Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Paw Doormat.

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Paw Doormat

With an absorbent microfiber surface, the Dog Gone Smart dirty paws mat picks up dirt and soaks up moisture quickly — keeping the mess on the mat, not your floor. 

It also comes with a brilliant non-slip backing, which holds it in place — stopping your dog from sliding around while they’re wiping their paws. And, as it’s machine washable, you’ll save even more cleaning time.

  • High absorbency rate. 
  • Adorable paw print decoration.
  • Comes in four different sizes.

While every dog is different, they all know how to make a mess — muddy paw prints down the hallway are guaranteed from wet walkies. Dog dirt mats make this mess more manageable. These mats are made from highly absorbent material and built in a way that attracts your dog’s dirt and debris, and sucks up any sogginess before it’s tracked through your home.

Top Dog Dirt Mat Comparison Table





Size options: 4

Material: Microfiber / Synthetic Rubber

Non-slip: Yes

Machine washable: Yes

  • Traps dirt and water.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Very durable.

Product Rating: 4.7/5


Size options: 6

Material: Polyester / Synthetic Rubber

Non-slip: Yes

Machine washable: Yes

  • Reinforced overlock edges.

  • Comes in six different sizes.

  • Ideal for low-clearing doors.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Size options: 5

Material: Chenille / Synthetic Rubber

Non-slip: Yes

Machine washable: Yes

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • One-inch chenille that soaks up to 5x its weight.

  • TPR backing for maximum traction.

Product Rating: 4.4/5


Size options: 3

Material: Chenille, Microfiber / Rubber

Non-slip: Yes

Machine washable: Yes

  • Five times more absorbent than other dirt trapper mats for dogs.

  • Double stitching for more durability.

  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Product Rating: 4.5/5


Size options: 2

Material: Polyester / Natural Rubber

Non-slip: Yes

Machine washable: No

  • Deep grooves for capturing dirt.

  • Thickness — ideal for all doors.

  • Weather resistant.

Product Rating: 4.4/5


Size options: 8

Material: Chenille, Microfiber / Hot Melt Adhesive

Non-slip: Yes

Machine washable: Yes

  • Suitable for bathrooms, doorways, or cars.

  • Chenille fabric makes this mat extremely soft.

  • Can also be used to dry pets after bathing.

Product Rating: 4.4/5

The Best Dog Dirt Mats Buying Guide

Dogs love walkies, but when the weather isn’t great they have a habit of tracking the outside in. If you feel like you’re forever mopping up paw prints, dog dirt mats could be one solution. 

While these mats look pretty similar to a regular dog mat, it’s designed to trap dust, detritus and soak up moisture from wet paws. And, it’s not exclusive to your canine companion, you can use it too.

What Dirt Mat for Dogs Do I Need?

Everyone’s needs are different, but there are a few general points you may wish to consider before you purchase a dog doormat for muddy paws


As you’ll most likely be placing your dirt trapping mat in an entranceway, it’s going to get a lot of paw and footfall. Hence, a grippy underside is a good idea. This will not only prevent it from traveling, but also provides a steady base for when your dog wipes their paws. 

Easy to Clean 

Time is valuable to all of us, so when we can save some, it’s always a plus. Thus, keep an eye out for a muddy paws mat that’s straightforward to keep clean. For example, mats that are machine washable offer a fuss-free approach, but those that can be put in the dryer or are quick drying will also cut down cleaning time. 


What’s the point of buying a product if you’re going to have to replace it every month? These mats to stop muddy paws are going to get a lot of wear and tear, especially if you have more than one dog. Look for double or reinforced stitching and mats made from strong materials.


This is also a very important factor to consider when buying a dog dirt mat. You’ll want to make sure that any detritus remains on your mat, not your home.

Look for surface materials like microfiber, which attracts dirt as well as soaks up water. Also, check the thickness of the rug, or for absorbency levels.


Dogs don’t only get muddy when they’re in the garden, so if you often drive your pup to their favorite walkies trail, you might want something to save your car as well as your floors. This is where versatility comes into play. Some mats are designed for indoor-only use, but others can be used in cars and outside as well. 

So, think about where you intend to use your mat the most. Will it be a permanent fixture inside your doorway, or are you likely to use it elsewhere?

Why Use a Door Mat for Muddy Paws?

If you have a dog, you’ll know the challenge of mud trailing through your house and having to clean it up afterward. These guys are lifesavers when it comes to keeping dirt in one place and having a nice place for your pup to clean their paws. 

So, why else should you use a muddy paws mat

  • Reducing mess and keeping your home cleaner. 
  • Keep your pets happy. 
  • Good transition from outdoor to indoor spaces.
  • Makes your home more hygienic — cutting down on bacteria brought into your home.

Could help reduce allergens in your home — catching pollen and dust from your dog’s paws.

The Best Dog Mat for Muddy Paws

So with all the dirt mats out there, which lucky eight have made it to our favorites list? Let’s take a look:

The Dog Gone dog mat for muddy paws is ideal for dog owners who want a multi-use mat. Not only will it reduce mess entering your house, but it can also be used in the car after walks, and in crates. Or if your dog is a messy eater, it can be placed under food/water bowls to catch spillages. 

With its plush, super-absorbent microfiber top layer, it effortlessly traps dirt and soaks up moisture. Plus, underneath, it has a heavy-duty non-skid gripper to prevent mat movement, so you can wipe your dog’s paws without worrying about sliding all over the place.

You’ll also be happy to know that this mat is machine washable, so you won’t have to waste time on hand washing or brushing this mat to keep it clean. Simply pop it in the washer and put it out to air dry. 

And, with four sizes and 15 colors to choose from you’re sure to find one that’s suitable for your needs and that matches your decor.


  • Highly absorbent. 
  • Double/even stitching. 
  • Versatile. 
  • Washing machine-friendly.


  • Smaller than some expected.

If you’re on the hunt for a dirt mat for a low-clearance door, the PURRUGS muddy paw floor mat could be one solution. The top layer is low pile, yet it’s densely packed to absorb water and pick up any dirt or detritus your dog tracks inside. And, the reinforced overlock edges let your dog get rid of that mud a lot easier. 

It also comes with anti-skid synthetic rubber backing to make sure it’s not slipping all over the floor — which could be hazardous if you have a clumsy one in your family.

 This is also an easy mat to clean because of the fade and stain-resistant polyester carpet surface. Simply run your vacuum over it. If you’re after a deeper clean, you can throw it in the washing machine — cold wash and use a mild detergent. What’s more, you can also tumble dry it on a low heat, which makes cleaning so much easier.

The six different size options mean you can choose where to put your mat, so if you want a pet entry or a mat for a back door, the choice is completely yours.


  • Barefoot-friendly surface.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Seven colors available. 
  • Six sizes to choose from.


  • Not the cheapest dog dirt mat around.

If you have tiled, wooden, or laminate flooring, this muddy paws rug is ideal. Thanks to its thermoplastic (synthetic) rubber backing, it offers loads of traction — making sure that it sticks to the floor and doesn’t move when your dog, or you, use it. 

What you’ll also find with this mat is that it’s built to last because of the sturdy materials and the strong double stitching. So, you won’t have to worry about replacing this mat every few months, which is great news for your pocket. 

With a plush feel, this mat is super cozy and soft to step on, so your dog shouldn’t get irritated by it. They might even spend a bit too much time on it because it’s so soft! It can also be used as an outdoor dog mud mat!


  • Washer and dryer suitable.
  • Anti-slip. 
  • Super comfy to step on. 
  • Built to last.


  • More color choices would be good.

If you’re after an absorbent mud rug for dogs, this mat from My Doggy Place could be perfect for you. The brand states its rug has an absorbency rate five times higher than regular dog mats — which is ideal if you need a dog mat for wet paws.

This dog muddy mat is also slip resistant. The rubberized adhesive/fibers make sure that it remains in place when your dog rushes in or out the door. It also means that you can use it inside and outside.

The double stitching and tough construction also reinforce durability — meaning that it’ll put up with everyday use. And, it’s also machine washable, and dryer safe, which makes it all the more simple to take care of.


  • Machine washable. 
  • Quite quick to dry. 
  • Three sizes.
  • Five colors to choose from.


  • More size options would be an improvement.

This affordable rug for muddy dog paws is very durable because of its natural rubber backing. This backing also helps to make sure that you or your dog don’t slip when you step on it. 

You’ll find that this dog rug for dirty paws has been carefully designed with deep channels so dirt collects and remains on the mat. 

What’s more, Yimobra has designed this mat for all weather conditions — it won’t fade from the sun either — so you can leave it outside on the porch, or inside in the hallway — you decide what works best for you.

While it’s not machine washable it’s still reasonably hassle-free to keep clean, due to its water-proof nature. You can either shake the dirt away and then use a hose or give it the once over with your vacuum. 

And, that cute puppy and bones design is a nice touch.


  • Stain-resistant surface. 
  • Natural rubber backing.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Can use it in lots of places.


  • Heavier than others due to its solid rubber backing.



This dog dirty paw mat is our favorite for being the easiest to clean. It’s machine washable and fast drying — making life easier and much more stress-free. Bung it in the washing machine and air dry — all done! This is down to its chenille microfiber, which is odorless too. 

There are also three sizes to this rug for muddy dog paws so you can choose from small, medium, or large depending on what suits you, your dog, and your space the best!

It’s also a multipurpose rug that you can not only use for your house but also your car, your bathroom, and wherever you see fit — as long as it’s indoors. It’s also very soft and absorbent, so your dog won’t be uncomfy whilst scratching away the dirt of the day. 

What’s more, the synthetic rubber backing ensures grip for a non-slip paw wipe and offers the underside protection.


  • Neutral color choice.
  • Thick pile surface. 
  • Anti-slip. 
  • Multipurpose.


  • Not suitable for outdoor use.

Now, the Nicetown Dog Rug is our favorite for softness and comfort — your dog may even use it to snooze on. It also comes in loads of different colors to suit your home as well as your preferences. You can choose from a taupe color to a pink or a green — there are many options. 

The chenille fabric makes it super soft and comfortable, and don’t worry, you won’t be left with the smell of wet dog on the rug, which is great news. Who would want that? 

Its grooved pattern is great for collecting all the dirt your dog may bring into your home because of the thousands of microfibers working together. It’s also very good at absorbing water, so all is well if it’s rain or shine outside. 

You can use it anywhere from your bathroom, to your kitchen, to your front entrance, it can even double as a towel for drying your dog.


  • Lots of colors to choose from. 
  • Good range of sizes. 
  • Indoor/outdoor use.
  • Easy to look after.


  • Pile may be too thick for some internal doors.

AROGAN Indoor Door Mat

AROGAN Absorbent Indoor Door Mat.

Last on our list, we have the AROGAN Indoor muddy paws doormat, which we’d say is the best for quick drying. While the pile is a lush depth of one inch, it’s made of chenille microfiber that’s not only super absorbent, but also permits moisture to evaporate rapidly. 

All the dirt from your dog will simply fall between the little fiber rods in the mat. To clean it, you just need to pick it up and give it a shake to let everything fall out — simple! You can also use a vacuum to suck up any dirt. However, if you fancy a deeper clean, the washing machine will do the job perfectly fine too! 

You’ll also find synthetic rubber in this mat, to ensure it doesn’t move around every time they stand on it.


  • High quality.
  • Skid-resistant. 
  • Bone and paw design. 
  • Soft-to-touch material.


  • May not be the best muddy dog mat for chewers.


So, if you’re on the hunt for the best dirt trapper door mat/s, you can see that there is a wide range of products out there to suit your home and your dog’s muddy paws

For example, the soft-touch NICETOWN doubles nicely as a dog bed, while if you’re looking for one that dries quickly, the AROGAN could be a good choice. However, our favorite has to be the Dog Gone — with its thick super-absorbent surface and grippy backing, plus plenty of colors and sizes for all scenarios. 

When you’re searching for a dog mat for dirty paws, remember the vital points to look for — durability, absorbency, anti-slip, and ease of cleaning. All these things come together to make the perfect dog dirt mats.

Best Mat To Stop Muddy Paws FAQs


Do Mud Mats for Dogs Work?

Dog dirt mats are made from highly absorbent material and designed to catch any detritus your dog may track in. However, you’ll still need to train your dog to remain on the mat long enough to clean those paws. Offering your dog a few treats on the mat should help. 

How Do You Protect a Carpet From Muddy Paws?

There are a few ways to stop a carpet from getting muddy paws on it:

  • Use a dog dirt mat.
  • Ensure your dog only comes in one entrance when muddy.
  • Make carpeted areas ‘no-dog’ zones.
  • Keep a towel by the entrance door.

Can Dirt Mats Go Anywhere?

Generally, yes. Dog dirt mats can be placed anywhere that works for you. Some are even suitable for external use.

Are Dirt Mats Good for Dogs? 

Yes! Dirt mats make sure that your dogs stay nice and clean (and your home of course!). And, they also help to get rid of any possible harmful bacteria and fungus that your dog may have picked up from outside.

What Size Dirt Mat Do I Get?

A lot of people will suggest getting a dirt mat that’s the same width as your door or slightly wider. However, if you’re someone who really doesn’t want to get dirt inside their house, go larger. 

You’ll also want to consider the size of your dog and your washing machine. There’s no point buying a huge mat if you’re not going to be able to fit it into your washer to give it a good clean. 

How Do I Keep My Dogs Paws From Getting Muddy?

There are a few different ways that you can prevent your dog from getting muddy paws, such as:

  • Try to avoid muddy areas when out and about with your pup.
  • Set up a wash station, preferably outside.
  • Carry wipes with you when out on a walk.
  • Dog boots/shoes may be another option.
  • Train your pup to wait by the entrance so you can clean them up before entering.