Kerry Blues are amazing dogs. That’s the first thing you should know. They are happy, clownish velcro dogs that must be with you, always. Want some privacy in the bathroom? Not gonna happen. The downside to the Kerry Blue Terrier is that they do have that stubborn, independent streak, which can make training a challenge. If you want to be a Kerry Blue person, you’ve got to have a great sense of humor.

kerry blue terrier shed.

Are Kerry Blue Terriers hypoallergenic dogs?

Yes! Kerry Blue Terriers pretty much never shed, which means that they’re hypoallergenic.

What do Kerry Blue Terriers look like?

Tall, muscular, and square. Kerry Blues are actually born black, but their coat will come into its full greyish-blue hue at about 18 months. They have a weird, slightly curly coat, sort of like a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. They have long, flat faces, just like Airedale Terriers, Welsh Terriers, and Irish Terriers. In fact, they’re pretty similar to all three of these dogs.

Is the Kerry Blue Terrier right for me?

If you’re looking for a large-sized terrier, this dog may just be for you. You will need to have experience in raising and training dogs though because they need a lot of socialization so that they don’t develop aggressive habits.


Top 10 traits of the Kerry Blue Terrier

  1. Kerry Blues are velcro dogs – meaning they follow their owner absolutely everywhere.
  2. It’s pretty common for Kerry Blue Terriers to take up residence on, under, or next to your feet – which can be handy on cold winter days.
  3. Kerry Blue Terriers have an excellent sense of humor. They love making dog jokes just to make you laugh.
  4. These burly Terriers are nearly indestructible, so they’re a great option for families with kids who have dog manners, but would like a dog they can rough house or play with.
  5. Kerry Blue Terriers make excellent guard dogs, but they’re not yappy like their smaller terrier cousins.
  6. If you make training a game, and you don’t scold, your Kerry Blue is likely to pick up new tricks very quickly. They’re very intelligent.
  7. Kerry Blue Terriers are good at agility because they’re fast and agile.
  8. Most people who go Kerry Blue never go back. These dogs have such personable expressions and such unique, quirky personalities, that you will feel as though they are an unusually awesome human trapped in a dog body.
  9. Kerry Blue Terriers, with their abundance of energy, playfulness, and goofy personality, naturally seem to adore children – it’s a match made in heaven.
  10. Kerry Blue Terriers are an all-around versatile dog, so whatever sport you have in mind, you can be sure that they’ll want to join in!

do kerry blue terriers shed.

Top 10 worst things about a Kerry Blue Terrier (objectively speaking!)

  1. Kerry Blue Terriers can have issues with aggression towards other dogs, and going to the dog park is something only a very well socialized Kerry Blue can handle.
  2. Their coat requires quite a lot of grooming. You’ll be spending about $40 every three weeks.
  3. Despite being intelligent, their stubbornness and independence can make them difficult to train.
  4. Kerry Blues will sometimes get a kick out of spooking, chasing, and otherwise getting a rise out of smaller pets.
  5. Kerry Blue Terriers need to be brushed on a daily basis.
  6. The coat of the Kerry has a habit of collecting the wilderness and tracking it indoors if you go for woods walks.
  7. If you have a nice piece of property for your Kerry, they will surely bring you back all sorts of dead animal trophies as “sweet gifts”.
  8. Kerry Blue Terriers do not do well with being alone for long stretches of time. They absolutely must be by their person’s side.
  9. You can’t trust a Kerry Blue Terrier off-leash. They will bolt after prey, and it will take you forever to track them down.
  10. Kerry Blue Terriers can be pushy and bossy, so you will have to be consistent in your discipline for their entire life.

kerry blue terrier hypoallergenic.

How energetic is a Kerry Blue Terrier?

Quite energetic. Kerry Blue Terriers are tireless, with boundless energy and are best suited to active families.

Are Kerry Blue Terriers easy to train?

Nope. Although the truth is, if you’re a good, experienced dog trainer, with a good sense of humor, and you know how to make training a game for the Kerry – they will be excellent students. For most dog owners out there, Kerry Blues are obstinate, stubborn, pushy line-steppers.

How much do Kerry Blue Terrier puppies cost?

$1,000 – $3000. It depends on if you’re buying a pet quality, or show quality dog. Pet quality puppies are less expensive because they don’t have the “perfect appearance” necessary for showing.

Are Kerry Blue Terriers aggressive?

Yes. Kerry Blue Terriers can be aggressive to other dogs and to cats and small animals. It’s critical to train them for obedience and socialize them often from the day you bring them home.