manufacturers have appreciated the need for hypoallergenic dog beds. However, they’ve been slower to address the equally important canine bedding.

Hence, finding bespoke hypoallergenic dog blankets can be tough.

Yet, inadvertently, many dog bedding materials are inherently hypoallergenic — simply because their construction for cooling, water resistance, etc. make them repel allergens.

Furthermore, a blanket is a blanket — whether it’s designed for fur baby or human use. As such, hypoallergenic blankets manufactured for us two-legged beings are every bit as suitable for our four-legged friends.

Just be careful though, as they can sometimes be quite large — exacerbating the layer effect I mentioned earlier.

The Top Five Hypoallergenic Dog Blankets

Following some exhaustive research, I believe I’ve found the best hypoallergenic dog blankets on the market.

They should help to ensure that your pooch’s bedding isn’t going to cause coughs, itches, and sniffles.

But shhhhh! Don’t tell your pup — some of these were actually designed for human use.


Whether you have a tiny teacup or massive mastiff — I’d suggest this is one of the best anti allergy dog blankets available.

Coming in a variety of pet-styled designs — including grey with bones or multi-colored with bones and paws — this doggie bedding has a range of sizes, from 32 inches through to 84 inches long. Therefore, it would be suitable for any size or breed.

Although made from a synthetic polyester, it has a dense 350 GSM microplush flock and anti-shedding properties. This makes it difficult for allergens to penetrate, while retaining any sneeze-causing fibers.


The manufacturer indicates that not only is this blanket hypoallergenic, but also it will not wrinkle or pill — ensuring your pup always has bedding which looks clean and fresh.

To sterilize, simply pop it into your washing machine and then either line or tumble dry (on a low heat). Thus, should any mites or molds manage to invade, you can eliminate them in water.

Being lightweight, this shouldn’t cause any overheating issues in your pooch during the warmer months — therefore reducing any allergen-promoting moisture.

Why We Love It

  • Wide range of sizes to suit all pup dimensions.
  • Dense flock material.
  • Soft and snug for a cozy canine.
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Non-toxic materials.
  • Choice of colors and doggie-themed patterns.

Keep in Mind

  • Will not repel moisture.
  • Can only be cleaned on a cold wash — this may inhibit mite and mold elimination efficacy.


32 inches by 24 inches.
40 inches by 32 inches.
48 inches by 32 inches.
64 inches by 40 inches.
80 inches by 64 inches.

Whether you’re looking for bedding for the back of the car, to keep furniture safe, or just a cozy area for your pooch to sleep on the floor — I’d put forward that this is one of the best hypoallergenic dog blankets.

For doggy snuggles and comfort, the upper side of this pet bedding is made from a dense, fiber fleece — making it tough for any type of allergen encroachment. Underneath, a proprietary NanoPore backing fabric prevents slippage on tiled or wooden floors.

If you have a dribbly or perspiring pooch, you’re sure to appreciate that this blanket is 100 percent waterproof. Not just reducing the likelihood of mold or mite infestations — but also acting as a barrier to protect sofas, carpets, and beds.


Furthermore, the manufacturer guarantees that this doggie duvet hasn’t been sprayed with waterproofing chemicals, which could otherwise induce an allergic reaction. 

Unlike many dog blankets — which require a cool machine wash setting — you can wash this product at high temperatures, maximizing the destruction of critters and spores.

Why We Love It

  • Made and sewn in the USA.
  • Wide range of sizes to suit all dog breeds and uses.
  • Waterproofing ability will not be diminished through machine washing.
  • Numerous color and pattern designs.
  • Suitable for tumble dryers.
  • Non-fluffy design makes this suitable for summer use.

Keep in Mind

  • This blanket isn’t chew proof.
  • All patterns and colors aren’t available for every size.


60 inches by 52 inches.
60 inches by 54 inches.
72 inches by 54 inches.
72 inches by 60 inches.
84 inches by 62 inches.
84 inches by 57 inches.
84 inches by 60 inches.

If you’re anything like me, you consider your doggie as a little furry human — and sometimes your pooch will act like they believe that too.

So, why not give them a human blanket.

This fleece cover, made from hypoallergenic poly-fiber yarns, is as gentle for you as it is for your pup. The manufacturer indicates that it’s ideal for reducing both allergy and asthma symptoms.

Furthermore, with an anti-pilling feature, this blanket will retain its new appearance, while ensuring that sneeze and cough-causing fibers aren’t released into the air.


One of my favorite features is the number of color options. Since it’s primarily a blanket made for us two-legged types — it comes in a range of seven solid colors — hence I’d suggest ideal for coordinating with your home decor or pup’s bed.

The breathable fabric of this blanket means that in the warmer months, excessive doggie perspiration shouldn’t be an issue — calling time at the bar for the thirsty critters.

What’s more, this blanket is machine washable (in cold water) and doesn’t require ironing.

Why We Love It

  • Contains no reaction-causing flame retardant chemicals.
  • Snuggleable material.
  • Excellent size to price ratio.
  • Double sided.
  • Ideal for all-year-round use — saving you money.
  • Can be tumble dried.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Hypoallergenic fabric.

Keep in Mind

  • Only available in two sizes.
  • Not water-resistant.


50 inches by 60 inches.
108 inches by 90 inches.

If you or your pooch is highly sensitive, and perhaps you’re unsure of the offending cause, I propose this could be one of the best anti allergy dog blankets.

That’s because it’s one of the purest examples on the market. Made from 100 percent organic cotton, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing this is wholly natural, without synthetics.

Furthermore, it’s GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified — guaranteeing it’s free from GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, chemicals, irritants, and allergens.


Although not primarily designed for pets, this blanket — with its breathable cotton construction — will prevent perspiration. However, not being waterproof, it may retain some dribbles.

That said, should any accidents occur, you can safely put this cover in your washing machine. As it does take a little time to dry, ensure it’s completely free from moisture before replacing in your dog’s bed, so as to prevent mold growth.

Why We Love It

  • Certified free from all of the most common human and canine allergens.
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in a choice of four solid colors.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Attractive design.

Keep in Mind


  • Decorative tassels may be an attractive plaything for inquisitive doggies.
  • Can shed when washing.
  • Premium price for a premium product.


50 inches by 60 inches.
90 inches by 90 inches.

Unfortunately, many allergy-prone pups are denied the luxurious comfort of a deep fluffy pile, as they’re usually a haven for mites and molds. However, this product could be one of the best hypoallergenic dog blankets for sensitive doggies that deserve a treat.

Being made from 100 percent sheepskin, it includes the scientifically-proven mite and mold deterrent, lanolin. No harsh chemicals, just nature’s own pesticide. Furthermore, while not completely waterproof, the waxy lanolin is a fluid repellent — preventing moisture from seeping deep into the blanket.

With a pile height of 2.36 to 3.14 inches (6 to 8 cm) — it will be toasty warm in winter — yet, the natural air spaces promote a cooling effect in summer.


Although it will take a little time to dry, you can clean this pooch blanket in your washing machine — as long as you ensure it’s on the safer, wool setting.

Available in a choice of different colors, I have to say this product won’t look out of place in any home — and will add a touch of decadence to your deservingly spoilt fur baby.

Why We Love It

  • Natural material.
  • Contains mite-repelling lanolin.
  • Cozy, warm, and fluffy.
  • 100 percent sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable.
  • Non-irritating and anti-bacterial.
  • Choice of six colors.
  • Breathable fabric to prevent moisture retention.

Keep in Mind


  • Only available in one size — will not be suitable for large dogs.
  • Not for vegan dogs or pet parents.



23.6 inches by 15.74 inches.

Hypoallergenic Dog Blankets Frequently Asked Questions

“What’s a Hypoallergenic Dog Blanket?”

These bed products repel and prevent the most common pooch allergens of mites, molds, and spores.

Typically, manufacturers make hypoallergenic dog blankets from materials that are hard for these meanies to penetrate, repel moisture, and contain no harsh chemicals or side-effect causing compounds.


“Will a Hypoallergenic Dog Blanket Prevent Itching?”

Dust mites, molds, and chemicals used in the manufacture of standard bedding materials can cause skin itches. Hypoallergenic dog beds can take away the culprits — relieving their unpleasant reactions.

Additionally, some dogs suffer from food intolerances which can also induce dermatological side effects. In this case, it’s worth considering giving your fur baby hypoallergenic dog food or treats.

“Will a Hypoallergenic Dog Blanket Help My Allergies?”

Just like your pooch, you can suffer unwanted skin, respiratory, and nasal reactions to your dog’s bedding and the little invaders it accommodates.

In many cases, giving your fur baby a hypoallergenic dog bed also improves the symptoms in the pet parent.