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Sweepa — Rubber Broom

Sweepa – Rubber Broom 

Made from rubber, this broom for pet hair by Sweepa is suitable for multiple surfaces — from carpets to concrete, inside and outside. The bristle is unflagged, offering durability. And, it’s very portable and lightweight — handy if you have a lot of floor space to sweep. 

    • Made from rubber.
    • Unflagged bristle — longer-lasting.
    • Indoor and outdoor compatibility.

Do you clip your dog at home? Maybe your pooch is a heavy-shedder? Or perhaps you have a dog allergy, and minimizing pet hair in the home is top of your priorities? Even if your dog is low-shedding, you may still find rogue hairs about the place. This is where a dog hair broom could come in handy — it’s a quick fix to avoid any fly-away fluff!

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Sweepa — Rubber Broom

Bristle type: Rubber

Handle length: N/a - Head only

Head size: 11.8 inches

Style: Push/pull

  • Double-sided head.

  • Great as a replacement head.

  • Ideal for hard and soft floors.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Grandi Groom — AB24 Carpet Rake

Bristle type: Nylon-fiber

Handle length: 54 inches

Head size: 18 inches

Style: Push/pull

  • Extra wide head.

  • Rake style.

  • Removes hair from carpet.

Product Rating: 4.3/5

ANLIZY — Carpet Rake

Bristle type: Steel and copper

Handle length: 17 - 60 inches

Head size: 10 inches

Style: Pull

  • Adjustable handle.

  • Suitable for deep pile carpets.

  • Sturdy and durable.

Product rating: 4.4/5

FURemover — Pet Hair Remover

Bristle type: Rubber

Handle length: 36 - 60 inches

Head size: 12 inches

Style: Push/pull

  • Telescopic handle.

  • Rubber brush head.

  • Suitable for multiple surfaces.

Product rating: 4.1/5

FURemover — XL Heavy Duty Pet Hair Remover

Bristle type: Rubber

Handle length: 36 - 60 inches

Head size: 12 inches

Style: Push/pull

  • Large head.

  • Made from pet-hair-attracting rubber.

  • Heavy-duty surfaces.

Product rating: 4.0/5

Best Dog Hair Broom Buying Guide

if you have pets in your home, a dog hair broom could save you a lot of time and hassle compared to a regular broom. These sweepers have been designed so that all your doggy’s fur is trapped and won’t go anywhere! These brooms are pretty cool because they also clump your pup’s hair all together, meaning you can remove it from the brush much easier.

Why You Need a Dog Hair Remover Broom

Hairs, hairs get everywhere! And, they have a fantastic ability to hide and bury themselves in carpets or the corners of your room. Here are a few reasons why you need a broom for dog hair in your home. 

Highly Effective

The main benefit of a dog hair broom is that they’re designed to pick up dog hair and they do it in a highly effective way. These brooms trap the dog hair and allow you to easily remove it whether that be with a vacuum or just by hand.

Heavy Shedding Dogs

If you have a pup that sheds daily like a Golden Retriever, or blows their coat in style like a Husky, then it’s most likely that your pup is leaving a great deal of hair around your home. So, you will benefit from a dog hair sweeper. 

Ideal for Quick Clean-ups

A dog hair broom is also more convenient than lugging the vacuum around each time. Not only are brooms lighter, but they’re also a lot quieter. They’re handy if you only want to give your room a quick touch-up between thorough cleans or before guests come over. 

Home Grooming 

It also means that you can groom your pup inside with an easy way to clean up after, especially in the colder months when you may not want to take them outside as much!

What To Look For in a Dog Hair Broom

If you’re after the best dog hair broom for you, your pup, and your home, then there are a few things that you may want to consider.

Types of Bristles/Floor Type

The first thing you’ll want to consider is what type of bristles you’re after. The truth is, there’s an overwhelming amount of brooms types out there, like rubber bristles, long heads, microfiber heads, or rake-looking ones. 

Rubber bristles are typically more effective on hard floors or woven rugs and carpets. While a rake-style bristle will do wonders on long pile carpets and rugs. So, your floor type/s will have a bearing on what’s going to work best for you. 


How your broom works is also going to have an impact on your decision. If you have a rubber bristle brush, then they generally use a push-or-pull method to remove pet hair from carpets. And, while there are exceptions, the rake-like heads typically use a pull action, in the same way as a garden rake.

Head Size

Now this is an obvious one, in that, the bigger the broom head size, the more ground you will cover in a shorter space of time. So, if you have large open areas in your home a larger head will be a better choice. But, if you need to maneuver around furniture, a smaller head size will work better.

Handle Length

Think about the length of the handle. For mainly floor work, a standard length of between 54 to 60 inches should be fine. However, if you intend on cleaning small areas, such as stairs, a shorter handle will be better for maneuverability and ease of use. That said, you’ll also find height-adjustable handles, so you can sweep both. 

Ease of Cleaning

Now that you have all that fur on your brush, how easy it is to clean is going to be your next question. Most of these brushes require you to remove the hair manually from the bristles. Rubber bristles tend not to let the hair stick to them, while still gathering pet hair, so are easier to clean. You can also rinse them down with water to get rid of any dirt or debris.

    The Best Brooms for Dog Hair — Our Shortlist

    We’ve hand-picked some of our favorite best cordless dog trimmers on the market.

    Sweepa’s dog broom is our favorite fur remover broom — and here’s why. 

    Made completely from natural rubber, for one, you shouldn’t have any issues if you have allergies. For two, as it’s a solid mold, with unflagged bristles, it’s extremely durable, meaning it’s likely to last the distance. And, for three, this material has an inherent knack for collecting hairs, lint and other tiny bits and pieces. 

    While Sweepa says its broom is suitable for all surfaces — from concrete to carpets, we’d suggest this is the best broom for hardwood floors and pet hair. However, another massive pro is the fact that you can use it both inside and outside, whether it’s wet or dry.

    Sweepa — Rubber Broom


    • Versatile. 
    • Suitable for wet or dry surfaces.
    • Can be used inside and outside.


    • Head only — handle requires a separate purchase.

    The Grandi Groom broom, or should we say, carpet rake, is perfect if you have a canine and large carpeted areas in your home. Looking like a tool you’d have for your yard, its nylon tines efficiently lift and loosen dirt or pet hair trapped within your carpet pile.

    The head itself is an extra-wide 18 inches, so it will cover large areas quickly, cutting down on clean-up time — ideal if you’re in a rush, or really despise doing the chores. And, with a 54-inch (fixed-height) handle, your back shouldn’t ache after use. 

    What’s more, thanks to the flexible teeth, you can use the push-pull method before vacuuming to bring all the dirt and hair to the surface, making vacuuming easier. Likewise, using the same method post-vacuum will remove those annoying track marks — handy if you’re a clean freak.

    Grandi Groom — AB24 Carpet Rake


    • Removes vacuum track marks. 
    • Gives your carpet that like-new appearance.
    • Can be used on carpet and furniture.


    • Not suitable for hard floors.
    • Handle — not height-adjustable.

    If you love thick, plush rugs, or even carpet, in your home, you can bet your dog will do too. Hence, the ANLIZY carpet rake is worth a look. It’s suitable for floor mats, rugs, and carpets, especially if they have long piles.

    The long stainless steel handle — 60 inches max — saves your back, with little risk of bending too much. And, as it comes in sections, you can tailor the height to your job in hand — from a minimum of 17.3 inches — useful for staircases or soft furnishings, like pet beds or couches. 

    All you need to do is scrape for a few minutes, and your job will be complete — easy peasy. It’s also very sturdy, so it won’t snap anytime soon, and the head itself is made from high-quality copper and steel, meaning it’s rust-proof. 

    ANLIZY — Carpet Rake


    • Hanging hook for hassle-free storage.
    • Great for floor mats, rugs, and carpets. 
    • Simple to set up and to use.


    • Not suitable for Berber, woven floor mats, or knitted fabrics.

    In our opinion, the FURemover is for dog owners who need a pet-specific-sweeper for more than one floor type. This good broom for dog hair will work on hardwood, rugs, carpets, and linoleum, so it’s definitely a floor-all-rounder.

    Made from 100% natural rubber, it will attract your pet’s hair from the ground like a super magnet, making sure that cleaning up any fluff and fur is a quick and easy job. 

    This dog hair remover broom also has a telescopic handle, meaning you can adjust it to the height you prefer according to the area you’re cleaning. It ranges from 36 inches to 60 inches, so whatever you need, it can provide. The natural rubber head is removable and also super easy to clean, a quick wipe or rinse, and that’s it. 

    Lastly, with a built-in squeegee, you can use it for more than just dog hair, it’s suitable for shower screens, windows, and getting rid of any liquid spills you may experience.

    FURemover — Pet Hair Remover


    • Handle height from 36 – 60 inches. 
    • Natural rubber head.
    • Easy to clean.


    • Not as good for outdoor use.

    With an 18-inch-wide broom head, this robust rubber sweeping brush for dog hair is perfect for heavy-duty cleaning. Hence, if you’re a multi-pooch household, it could appeal. 

    Formed from durable, natural rubber, the FURemover XL — like the previous broom — can tackle lots of different floor types — concrete, hardwood, lino, tiles, even carpets and rugs. And, as it can be used outside with or without water, the extra-large head makes light work of dog runs, or kennel areas. 

    With its built-in squeegee edge, you can easily free your bathroom or kitchen from any pet hair that may be hanging around in there. It’s also great to remove any spills, so if your dog has an accident somewhere, it’s no drama to clean up. 

    Lastly, your posture doesn’t need to be sacrificed either, as the handle will go from 36 to 60 inches.

    FURemover — XL Heavy Duty Pet Hair Remover


    • Extendable handle. 
    • Built-in squeegee edge.
    • Great at removing spills and hair.


    • Could work better on rugs or carpets.


    If you have dogs, you’ll know only too well how quickly hair can accumulate, and sometimes a regular sweeper just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. 

    Whether you need a broom for thick carpeted areas, like the ANLIZY, a multi-surface sweeper, such as the FURemover, or one that’s built for heavy-duty clean-ups like the FURemover XL — there are best brooms for dog hair for all situations. However, our favorite has to be the Sweepa

    Don’t forget, there are a few things to consider when looking for the ideal brush for your home — such as your floor type/s, what bristles work best, and the area you’ll need to cover. These will determine the best dog hair broom for you. Happy sweeping!

    Best Dog Hair Broom FAQs


    What’s the Best Tool for Removing Dog Hair?

    To attack hairs head-on, you’re likely to need more than one tool. We’d suggest a dog hair broom combined with a vacuum for dog hair. Using the former for day-to-day or quicker clean-ups and the other for a deeper clean. 

    If you’re on a budget, a lint roller is a good shout for soft furnishings or small areas. However, I wouldn’t recommend cleaning your living room carpet with one. 

    What’s the Best Broom To Sweep Dog Hair?

    In our opinion, the best broom to pick up dog hair would be the Sweepa – Rubber Broom. It’s durable, built to collect hairs effectively on many surfaces, and is suited for outside and inside, wet or dry conditions. 

    How Can I Remove Dog Hair From My House?

    There are lots of ways you can do this, like using:

    • Window squeegees.
    • Vacuum cleaners for dog hair.
    • Dampened rubber gloves. 
    • Dog hair remover brooms.
    • Lint rollers. 

    It’s all down to your personal preference! 

    How Do I Keep My House Fur-Free?

    This is always really tough because dog hair just seems to get everywhere all the time! But there are ways to minimize hair in your home.

    How Do I Keep My Dog’s Hair Out of My Bedroom?

    One obvious option is to make your bedroom out of bounds and keep the door shut. However, hairs will travel, so if you’re finding a lot of hair in your bed, a HEPA filter on your vacuum could also help, as could an air purifier for dog hair.

    Do Rubber Brooms Really Work for Pet Hair?

    Brooms with natural rubber heads attract pet hair like a magnet, so they’re a huge help in decreasing the amount of hair in your home.