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Maintaining a regular grooming schedule is the best way to ensure your pup is always looking their best. But with so many brands and different grooming tools on the market, it can be tricky to find the right ones for your pups. Do you need a slicker brush, finishing comb, or rake?

Chris Christensen is one of the biggest names in the dog grooming industry. Yet, what’s so special about its range, and should you choose this brand for your dog’s grooming needs?

Chris Christensen — Contents

About Chris Christensen — The Founder

Chris Christensen began developing products in 1996. He created the first color-correcting shampoo for dogs and cats, which rapidly gained momentum and allowed his brand to expand.

Before that, he was a successful rep selling beauty products like hairspray and premium shampoo. However, Chris saw a massive opportunity and made the decision to incorporate his knowledge into the dog grooming world. This is where he created his famous White on White shampoo that worked similarly to shampoos widely from hairdressers.

This gap in the market was quickly filled by Chris Christensen. 

His products became the ideal choices for those participating in dog shows who wanted products to pick up where others failed to improve. His line has consistently grown from there and led to his products being used by groomers, show dog owners, and pet lovers alike.

All products are a group effort between Chris and his wife, Lisa Christensen, who founded and own the company.

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About the Chris Christensen Brand

If you’ve heard of Chris Christensen you may know its extensive range covers all kinds of canine coat care needs. And, if you haven’t. Lines are aimed toward show dogs needing a reliable range of coat-specific products, coat treatments, grooming tools, and solutions to commonly faced grooming issues. 

From humble beginnings — a small garage in Texas — the brand has since grown into a 30,000-square-foot facility in Fairfield. And, with the help of its 30+ employees, the brand now makes and distributes almost 500 different products from its HQ. 

Chris Christensen is consistently releasing new lines and has a minimum of five products being developed at all times. 

Ask anyone in the dog grooming industry, and they’ll tell you that Chris Christensen covers all bases with its huge range of products for dog showing and grooming salons. These tools have faced hours of trials and testing to achieve perfect results.

The brand will only release a product if passes its three-question test, which is:

  • Does this product serve a purpose for our customers?
  • Is there a product like this on the market?
  • If so, can we make it better?

Chris Christensen Grooming Tools

With almost 500+ products, it’s easy to see why so many pooch parents want to know more about the effectiveness and reliability that the Chris Christensen range promises to deliver. From intense coat treatments for all breeds to the quietest force dryers, its range of products is broad and carefully considered.

The flagship Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush is one of the most high-ranking products in the grooming industry for its multi-purpose use and variety of sizes to suit any dog. Let’s look at a selection of the brand’s brushes, tools, conditioners, shampoos, and more.

Chris Christensen Dog Brushes

The Christensen brush range covers dogs of any age, every use, and coat type — from slicker brushes, pin brushes, and bristle brushes. But which line is best for your pooch?

Pin Brushes

chris christensen pin brush.

The Chris Christensen pin brush is a handy maintenance brush for most coat types and perfect for newbies and professionals alike. Its Original Series brushes are firm and cushioned, but its other lines, such as the Gold Series, offer a softer cushion if your pooch has more sensitive skin.

Slicker Brushes

chris christensen slicker brushes.

The slicker brush by Chris Christensen is a favorite for those wanting to save their wrists from aching. It takes the effort out of removing the undercoat and de-matting your pooch’s coat. 

Chris Christensen‘s slicker brush designs are varied — with a huge range of sizes, lengths and shapes designed to accommodate every area of your dog — armpits, heads, and even around their face.

You can also choose from a Chris Christensen long pin slicker brush such as the CC coral brush (aka the Chris Christensen Big G dog slicker brush) or the Big K brush that has 30 percent fewer pins in comparison and works best for pooches with a cotton texture to their coat, or Huskies and Australian Shepherds. For more detail on these two popular slickers, check out our Big G vs Big K section.

Specialty Brushes

chris christensen specialty brush.

If you’ve been searching for a specific brush to suit your pooch’s coat, the range of Chris Christensen grooming tools also branches into specialty brushes. With applications such as:

  • Dense brushes — for powder chalk application. 
  • Anti-tangle Ice Slip brushes — to work alongside their Ice system. 
  • T-rakes — that glide through knots without pulling your pup’s coat to create a no-effort use. 

Brushes are made of synthetic or natural bristles and are designed to absorb oils to leave a smooth sleek finish — so, each brush is a very personal preference.

Chris Christensen Combs and Rakes

chris christensen T-Rake.

No grooming tool kit would be complete without the perfect comb or rake for your fluffy friend. Chris Christensen has a wide range of combs to suit almost every need — from breed-specific through to area-specific, such as for the face and feet. 

Here is a roundup of the brand’s current range:

  • 500 Series combs — suitable for everyday maintenance of most coats.
  • De-matting combs — heavyweight comb that’s perfect for removing matts without breaking any hair.
  • Finishing combs — designed to add those perfect finishing touches to those long silky coats. These are available in different sizes, from 5 inches to 7.5 inches.
  • Greyhound style combs — buttercombs designed to glide through hair without catching or snagging.
  • Poodle combs — perfect for Poodles and dogs with coarse fur. These combs not only detangle but can also be used to fluff up those curly locks.
  • Specialty combs — created to tend to certain areas of the body, such as the face or feet.
  • Teaser combs — designed to fluff up those thick curly coats.

The range also has rakes and I don’t mean those for the garden. Weighted and ergonomically designed, these tools help remove knots and tangles without causing the user any wrist strain. 

To learn more about Christ Christensen’s combs and more, check out our guide on the best dog combs for matt-free coats.

Dog-Friendly Shampoos and Conditioning Treatments

While many products are geared towards show use, the brand hasn’t forgotten the regular family furbaby. You’ll find coat care products you can use as part of your at-home grooming regime. 

For example, its Day to Day range includes a gentle and soothing shampoo that’s suitable for all coat types. It’s even ok for allergy-prone or dry skin as it lightly moisturizes.

And, if your dog suffers from skin allergies or conditions, its Peace and Kindness line could appeal. It treats issues, such as hot spots, itchy skin, and even fungal or yeast infections without stripping away natural oils. 

We’ve put together a complete guide on Dog Shampoos for Allergies, why not take a look. 

Conditioning Treatments

Conditioners are a vital way to prevent matting and discomfort for your pooch’s coat. The brand offers solutions for your pup’s needs, whether they have dry skin, curly hair, or a silky coat. 

The Ice on Ice products score highly for those wanting to detangle and de-matt a scruffy pup. They work to repel dirt, urine, dust, and pollutants that can cause your dog’s coat to tangle easily, and also cause allergic reactions that result in an uncomfortable pooch. 

The Diamond Series conditioner is the newest addition to the range that helps dull coats find their shine again. It works by removing static and taming those wild coats with its pro-vitamin formula.

Blow Dryers

To add to its extensive list, Chris Christensen has also developed several doggy blow dryers. The Kool Dry and Xtreme Dryers blow cool to warm air to avoid over-drying your pooch’s coat and causing dry, itchy skin.

A dog blow dryer is a fantastic tool for show dogs, or if you happen to have a dog with thick fur that isn’t afraid of getting dirty. The benefits of dog blow dryers include the ability to “blow out” their old coat and minimize the amount of fur they shed across your home.

Find out more in our guide on the Best Dog Blow Dryers.

Dog Shears

If you’re a professional or prefer to groom your pooch at home, using dog shears — or scissors — is an ideal way to trim away excess hair. The Chris Christensen dog shears are well-built and sturdy, which is why they’re favored in professional settings such as dog shows, and grooming salons.

However, that’s not to say you can’t use them at home on your precious Poodle. Some shears, like the Classic series, are built for all levels of experience. From artisan thinning shears, chunky blenders, and curved shears, you can find a great range for any use! 

For the full low-down, read our guide on the Best Dog Grooming Scissors.

Chris Christensen Big G vs Chris Christensen Big K Slicker Brush

These two slicker brushes are among the most popular grooming tools the brand has created, they look similar, but there are subtle differences. Here’s a quick roundup of each one:

Big G Chris Christensen

chris christensen big g slicker brush.
  • Pins are densely packed.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Works great for dealing with matts, tangles, and even knots.
  • Helps with removing loose hair during shedding.
  • Best for curly and double-coated breeds.

Chris Christensen Big K Slicker Brush

    chris christensen big k slicker brush.
    • Ergonomic handle.
    • Effectively removes undercoat.
    • Amazing for smaller tangles and knots.
    • Helps to create lift and volume in the coat.
    • Wider paddle and fewer pins.
    • Better suited to thicker undercoats and removing tangles without pain.

    In short, your dog’s coat type will define which works best for you.

    chris christensen grooming tools.


    It’s easy to see why coat care can feel overwhelming for us grooming DIYers. But once you start researching and using products such as the vast range from Chris Christensen, it’s easy to see why so many of us fall in love with this enjoyable task.

    Whether you’re a professional dog groomer who attends shows, or someone looking to source the best products for their pooch — the Chris Christensen range contains more than 500 well-planned and lovingly created products for any pooch.

    Chris Christensen FAQs

    Are Chris Christensen’s Brushes Worth It?

    The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush and Big K Brushes are some of the most popular on the market for professionals and dog owners. They’re fantastic for removing dead under-coats without hurting your dog’s skin and leaving a fluffed-up finish.

    What Is the Difference Between a Pin Brush and a Slicker Brush?

    The pin brush is very similar to the slicker brush, but the wire pins on a pin brush are straight. In contrast, slicker brush pins are bent and are more densely packed in the brush head. 

    Who Owns Chris Christensen?

    Chris and Lisa Christensen are co-founders and owners of the brand.

    How Often Should I Use a Slicker Brush on My Dog?

    It depends on your breed and coat type. Some may require daily attention, whereas others could be fine with a weekly brush-through. Slicker brushes remove the undercoat and prevent matts. But, during shedding season, you can use a rake-style brush once a week to remove more undercoat.

    What Is the Difference Between Chris Christensen Baby K and Baby G?

    The number of pins. 

    Both are slicker brushes and scaled down versions of the Big G and K. The Baby G has more pins, and they’re closer together — ideal for curly coats. The Baby K’s pins are more spread out and better suited to thicker coats.

    Which Chris Christensen Brush for Goldendoodle?

    There are two Chris Christensen brushes that are recommended by many Doodle owners — the Big G Coral slicker brush and the Big K slicker brush. The one that’s best for your Poodle mix will depend on their coat type.