PetHonesty Probiotics for Dogs

  • 6 billion CFU count.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Free from wheat, GMOs, soy, corn, preservatives, and sugar.
  • Also addresses upset stomachs, bad breath, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, and bloating.
  • Improves nutrient absorption.
  • Includes pumpkin fiber to improve stool regularity.
  • Contains ingredients sourced in the USA.

Loose pooch poos are unpleasant, both for you and your doggie — the best probiotics for dogs with diarrhea are the solution.

It’s like this.

Just like you and me, your fur baby will suffer from intestinal upset from time to time. Not only can this cause discomfort or pain for your dog, but it can also mean dealing with unpleasant emissions — both liquid and gas — from his or her backside.

Luckily, probiotics are the natural answer.


These safe and gentle treatments can restore the health of your pooch’s gut and, most importantly, put an end to those rear-end runs. Furthermore, even if your doggie doesn’t have any current tummy issues — these powerful products can prevent the onset of the trots.

Before I reveal the surprising ways that probiotics work, here are my top six supplements:

Top Probiotics For Dogs With Diarrhea Comparison Table




What Are Probiotics for Dogs?


Let me throw this out there.

If you’ve been to your local health store recently, or even perused the supplement aisle in the supermarket, you can’t help but notice the plethora of probiotic pills, drinks, and powders available — all designed to boost your wellbeing.

I’m right, yeah?

Not only are these products amazing for human health — the canine versions have the same beneficial effects for doggies.

Dog probiotics are chews, treats, food or powders that contain living microorganisms — restoring your pooch’s natural balance of intestinal bacteria. That is, reducing the bad, disease-causing strains and elevating the digestion-heightening forms.

After ingestion, these microscopic bodies not only colonize your fur baby’s gut — but then begin to breed and multiply — growing in power and efficacy.

And, the science proves that it works.

A 2019 study, published in the medical journal, Frontiers of Immunology, demonstrates that probiotics are an effective method of heightening canine wellbeing. Additionally, further research from the peer-reviewed publication, Veterinary Therapeutics, proves that they’re completely safe for use in canines.

Why Do Dogs Have Diarrhea?

It’s inevitable. 

At some point in your pet parenting duties, you will have to deal with doggie diarrhea. With a similar gastrointestinal system to you and me, your pampered pooch experiences the same tummy issues: discomfort, pain, wind and, of course, diarrhea.

You know yourself how unpleasant it is. But for your dog, it’s worse. Your poor pup doesn’t understand why his or her belly is aching — or why its stools are uncontrollable.

While canine diarrhea can occur as a symptom of a serious chronic disease, most commonly it’s down to one of the following reasons:

  • Change of diet — even switching to another brand of food.
  • Over or underfeeding.
  • Consuming spoiled food or toxic substances.
  • Bacterial or fungal infections (rotavirus or leptospirosis)
  • Food allergies — often proteins or intolerances to particular ingredients.
  • Intestinal parasites such as roundworms or tapeworms.
  • IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) due to inflammation of the intestinal lining.

Naturally, it’s always worth consulting your veterinary specialist if diarrhea symptoms last for more than a couple of days.

How Can Probiotics for Dogs Help With Diarrhea?


In most cases, the best probiotics for dogs can help to prevent — or alleviate — diarrhea induced by the above causes. 

Here’s how they work:

Ensuring the Immune System Functions Correctly

While an active immune system is essential, if it’s overly sensitive or happens to misfire, this can cause diarrhea.

Allergies, or intolerances to otherwise harmless foods, occur when your pooch’s body misidentifies ingested compounds as a threat. As such, it attempts to expel them as quickly as possible — either from the front or back end.

Usually, it’s whole proteins that cause the issue — although it could be any ingredient that the body takes a particular dislike to.

Studies show that probiotics can improve your doggie’s immune system — ensuring it functions correctly and reducing the chance of overreactions. 

Just a quick piece of advice.

In addition to using probiotics, giving your pooch hypoallergenic dog food can also help to prevent allergic responses.

Creating Healthy Balance of Gut Bacteria 

Ingesting probiotics not only elevates your dog’s healthy bacteria counts, but also reduces the damaging form.

These unwanted organisms can cause inflammation, leading to IBD — and therefore diarrhea.

Research from Iowa State University explains that probiotics can prevent and ease IBD symptoms by creating an optimum bacteria balance. 

Eliminating Parasites

Your doggie’s intestines aren’t just hosts to bacteria — they can also provide a home for some other serious nasties, such as tapeworm or hookworm.

These cheeky creatures can live in your pooch’s tummy, feeding on its contents while causing your pup abdominal pain and diarrhea.

There are numerous medications that may help to eliminate these parasites — but they also contain some harsh chemicals.

According to an article published in the Journal of Parasitology Research, probiotics are a natural, gentle and effective way of treating and preventing unwelcome visitors.

Improving Digestion

If your fur baby isn’t digesting food effectively, this can lead to diarrhea.

Its body compensates for the poor absorption of nutrients by diluting them with water — which can mean the runs and, in worst-case scenarios, dehydration.

A 2019 study, carried out by the Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, explains that probiotics increase digestion efficacy in dogs — ensuring that your pooch receives the full nutritional value of its food and preventing the symptoms of diarrhea.

Probiotics for Dogs Benefits


As a loving pet parent, you’ll do everything you can to ensure your doggie has the healthiest, most fulfilling and enjoyable life possible.

Here are the compelling reasons to give your pooch the best probiotics for dogs:

  • Reduces the chance of allergic reactions.
  • Removes the distress of having a runny rear.
  • Alleviates stomach discomfort.
  • Ensures they receive the maximum amount of nutrition from their food.
  • Boosts their important immune systems.
  • Prevents the occurrence of parasites.
  • Replenishes healthy bacteria that can be lost during elongated diarrhea periods.
  • 100 percent natural — not a harsh medicine.
  • Unlikely to cause any side effects.
  • Simpler than pills to administer.
  • Can also prevent skin issues — check out my article on probiotics for skin allergies.

How to Choose the Best Probiotics for Dogs with Diarrhea

Differently branded probiotics for dogs with diarrhea can appear similar. Therefore, to ensure you and your fur baby receive the optimum results, here are a few factors to take into account.

Before making your decision, consider the following:

Potency of the Dog Probiotics

Manufacturers often indicate the CFU (colony forming unit) content of their products.

This explains the typical volume of bacteria that your pooch ingests in every dose. Ideally, check for probiotics with at least 2-3 billion CFUs.

Form of the Dog Probiotics

While there are some probiotic pills on the market — they’re in the minority and often difficult to administer to your tiny terrier.

Instead, there are two main forms of dog probiotics — easy to convince your pooch to ingest and equally effective.

Firstly, there are the chews or treats. They’re tasty, often hypoallergenic, and to your fur baby appear the same as any standard nibble — the important difference being that they contain probiotics.

However, if your clever canine is suspicious of new and unusual treats — consider using the powder variety instead.

Most often flavorless and free from tell-tale smells, you mix these fine probiotics into your dog’s familiar food — and hopefully she or he will be none the wiser they’re receiving anything different.

Strain of Dog Probiotics

I’ve already mentioned in this article that both you and your doggie’s intestines are remarkably similar

As such, you both have around 150 species of bacteria living in your gut at any particular time — although in total there are around 1000 different types.

This multitude of healthy microorganisms function in slightly different ways and — dependent on your pooch’s particular constitution — will be more or less effective.

Hence, I’d recommend choosing a product that contains more than one strain, to increase the chances of efficacy. Furthermore, keep an eye out for Lactobacillus species — which are proven to be excellent canine diarrhea preventers.

Formulated to Be Hypoallergenic 

Some of the best probiotics for dogs with sensitive stomachs are hypoallergenic — that is, they’re missing many of the most common allergens commonly found in off-the-shelf doggie products.

Typically, they replace single proteins with novel varieties and omit wheat, gluten, and soy.

After extensive research — studying the efficacy and formulation of dog probiotics — I’ve compiled what I believe to be the ultimate list of doggie diarrhea deterrents.

Here’s my choice of the top six probiotics:

Pack Size: 90 chews.

If you’re seeking one of the most powerful probiotics for dogs with diarrhea, this could be the ideal product.

These chewable treats pack an immense 6 billion CFUs into every serving (two chews). Furthermore, the bacteria are comprised of four different strains of Lactobacillus — the most effective probiotic for Rover’s runs.

It’s likely that your dog will love the taste — each nibble includes natural duck flavoring. Not just providing a meaty-tang, but also comprising a novel protein — less prone to promote an allergic reaction than beef or chicken.


Additionally, this product includes prebiotics — compounds designed to encourage new, healthy bacteria growth.

Why We Love It

  • 6 billion CFU count.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Free from wheat, GMOs, soy, corn, preservatives, and sugar.
  • Also addresses upset stomachs, bad breath, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, and bloating.
  • Improves nutrient absorption.
  • Includes pumpkin fiber to improve stool regularity.
  • Contains ingredients sourced in the USA.

Keep in Mind

  • Includes palm oil — a controversial ingredient for the environmentally aware.
  • Has a strong meaty smell.

Pack Size: 30 capsules / 80 capsules

Should you be seeking the purest product on the market — this may be one of the best probiotics for dogs with diarrhea.

Supplied in capsule form, this product contains virtually no other ingredients apart from seven different strains of probiotics. This reassuringly includes four forms of the diarrhea-busting Lactobacillus and provides an impressive 5 billion CFUs per serving.

However, don’t worry — you’re not expected to convince your pooch to swallow the capsule. Instead, just break one open and sprinkle over their favorite food.

Furthermore, should your pooch share his or her home with some feline friends — this product is also suitable for treating diarrhea in those meowing moggies.


Why We Love It

  • Medical-grade pharmaceutical.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Includes strains of Lactobacillus, Enterococcus, and Bifidobacterium.
  • Protected against gastric degradation — it will pass into your dog’s intestines unharmed.
  • Also contains prebiotics.
  • Blister packed to ensure freshness.
  • Limited ingredients mean it’s possibly one of the top probiotics for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • 5 billion CFUs per capsule.

Keep in Mind

  • Requires a little care to open the capsules without spilling any contents.

Pack Size: 120 chews.

Senior dogs, or those with genetic conditions particular to their breed, can have uncomfortable hip and joint issues. If this applies to your pooch, and they also have the runs, this could be one of the best probiotics for dogs.

Containing 7.5 billion CFUs of Lactobacillus — this prebiotic is ideal for addressing diarrhea, wind and bloating. 

Furthermore, for those pooches with food intolerances — I’d suggest the hypoallergenic formula will appeal. It’s free from the usual culprits of wheat, corn, animal digest, grains, soy, and egg.

In addition to promoting solid stools — this probiotic contains glucosamine and chondroitin to elevate hip and joint mobility and lower pain-causing inflammation


Why We Love It

  • Made in the USA in a GMP (good manufacturing practice) and organic-certified facility.
  • Chewable tablet, flavored with beef and liver.
  • Includes calcium for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Addresses both intestinal and joint issues.
  • Doesn’t include animal by-products.
  • Supplied in a handy screw top container for freshness.

Keep in Mind

  • Only contains one strain of probiotic.
  • Some pet parents may find the recommended dose of four tablets per day excessive.

Pack Size: 60 chews / 150 chews.

Personally, I’d consider this an ideal probiotic supplement for owners looking to boost the overall wellbeing of their fur baby.

In addition to its five strains of diarrhea-destroying Lactobacillus (4 billion CFUs), this product also contains a proprietary green superfood blend — including spirulina, astragalus and bitter melon.

These compounds provide additional vitamins and minerals to elevate health, while also increasing the number of digestive enzymes to ensure a well-functioning gut and alleviate halitosis symptoms.

Furthermore, extracts of both maqui berry and papaya provide inflammation-reducing antioxidants — reducing the chance of allergic response.

The manufacturer indicates these duck-flavored chewable treats are equally suitable for puppies, seniors, and working dogs.


Why We Love It

  • One of the best dog probiotics for bad breath.
  • Made in the USA in an FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) registered facility.
  • Improves numerous digestive issues, including diarrhea, gas, halitosis, bloating, malabsorption, and vomiting.
  • Restores gut health after antibiotic treatments.
  • Also suitable for skin allergy conditions.
  • Independently tested for purity.

Keep in Mind

  • Contains wheat, barley, and oat extracts, that may not suit all doggie stomachs.
  • High number of ingredients.

Pack Size: 120 chews.

This supplement is more than just a probiotic — it’s a complete formula that targets overall digestive health. Hence, if your pooch’s tummy struggles with numerous food groups, I’d propose it’s highly desirable.

In one chewable, chicken-flavored treat, it packs in six digestive enzymes — including amylase, protease, and lipase. Thus, it promotes effective nutrient absorption and lowers the risk of liquid stools.

Furthermore, with five strains of Lactobacillus (2 billion CFUs) — this supplement should boost your doggie’s immune system — reducing the likelihood of allergy-induced diarrhea.

It’s also reassuring to see that this product includes prebiotics in the form of inulin (a dietary fiber) — ensuring your pup’s healthy bacteria has the ideal conditions in which to thrive.


Why We Love It

  • Complete digestive probiotic chew supplement.
  • Good price to quality ratio.
  • Suitable for most dogs, from 25 pounds to over 100 pounds.
  • Made in the USA with organic ingredients.
  • Alleviates bad breath, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and allergic reactions.
  • No corn, sugar, wheat, GMOs, or artificial colors and flavors.
  • Made in an FDA-registered facility.

Keep in Mind

  • Relatively low CFU count compared to the top products.
  • Includes palm oil.

Pack Size: 120 grams (120 one-gram scoops).

Although we’re not keen — sometimes our doggie’s infections require us to give him or her antibiotics. The problem is, these potent medications can destroy healthy gut bacteria, leading to diarrhea. In these circumstances, I’d recommend this as one of the best probiotics for dogs.

Firstly, it delivers a hefty 5-billion CFU dose of Lactobacillus (four strains) and Lactococcus (one strain) — replenishing any lost bacteria. Secondly, it backs up this serving with potent prebiotics — encouraging the new gut flora to multiply and thrive.

Supplied in powder form, you use the included scoop to add one gram of prebiotics to your fur baby’s food. Being beef and vegetable flavored, hopefully your doggie won’t notice it’s there.

Furthermore, with a formulation that’s 100 percent grain, gluten, dairy, and wheat free — this supplement should be excellent for pups with allergy issues.


Why We Love It

  • Excellent post-antibiotic diarrhea treatment.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Free from salt, sugar, and soy.
  • Prevents urinary tract and yeast infections.
  • Can work as an anti-coprophagia treatment (feces eating).
  • Includes 200 mg of enzymes to enhance digestion.

Keep in Mind

  • Doesn’t include a dosing guide for dogs of different weights.
  • Powder is perhaps a little too coarse to hide easily in food.

Probiotics for Dogs With Diarrhea Frequently Asked Questions

“Are There Any Side Effects When Using Probiotics on Dogs?”

I’m pleased to say that dog probiotics side effects are highly unusual.

As a naturally-occurring treatment, they are safe to use every day to assist with diarrhea symptoms.

However, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the correct dosage, depending on your dog’s size, age, and weight.

“What Is the Best Probiotic to Give My Dog?”

While all probiotics will benefit your doggie’s tummy, skin and allergy symptoms — for diarrhea, there are two key characteristics to look for in the most effective product.

Ideally, check for the proven diarrhea-preventer, Lactobacillus bacteria strain — and in a count greater than 3 billion CFUs.

“Is Pumpkin a Probiotic for Dogs?”

No, although it is beneficial for diarrhea symptoms.

Pumpkin is rich in fiber, which acts as a prebiotic. It assists to encourage new healthy bacteria growth and helps ingested probiotics to multiply and thrive.


End of the Run(s)

Doggie diarrhea is the worst.

It causes your fur baby discomfort, pain, and embarrassment — and can lead to dehydration. Furthermore, it’s you who has to deal with the unfortunate mess afterward.

Probiotics are the natural solution — putting an end to your pooch’s tummy troubles.

These healthy gut bacteria reduce allergy symptoms, enhance digestive function and eliminate parasites — all of which can otherwise lead to a case of the runs.

When you’re choosing the ideal product — look for those which contain high counts (3 million CFUs or higher) of bacteria and include the important Lactobacillus strain. 

Additionally, also consider whether your doggie needs a product that’s hypoallergenic — and that the pack size is suitable for the size of your pooch, or the number of dogs in your household.

The bottom line.

The best probiotics for dogs with diarrhea means the end of the run for your pooch’s posterior problems.

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