We love our dogs snuggles and kisses! But how can you care for your pup’s teeth so that their breath stays fresh? A lot like people, caring for your dog’s teeth is a good start in caring for their overall health. Many dogs, especially small breeds, struggle to have healthy teeth. Aside from breeding, breed characteristics, and genes, small breeds often struggle with this mostly because of their tiny mouths. Even big dogs can have bad breath or an unhealthy smile if not properly cared for. Check out some quick tips we’ve put together to help you care for your dog’s oral health.

Dog Chews

It sounds like an obvious choice, but providing your pet with a chew toy that doubles as a toothbrush can be a great start into your pet’s oral health journey! There are a lot of great toys available on the market today for all kinds of chewers. You may think your dog doesn’t really like toys, but there’s a chance they just haven’t found the one they like yet. Try several options of toys before ruling out chewing as a helpful task your dog can do for their teeth.

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However, maybe your dog just is not a “toy dog”. If that’s the case, the good news is most dogs love food. There’s nothing wrong with putting some peanut butter or soft food in a Kong toy, freezing it, and letting your pup clean their teeth while they work hard to get that lovely snack.

Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Did you know that you should brush your dog’s teeth and not just your own? There are specially designed tooth brushes for dogs and their shape of mouth. You want to be sure that you never use human toothpaste, but a toothpaste especially developed for dogs.

Dog toothpaste is specially formulated to be safe for dogs to ingest and also helps with their teeth and mouth specifically. Many toothpastes for dogs are also enzymatic. Basically, that means that when the toothpaste makes contact with your dog’s saliva it begins to break down the plaque on their teeth. This can be very helpful for those of us who have dogs that don’t love their daily brushing.

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Should you brush your dog’s teeth every day? It is helpful for your pet to have their teeth brushed 3-7 times a week.

Tips for brushing your dog’s teeth

When you start out introducing your pet to this new venture, be sure to keep it positive. You will want to start by brushing the top front teeth and then move to the back teeth. You will repeat this step again, but on the bottom. You can use lots of treats and praise! In between the front and the back teeth, you can give your dog a treat and a short break. It seems funny to feed your dog while brushing their teeth, after all aren’t you trying to get them clean? But when your pet is first learning how to sit through a helpful cleaning, treating them is the perfect way to encourage good behavior. Let them try some toothpaste, make it a game, and keep it fun. It’s helpful to touch your dog’s teeth and gums without the tooth brush. This will help them get used to their mouth being handled. Did you know it can also be helpful to choose a specific time to brush their teeth? Picking a time where you pet is calm will help make the whole process easier. Not all dogs are huge fans of having their mouth held and brushed at, but with time and patience your dog should learn to get more comfortable and allow a more thorough brushing.

Alternatives – Dog Mouthwash and Mouth Sprays

If your pup just seems to detest the idea of having their teeth brushed, you may be able to try something else. Many pet stores offer doggy mouth wash that can be added to their water or placed directly on the gums. There are also sprays that can be sprayed into your pet’s mouth to break down tarter and freshen breath. Every product is different, so be sure to check with your vet.

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Vet Dental Care

When you take your dog in for their checkup, be sure their teeth are being checked. Your vet can recommend how often your dog may need a dental, give you tips for cleaning, and can also alert you to any signs of infection, decay or disease.

We hope these tips on How To Clean Dogs Teeth At Home are helpful for you as you start this new venture. Not only will those good morning licks smell better, but your dog will be happier too!