Somewhere out there, there is a noble, beautiful Tibetan Terrier with long, flowing, locks of silk-soft hair and a demeanor worthy of winning Cruft’s “Best in Show”.
Then … there’s the rest of us!

Crate up your puffed up, pristine Poodles because the Tibetan Terrier is on the scene!

Here’s what you need to know about me and my kind :

We get what we want. We always, always get what we want.

Are you trying to sleep in? No. I will launch myself upon your supine body like a shaggy missile!

Oh, you locked your door? No problem! Maybe I can’t break this door down, but the noise will be more than enough to wake the whole house!

Now you’re up? Great, lets get the day started!

We love your house, we truly do, but we love your yard even more! Oh, the thrill of rolling in your premium garden soil, fresh out of the bath! The joy of tearing around the yard like a maniac while you call in vain – don’t worry, we got the message. We’ll get back to you later.

Hey, all you Tibetan Terrier owners out there – don’t make us sit for our food, okay? It’s not going to happen – we’re not going to stand for those double-standards. How would you like it if you had to sit for your food? Oh, wait, you do!

We Tibetan Terriers love to be earthy. Our shaggy, wavy coats are excellent for trapping dirt, cobwebs, and feathers from the pillows we destroyed when you left us home alone for too long! … And don’t even think about shaving us. I mean – we’re seriously cute that way, but if you deprive us of our high-maintenance mess-collecting exterior, I promise you that we’ll certainly shed on your couch in retribution! We’re vindictive like that.

Okay, so, we’re pretty smart. We’re also super friendly, funny, playful, and mischievously clever!

Best thing about us, though? We love you, and we love your kids! Well, the older ones that kind of look like miniature, full grown humans. Those weird small ones are seriously out of control, but you guys have this issue with us nipping some discipline into them! Go figure!

Something about you guys – you all have horrible hearing. Not like us. We have, like, super great ears – and we love to use them! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY sneaks up on a Tibetan Terrier! Don’t get the wrong idea though. We’ll sound the alarm – but you’ve got to take care of the bad guys! We’re vigilant, not stupid!

…. Okay *sigh*, well, maybe we’re a bit of a handful.

But are you the sort of dog lover that likes a little thrill? Do you need a bouncing ball of optimism to get you up and make you laugh?

We may not just do whatever you ask, just ‘cuz you asked it, (get your poofy Poodle back out for that!), but hey – love and loyalty? We’ve got that in spades!

Good chat … Catch you later!

From a Tibetan Terrier

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