Shiny Pet Nail Clippers for Dogs.

Shiny Pet — Nail Clippers for Small Animals

Shiny Pet’s dog nail cutters feature a semi-circular stainless steel blade — providing precise cutting control. A windowed opening means that the nail and blade are 100% visible to prevent accidents. The handle is scissor-like and with its sturdy grip, it prevents slipping and sliding when in use. It also arrives with a handy free ebook that walks you through the nail-clipping process. 

  • Angled blade.
  • Ideal for smaller pets.
  • Scissor-style grip.
  • Includes instructional ebook.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Maintaining your dog’s nails will not only benefit them but also you and your home. Think about when your nails need trimming. Do you feel pain? Are you uncomfortable? Now think of how your fur baby feels. The difference is they cannot whip out the clipper and do it themselves! Our pooches are relying on us to keep their nails at a decent length. The best dog nail clippers allow you to do this conveniently at home.

Top Dog Nail Clippers Comparison Table





Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.6 x 0.6 inches

Blade material: Stainless steel

Handle grip: Ergonomic non-slip

Type of clippers: Scissor/Pliers

  • Semi circular blade.

  • Lightweight and compact.

  • Ergonomic anti-slip grip.

Product Rating: 4.7/5


Dimensions: 7.01 x 3.74 x 1.1 inches

Blade material: Stainless steel

Handle grip: Non-slip rubber coating

Type of clippers: Scissor/pliers

  • Adjustable stop cap.

  • Includes three grooming tools.

  • Comfortable to use for both owner and dog.

Product Rating: 4.6/5


Dimensions: 6 x 3.38 x 3.63 inches

Blade material: Stainless steel

Handle grip: Rubber-coated

Type of clippers: Scissor/Pliers

  • Gentle-squeeze blade.

  • Locking mechanism.

  • Quick and straightforward to use.

Product Rating: 4.6/5


Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.5 x 0.7 inches

Blade material: Stainless steel

Handle grip: Non-slip grip

Type of clippers: Scissor/ Pliers

  • Quick Stop — prevents overcutting.

  • Lifetime warranty.

  • Easy to use.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.5 x 0.3 inches

Blade material: Stainless steel

Handle grip: Ergonomic non-slip grip

Type of clippers: Scissor/pliers

  • Clean cuts.

  • Nail file included.

  • Good for first-time users.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Dimensions: 6.46 x 3.54 x 1.42 inches

Blade material: Stainless steel

Handle grip: Ergonomic handle

Type of clippers: Scissor/pliers

  • Led light illuminates the bloodline.

  • Built-in nail file.

  • Widened blade.

Product Rating: 4.3/5


Dimensions: 8 x 3.3 x 0.75 inches

Blade material: Stainless steel

Handle grip: Non-slip coated

Type of clippers: Scissor/pliers

  • Angled blade — reduces cuts.

  • Quick and sharp.

  • Nail file included.

Product Rating: 4.3/5

nail trimmer for dogs.

Dog Nail Clippers Buying Guide

Dog nail clippers are typically used in the grooming salon. However, with dog nails needing regular trimming, more and more pet parents are choosing to take on this part of grooming themselves.

What Are Dog Nail Clippers?

Dog nail clippers do exactly as they say on the tin — clip your dog’s nails. Traditionally, this task was left to the professionals during a regular grooming session. There was little need for owners to care for their nails regularly as bow-wows would grind them down on sidewalks when on their adventures. 

However, with more and more dogs living a sedentary lifestyle, our dogs’ nails are less likely to wear down naturally. Hence we’re seeing a shift in the ‘norm’ — more and more owners are deciding to go DIY and trim their tail-waggers’ toenails.

Why You Need To Maintain Your Dog’s Claws

Walking around with long claws is not only uncomfortable but can also cause health issues. The advice is always to keep your dog’s nails short to prevent any of the following issues:

  • Ingrown nails — probably as painful for us as it would be for your pooch. Trimming regularly will prevent their claws from curling and growing into their precious pads. 
  • Snagging — your home may be full of soft and stylish furnishings that your furball loves to lounge on. If their nails are too long, you may find they can pull and damage sofa cushions, wear carpet, and catch on clothing.
  • Infections — as with ingrown nails, if left, they could become infected, which means a trip to the vets and a costly bill.
  • Injury — long claws can cause injuries — to them and others living or visiting your home. Ever been scratched by a dog? Ouch comes to mind. And, while cutting their nails won’t stop an excitable welcome, when they jump up, they will be less likely to cause a bad scratch to you and your visitors.
  • Balance — allowing your dog’s nails to grow too long can become an issue when walking. It affects balance, thus your furbaby could be more susceptible to injury through a greater chance of tripping or falling.

DIY Dog Nail Clippers — Pros and Cons

So, we’ve delved into the importance of keeping those nails trimmed, but why do it yourself? 

Benefits of Using Your Own Dog Claw Clippers

  • Frequency — depending on how fast your dog’s nails grow — trimming may need to be done more often than your dog’s regular groom. Now you don’t have to wait.
  • Cuts costs — frequent trips to the poodle parlor can soon add up. Doing it yourself is more pocket-friendly — saving you some cash.
  • Bonding — spending time with your canine companion in such close company allows you to know what your furbaby feels comfortable with and what they deem a no-go. 
  • Handy and quick to use — there are plenty of guides and tutorials online for you to gain confidence in performing this task yourself. 

Cons of Using Your Own Nail Trimmer for Dogs

  • Injury — you’re at risk from clipping their nails too short, (especially if your dog has black nails). This can cause paws to bleed. Plus, it’s painful for your pooch.
  • Confidence — with the previous point in mind, many dog owners don’t feel confident about trimming their baby’s nails. None of us want to put our dogs at risk of getting hurt.
dog nail clippers.

What To Look For When Choosing Dog Nail Clippers

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best nail clippers for your pooch.


You would be forgiven for thinking one dog nail clipper is the same as the next, but they aren’t. Here are some types available.

  • Scissor/plier The most common type of nail clippers. You place your dog’s nail into these, then with a quick snip, their nails are cut.
  • Guillotine — Similar to the nail clippers, except you use a straight-edged blade to cut across. 
  • Angled An angled blade can make the clipping process easier. However, some dog parents find them more challenging to use, so it’s down to personal preference.


Unfortunately, dog nail clippers are not one size fits all. Even though products may boast that their clippers are suitable for all breeds, sometimes you will need to look at your dog’s nails to ensure you select the correct size. It goes without saying, Approaching your toy-sized furball with large pliers is likely to scare them, but will also make the job more challenging. In contrast, using clippers that are too small may not cut through their nails. 


A common feature you may find will be the safety guard. This can prevent you from cutting too close to the quick of your dog’s precious paw. 

When not in use, think about where you intend to store them. You may prefer a set with a safety-closing latch to prevent little hands from having accidents.


A blunt blade is useless when clipping nails. Stainless steel is the preferred blade material with precision sharpness. This prevents nails from splitting and crumbling.

Top Dog Claw Clippers — Our Picks

Choosing the best nail clippers can be a mind-boggling task. I have done the hard work and noted my top picks.

Our top of the bunch pick! These scissor-type nail clippers allow trimming your dog’s nails with ease, precision, and comfort! Deemed good enough to be used by professionals or at home, these clippers have man’s best friend at the heart. 

Shiny pet’s clippers are also handy if your pooch isn’t a fan of having their nails done. The blade is semi-circular, so you can place their nail in and out in one swift snip, and the clippers trim for a clean cut.  

The featured window opening allows you to see the nail and blade at all times. This prevents you from going too close to the quick. And, with a super grip handle, you have total control.  

Lastly, the brand offers you a handy guide online. It walks you through the pointers on how to cut your dog’s nails.

Shiny Pet Dog Nail Clippers.


  • Rounded semi-circle blade.
  • Scissor control.
  • Made from stainless steel.


  • May not be ideal for larger dogs.

These dog nail clippers from Anipaw come with two other tools — a smaller set of dog trimmers and a nail file. 

Ergonomically designed for user comfort and control, this set of snippers promises to be long-lasting with thick stainless steel blades. It makes them ideal for use as large dog nail clippers that won’t lose their sharpness anytime soon. They’re also lightweight and durable for swift cuts. 

What’s more, these dog grooming clippers have a safety adjustable stop blade to prevent over-cutting — and to preserve your precious pooch’s paws.

Anipaw Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer Set.


  • Adjustable stop cap.
  • Three grooming tools.
  • Comfortable to use for both owner and dog.
  • Includes a soft storage pouch.


  • Oversized for smaller pets.

Epica has this precise clipping tool on the market. With one squeeze, the high-quality semi-circular blades snip your dog’s nails, making the job effortless and less scary. Plus, the handle is rubber-coated, ensuring you have a solid grip every time.

Keeping the curious kids at bay, you can lock these clippers when closed to prevent accidents and injury. Simply sliding the lock across will keep little fingers safe.

A nice touch is that you can choose from two sizes, so whatever breed you have, they’re sure to be a good fit. This makes them ideal small dog nail clippers. For dogs weighing over 60 pounds, it’s suggested to go for the larger-sized dog trimmers.

Epica Nail Clippers for Dogs.


  • Two sizes — depending on breed.
  • Gentle squeeze — sharp blade.
  • Locking mechanism.
  • Quick and straightforward to use.


  • Handles can sway on depression.

If you don’t feel confident about trimming nails, these safe dog nail clippers from Dudi may be worth a look. They come with a stop guard that reduces the risk of cutting your fur baby’s nails too short and injuring them.  

This pair of clippers has a 3.5 mm blade made from stainless steel and also includes a nail file to soften any sharp edges. 

Sturdy and strong, and a user-friendly design, you can ensure a comfy grip. Plus, when you’re done, just pop the safety catch on to prevent injury. 

A lifetime guarantee is also included. 

Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer.


  • Quick Stop to prevent overcutting.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Easy to use.


  • Spring mechanism could be better.

The Boshel small animal pet nail clipper promises a clean pain-free cut every time. Made with stainless steel that’s both durable and sharp enough to cut through a dog’s nail in one attempt. 

The clippers have some really useful features, including easy grip, and ergonomic handles that are also nonslip, which don’t slide through your hands. This means they’re easier to use and also lower the chance of mishaps. Plus, the safety stop reduces the chances of harming your canine. 

All these features mean that they’re ideal for those first-time puppy parents who need puppy nail clippers. As a bonus, they come with a neat little nail file you can store in the handle.

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer.


  • Clean cuts.
  • Nail file included.
  • Good for first-time users.
  • Ergonomically designed.


  • Not great for thicker nails.

Pawsibility offers a new look for traditional clippers. They include a great little LED light to illuminate the blood vessel in the nails, and a neat safety hack to prevent cutting too close. The only issue could be that the LED light can’t detect the blood flow if your pooch’s nails are black.  

Arriving with wider blades specifically designed for use on any size dog. This also means that they are great as heavy-duty dog nail clippers. 

And, equipped with a little box that collects the clippings — you won’t find any rogue claws in days to come! They even have a built-in file for neatening the edges.

Pawsibility Dog Nail Clippers.


  • LED light for illuminating the bloodline.
  • Built-in nail file.
  • Storage box.
  • Widened blade.


  • Light isn’t ideal if your dog has black nails.

Lastly, we have the Go Pets Professional Dog Nail Clippers. A pliers-style clipper that has a 2 mm thick blade made from stainless steel — with a promise to cut cleanly every time. 

To assist with a rapid cut the handles are nonslip, enabling good leverage. The angled blade allows you to easily see where you are cutting to prevent injury. And, when you’re done — the fuss-free locking blades also add peace of mind for safe and convenient storage. 

Go Pets donate a portion of its profits to animal charities so you can not only find a great set of nail clippers for your dog — but also give something back to other furry friends and their communities.

GoPets Dog Nail Clippers.


  • Angled blade — reduces cuts.
  • Two sizes available.
  • Quick and sharp.


  • Clippers may feel stiff when opening back up.

dog nail cutter.


Finding the best nail clippers can save you a lot of time and money at the groomers. Some would say they’re becoming an essential tool for dog owners everywhere. Regular trimming will keep your dog happy and healthy without adding injury or infection.

When choosing, think about a decent, sturdy blade, comfortable grip, and a size that’s suitable for your pooch — tiny clippers won’t cut it on larger breeds.

No matter which style — angled or straight-blade, guillotine or scissor-like — find the most comfortable dog nail clippers to use for you and your pooch. They will sense your anxiety and nerves, so chill out and use it as a bonding session with your furbaby!

dog nail trimmer.

Dog Toenail Clippers FAQs

Is It Better To Cut or Grind Dog Nails?

The answer would be relative to each dog. Some will prefer the quick snip approach, others may favor the sensation of the grinder. If you want to weigh up the two, check out this guide on the Best Dog Nail Grinders.

How Often Should I Trim My Dog’s Toenails?

This depends on the lifestyle of your dog. A canine that walks on rough terrain or concrete many times a week will wear their nails down faster than a bow-wow that only plays on grass. The average pooch should have his nails clipped every three to four weeks. 

How Do I Clip My Dog’s Nails?

  • Hold their paw — ensure they are happy and relaxed, you may need someone to soothe them.
  • Choose the nail — if the nail is clear, you will be able to see the quick. 
  • Place the clippers toward the end of the nail. Hold down to get a good position — then snip.
  • If the nail you’re cutting is black — repeat the step above, but be more cautious. You’re cutting blind, thus may nip the quick.
  • If bleeding occurs, don’t panic. Dab a little cornstarch on the area, and the bleeding should stop.

What Happens if You Don’t Cut Your Dog’s Nails?

Aside from causing discomfort and risk of infection, long nails can:

  • Turn a sound paw into a splayed foot.
  • Make movements far more difficult.
  • Potentially lead to deformed feet.
  • Increase the likelihood of injury to tendons over an extended period.

Do Dogs Feel Pain When You Cut Their Nails?

Your dog will only feel pain if you cut their nails too short and cause them to bleed. In very much the same way as we would feel pain if the same was done to us. But using good dog nail clippers can prevent this from happening.