Are Cocker Spaniels Hypoallergenic?

Are Cocker Spaniels hypoallergenic dogs? Unfortunately, they aren’t considered an allergy-friendly hypoallergenic breed due to their shedding and longhaired coat with long wispy feathering.

Cocker Spaniels Quick Facts

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Hypoallergenic Dog:
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12-15 Years
Cocker Spaniels hypoallergenic.

What Is a Hypoallergenic Dog?

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No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but don’t despair, there are breeds less likely to cause allergy problems.

Breeds that are classed as hypoallergenic dogs tend to shed far less than the average dog or are even hairless. The low-shedding trait also means low-level dander, which is actually what causes the allergic reaction rather than the fur itself. Hypoallergenic dog breeds are not droolers either, which is important, as saliva can also contain allergens that can trigger symptoms.

The Cocker Spaniel’s Coat

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Cocker Spaniels have a silky and long double coat. This means they have both an outer and inner layer of fur — double trouble for allergy sufferers! This type of coat requires regular grooming to prevent knots and it becoming unmanageable.

How Much Do Cocker Spaniels Shed?

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Are Cocker Spaniel non shedding? Sadly not! Their longer coat works like a magnet toward dander, and mixed with their natural shedding is an allergy-inducing combo.

Do Cocker Spaniels shed a lot? If we were to use a scale of one to 10 (with one being low shedding and 10 being a serious shedder), a Cocker Spaniel would be sitting in the middle ground — at around five. They shed heavily twice a year, as most dogs do, once in the spring and again in the fall..

hypoallergenic cocker spaniels.

How To Manage a Cocker Spaniels’ Shedding To Reduce Allergens

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If you already have a Cocker Spaniel furbaby or still choose to welcome one into your family, here are a few tips to help manage their shedding and your allergies.

1. Regular Grooming and Coat Care Reduces Shedding

Taking the plunge into owning a Cocker Spaniel is very much like signing a commitment for frequent grooming, clipping, and upkeep — all year round, but particularly during spring and autumn. While this can help control their shedding, unfortunately, it will not make your Cocker Spaniel hypoallergenic. 

Brushing 2-3 times a week can help prevent their coat from tangling, especially if they have a more wavy texture. Although they are a shedding breed, excessive shedding may point towards under-brushing. 

2. Don’t Shave Your Cocker Spaniel’s Coat

Some owners will shave their spaniel’s coat, hoping to eliminate the risk of any tangles forming and fend off excess shedding around their home. However, please note that shaving them doesn’t stop the shedding. 

Additionally, shaving them can damage the coat and prevent the natural protection provided by their coat. A Cocker Spaniel has a double-layered coat. This is made up of an outer layer that helps to protect your dog from not only the weather but also from dirt. While the inner layer helps to keep them warm in the cold and cool in the warmer months.

3. Bath With Anti-Shed Shampoo

Another tip to help make your Cocker Spaniels hypoallergenic friendly is occasional bathing with anti-shed shampoos alongside your brushing routine. You should also rinse and dry them thoroughly afterward to prevent skin irritation from product residue. This can be easily missed due to their thick coats. Blow drying their coat on a low heat helps their fur to dry in a more manageable way instead of creating knotting throughout their wet fur.

4. Check for Ticks and Fleas Regularly

Grooming also offers an ideal time to check their skin for ticks and fleas. Both these external parasites are known to increase shedding in several ways — from skin irritation, increased itching, and creating poor health.

If you do find that your Cocker Spaniel is suffering from parasites such as fleas or ticks, you would need a treatment to help eliminate them and provide continuous protection. These treatments are often spot-on liquids, but can also come in tablet or chewable forms. 

5. A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Coat

As a high-energy sporting breed, you should also ensure their diet is full of all the nutrition they need to maintain healthy bodily function. Check their food contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamins needed to keep them fit and healthy.

Providing a good diet will also help to decrease the amount they shed, which is a huge plus whether you suffer from allergies or not. 

Find out what equipment you will need for grooming your dog.

Cocker Spaniels Hypoallergenic Alternatives

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The Cocker Spaniel is a working dog, meaning that they are easy to train as they are both loyal and willing to please. This breed is also extremely adaptable to family life, lively, and makes a great first dog for new pet parents.

Unfortunately, due to their shedding and dander, this doesn’t make an English Cocker Spaniel hypoallergenic. However, other breeds with similar personalities and build may suit your needs — without triggering any allergies! Here are some of our favorite hypoallergenic alternatives to the Cocker Spaniel.

dog similar to cocker spaniel.

This dog is the class clown, making it a great family dog. They are good-natured, super sociable, playful, and some may even say goofy. While they have a double coat, which usually means a no-go for allergy sufferers, it traps the loose hair and dander. Hence, a quick brush should keep all those allergens in check.

dogs like cocker spaniels.

A highly versatile, low-maintenance breed that loves being around people — just like a Cocker Spaniel! They’re easy to train too, which is ideal for first-time pet parents. Plus, being a low-shedding and low-drooling breed makes them a fantastic hypoallergenic hound.

dog like cocker spaniel.

Also known as the Romagna Waterdog, their dense coat of tight curls — that’s almost like sheep wool — produces very little dander, which means they’re a pawfect hypoallergenic pooch. Possessing temperament similarities to the Cocker — super family-friendly nature and intelligent people-pleasing personalities.

dogs similar to cocker spaniels.

This Terrier is of comparable size and overall, a very happy, loyal, and affectionate bow-wow to have around. They have a silky single-layered coat that barely sheds, but their coats can be difficult to maintain. They’re also gentle with smaller children and have bags of energy. In terms of temperament, the Soft Coated Wheaten is much more laid back than a typical Terrier, yet still has a playful and loveable side to them.

It can be hard knowing that some of your much-loved breeds are not allergy-friendly, especially when it comes to the Cocker Spaniel. 

However, many other options for hypoallergenic family-friendly pets can offer similar benefits and personalities as this spaniel! The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and Spanish Water Dog are two of many favorite four-legged friends, and there are always ways you can reduce Cocker Spaniel allergies at home! 

So, are Cocker Spaniels hypoallergenic? Sadly not, but there are other breeds that can show you the same kind of loyalty and love.

do cocker spaniels shed.

Are Cocker Spaniel Hypoallergenic? FAQs

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed a Lot Of Hair?

Yes, they do shed, but how much depends on various factors such as

  • The individual dog.
  • How much they are groomed.
  • The season.

What Type of Spaniels Are Hypoallergenic?

The Irish Water Spaniel is one of the largest hypoallergenic dogs. They’re hardworking, extremely active — and naturally, they love the water.

Are Cocker Spaniel Poodles Hypoallergenic?

Cockapoos are a mix of two breeds. Hence it’s very difficult to predict what type of coat they will have inherited from their parents. That said, Cockapoos with the characteristic curly coat from the Poodle are more likely to have the hypoallergenic qualities of low shedding and low dander. 

How To Stop a Cocker Spaniel From Shedding

Unfortunately, you can’t stop a Cocker Spaniel from shedding, but there are ways to manage the fur fall-out. For more information, check out the How to Manage a Cocker Spaniels’ Shedding section above.

Is a Cocker Spaniel Hypoallergenic?

Cocker Spaniels are not considered hypoallergenic due to their long coat and the amount they shed throughout the year.

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