If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re looking to learn a bit more about Portuguese Water Dogs. Or maybe you’re hiding from your kids in the bathroom and you have nothing better to do. Regardless of what bought you here, welcome! I’m going to give you the scoop on PWDs and what makes them super AWESOME!

Portuguese Water Dogs, sometimes called Porties, are like the geeky jock of the doggy kingdom. While that might sound like a bit of a contradiction, it’s the best I’ve got! It’s difficult to describe the versatility, intelligence, and downright awesomeness of the Portuguese Water Dog! They’re expensive though. If you’re looking to break the bank, this might be the dog for you!

Well, I’m not into writing essays (is anyone?) so let’s cut to the chase! Below are some hot-topic questions to help you learn more about Porties.

Are Portuguese Water Dogs hypoallergenic?

Yes! These single-coated dogs hardly shed. Since their coat grows continuously, they’re considered to have hair instead of fur. Don’t be fooled though – even a hypoallergenic dog might bother your allergies. You should meet one of these guys in person before getting a PWD puppy!

What do Portuguese Water Dogs look like?

Curly Panda Dogs. That are cut like lions … No, really, I’m serious! Well, not all Portuguese Water Dogs have a black and white pattern. Some come in brown or grey, and some are mostly black with very little white on their coat. Their back half is often shaved, with a tuft on the tail – a style known as the “lion cut”. However, if you leave your Portie to “fluff”, they can pull off the panda look pretty well.

portuguese water dog shed.

Is the Portuguese Water Dog right for me?

Portuguese Water Dogs are great for experienced dog owners and athletes. Are you home for a good deal of the day? Are you looking for a jogging partner? Or do you want a dog that will go boating, swimming, and will admire you from all angles – even if you smell like dirty socks? (Okay, especially if you smell like dirty socks.) Well, then the PWD might just be the dog for you! Here’s the best, and worst things about being a Portuguese Water Dog owner.

Top 10 traits of the Portuguese Water Dog

  1. Portuguese Water Dogs are super smart and trainable
  2. They’re very friendly and playful
  3. Most Portuguese Water Dogs love to swim
  4. These dogs are versatile athletes
  5. Porties are healthier than most purebreds
  6. The breed is known for being very loyal to their “person”
  7. Portuguese Water Dogs barely shed
  8. Portuguese Water Dogs are hypoallergenic, which means that if you’re allergic to dogs, they’re less likely to bother your allergies
  9. Porties will exercise your kids for you
  10. Portuguese Water Dogs have a lot of stamina, but they’re not crazy or nuts. They don’t go wild with energy.

hypoallergenic portuguese water dog.

Top 10 worst things about a Portuguese Water Dog (objectively speaking!)

  1. Portuguese Water Dogs can be chewers
  2. A bored Portie will find ways to entertain themselves, at your expense
  3. Portuguese Water Dogs need a lot of exercise
  4. These dogs aren’t a great choice for the elderly
  5. A Portie wouldn’t be happy be alone in the house every day while you work 9-5
  6. Their curly hair can form hard mats (like dreadlocks) if you don’t groom them properly
  7. Portuguese Water Dogs are sensitive, so you have to not be a jerk about it if they do something wrong.
  8. Porties are big dogs. You might have trouble finding an apartment that will take them, or a hotel for when you’re traveling.
  9. Portuguese Water Dog puppies are pretty expensive
  10. It can be hard to find a breeder that sells Portuguese Water Dog puppies because they’re rare.

do portuguese water dogs shed.

How energetic is a Portuguese Water Dog?

High energy, medium intensity. They have a lot of fuel to burn, but they don’t go crazy and start jumping all over the place like a maniac.

Are Portuguese Water Dogs intelligent?

Yes! Not only are Porties very intelligent; they’re also really versatile! There’s a lot you can do with a well-trained Portuguese Water Dog (like agility, for instance).

Are Portuguese Water Dogs easy to train?

Absolutely. Portuguese Water Dogs really care about your opinion. As long as you’re consistent, and not over-the-top when it comes to reprimanding, your Portie will respect you, and want to make you happy.

Are Portuguese Water Dogs friendly?

Yes! Although, they can be a little aloof with strangers. Even so, they’ve very friendly to other dogs, and they adore their “person”.

Are Portuguese Water Dogs good for apartments?

No. Other websites will disagree with me, but hear me out. If you’re not the kind of person who is home for most of the day (or has someone in the family who is), and you’re also not the kind of person who either will take your dog jogging, or take them somewhere that they can burn energy off-leash – a Portuguese Water Dog really isn’t the dog for you. They need social interaction and exercise on a daily basis … and a back yard is perfect for them to burn extra energy when they’re home.

Is the Portuguese Water Dog a good dog for kids?

Yes. They’re especially great for kids that love playing outdoors and about 7 or older. Be warned – these dogs are powerful. Most kids can’t walk a Portie if it’s not leash-trained.

How do you groom a Portuguese Water Dog?

First, you need to brush them about 2-3 times a week. It’s important to keep an eye out for matted fur because their fur mats easily. Porties that are playing in the woods or the water may need even more brushing. Next, you’ll want to trim them every three months or so. Aside from that, just be sure to brush their teeth and clean their ears once a week, and trim their nails every three weeks. That’s it, really.

How healthy are Portuguese Water Dogs?

Quite! Porties aren’t overbred, which is great. They can get hip dysplasia just like German Shepherds can, so you’ll want to make sure your breeder has tested the parents for hip problems. They can also get Addison’s disease, which can mess up their metabolism. Porties can be prone to eye problems – just like their Poodle relatives. One thing you really should research is “GM-1 Storage Disease”. This is a rare disease that Portuguese Water Dogs can get, and unfortunately, it’s fatal. Affected dogs don’t live beyond puppyhood. Breeders can’t breed dogs that are carriers of this disease. That being said, if you go with a bad breeder – or worse, if you buy your puppy from a puppy store – then you run the risk that your Portuguese Water Dog may be infected. Find a good breeder by looking for breeders that are accepted into a Portuguese Water Dog club.


How much do Portuguese Water Dog puppies cost?

Between $2,000 and $6,000.

Where can I buy a Portuguese Water Dog?

If you’re in the US, contact the PWDCA rescue for breeders or rescues near you.