The Best Maltese Dog Names 

You might think that choosing a name for a dog is quite simple, it can’t possibly be as tough as naming a child, right? Well, we’re afraid that isn’t quite true. There are a couple of things you have to think about before naming your pup — we’ll touch on that later. 

However, to get your creative juices flowing, we’ve got the perfect list of Maltese dog names for you. These are sure to capture the personality of your new fluffy hypoallergenic friend while also being easy to pronounce so that there’s no confusion for your pet.

Maltese Dog Names — What To Think About 

Choosing a dog name is just as important as choosing your child’s name — minus the legalities. 

The reasons being — your dog won’t respond straight away, it will cause confusion, and you’ll have to spend time retraining them to understand their new name. So, let’s hop into what you need to start thinking about when looking at Maltese puppies’ names

What Sounds Best?

This may sound a little silly, but to make it nice and simple for your pup, you need to make it understandable so when you call it out, it makes sense. 

Keeping their names to one or two syllables will help them grasp their name and not get too confused. Choosing a shorter name for your Maltese, you’ll find that it’s much easier to join with a command, and your dog will understand it better.

Don’t Use Similar Names To Commands

This is also a good thing to keep an eye out for — as your pup could get easily confused, especially when you’re training them for the first time. 

For example, if you name your pup Kit, it can often sound a bit close to ‘sit.’ Likewise, calling your dog Mo is too similar to the command ‘no,’ Nobody wants their pup getting confused, especially when you need them to listen during walkies.  

Would You Be Embarrassed?

One of the easiest things to remember when you’re naming your pup is to think about how it would sound aloud. In that, if you shout it in a park only to feel a gut-wrenching embarrassment, the odds are that it’s not a great name. It needs to suit your pup but it also needs to suit you. If you can’t shout it in a public place, don’t choose that name — simple.

Female Dog Names For Maltese

Here are some of our favorites if your new Maltese pup is a girl:

  • Daisy — A great name for your Maltese if they have a sweet personality because the first thing to come to anyone’s mind is sure to be the dainty flower of the same name. A brilliant light and summery name that means the ‘days eye’ that comes from British origins.
  • Luna With Latin roots, this name refers to the moon. It could be a great choice for your new pup if you’re a fan of Roman mythology or are a night owl.
  • Maggie Another great option for a dog with a lighter coat is Maggie because it means pearl. The name is of Greek origin and is perfect for a smaller dog like a Maltese because it’s cute while also being elegant and pretty.  
  • Piper If you’re a musical household, this could be a fitting moniker for your Maltese. The name is of British origins and means ‘pipe player’ or ‘flute player. So, if your pup is a little on the noisier side, this might be the perfect name.

Dog Names for Male Maltese

dog names for male maltese

Trying to find the perfect name for your male Maltese can be a little tricky — do you go with cute or macho? Let’s look at some of our top picks:

  • Duke — Duke has quite a strong sound, which may make your pup feel like royalty. This name comes from the Latin word “dux,” which is believed to have meant “leader.” So, if your Maltese is an intelligent, strong individual who would definitely be the leader of your pack, Duke is a fitting choice. 
  • Buddy — Meaning friend, if your pup is one of the nicest dogs you’ve met, this could be the one for you. The name doesn’t just represent friendship — it’s nice and simple for your pup to learn too. 
  • Charlie — A good one if your Maltese loves to be their own ‘person’ — it means “free.” If you think of real people named Charlie, they certainly possess this quality. Take Charlie Chaplin as an example. He was certainly a free-spirited and fun man to be around. 
  • Bruno — The name Bruno is ideal for a loyal and determined pup. Or, if your pup is independent and loves to be a little guardian. 
  • Max — One of the most popular names for male dogs. It comes from Roman times the Latin word “Maximus,” which refers to “the greatest.” So, if you think your pup is the greatest of all time, then crack on.
  • Milo — This name is of German origin, and it has two possible meanings — “soldier” or “merciful.” So, if your Maltese loves to be kind and show other pups who they are as well as being more on the protective side, this may be one to add to your shortlist.

Famous Maltese Names

Maltese Dog Names

Maybe you’re interested in a more popular name for a new furry friend:

  • Harley   The name of Heather Locklear’s male Maltese. 
  • Chloe Famous WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson has a little Maltese with this name.
  • Sugar The name of Elizabeth Taylor’s Maltese pup.
  • Marilyn Anna Nicole Smith named her pup after her idol Marilyn Monroe.
  • Jinxie After Eva Longoria’s famous little Maltese.
  • Skipper From the movie The Maltese Dog (2015).

White Maltese Names

white maltese names

The Maltese are famous for their awesome floor-length, silky coats. Here are a few ideas inspired by that white coat. 

  • Crystal.
  • Cotton.
  • Blanche.
  • Polar.
  • Marshmallow.
  • Puff.
  • Popcorn. 
  • Chardonnay.
  • Anwen.

Cute Dog Names For Maltese

cute maltese names

Being a toy breed, your little Maltese, in all its cuteness, needs a name that’s as cute as they are. Let’s see what options are out there for you:

  • Bella — This adorable name is one of the most popular for dogs. It means beautiful, which perfectly suits this pretty pup. 
  • Lily — As in the flower, is a symbol of purity. If your pup has a massively pure heart, put this name on your shortlist. 
  • Lucy — Originating from the Latin word lux, the name means light, so it’s a beautiful fit for your Maltese. If you feel like your dog truly lights up your life, it’s a brilliant choice for your pup. 
  • Toby — Short for Tobias, it means that God is good. If you want to stand out from the crowd, either Tobias or Toby are a great shout, and they’re also a really cute choice. It’s suitable for most dogs if they’re adorable enough! 
  • Oliver/Olly — Fitting for a cute male Maltese — it means descendant of the ancestor. So, if your pup has an air of being something special about them — this may be the perfect fit.
  • Lulu — The last of our cute Maltese names — the definition of Lulu is wonderful, or remarkable. Enough said.

Italian Maltese Dog Names

Venetian, Florentine, or Roman? If you’re looking for something with an Italiano vibe, we have some great ideas here:

  • Dante. 
  • Bruno.
  • Bianca.
  • Rosa.
  • Sofia.
  • Marco.
  • Aria.
  • Matteo.
  • Gemma.
  • Fabio.


We’re sure you’ll find the perfect name for your dog’s personality on our list. There’s something for everyone — whether you want something more traditional or a name that’s a little more out there. So, take a look through our favorite Maltese dog names and get creating your shortlist for your pup.

Maltese Dog Names FAQs

What Are Some Good Maltese Names?

The Maltese used to be owned by aristocratic families, and it was a sign of wealth if you owned one of these tiny toy dogs. Names that fit this image include: 

  • Charles.
  • William.
  • Elizabeth.
  • George.
  • Kate.

Is a Maltese a Royal Dog?

Maltese are loved by many, including some royals along the way. Specific royal figures that have loved the Maltese breed are Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. They both kept the breed in their palaces. 

Are Maltese Smart Dogs?

Maltese are very gentle pups and are also very intelligent and trusting. They’re brilliant family dogs and playful, so if you love a little bit of affection, this is the pup for you. 

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Maltese?

Being a toy dog, they have a long life span. They usually live around 12-15 years as they’re generally a healthy breed.

What Are Cute Rare Dog Names? 

You may be after something with a little more spice and uniqueness to it, so here are a few to get you started: 

  • Mercy.
  • Claire.
  • Simba.
  • Toast.
  • Brynn.
  • Ice.