Calm Hypoallergenic Dogs — The Most Tranquil Tail-Waggers

For dog lovers with allergies or those seeking a chilled and peaceful canine companion, the search for calm hypoallergenic dogs can be both exciting and challenging. 

Hypoallergenic dogs are breeds that produce fewer allergens, making them more suitable for individuals with allergies. We’ll introduce you to 12 of the best calm hypoallergenic dog breeds, providing a brief overview of each breed’s characteristics, along with their pros and cons.

What Is a Calm Dog Breed?

A calm dog breed is defined by the AKC as a dog that is ‘…expected to maintain composure in certain situations. They’re able to react to stimuli in a measured way, often without growling, lunging, or showing signs of stress.’

In short. A calm dog breed is considered one that isn’t phased by kids, traffic, loud noises, or a busy home. These are dogs that take it all in their stride. 

While you could say calmness is often defined by far more than breed alone. For example, things like age, upbringing, and personality can also play a huge part in how calm a dog is in a variety of situations — plus, every dog is different. 

Yet, typically, a breed’s track record is a good indicator. 

Is a Calm Non-Shedding Dog Right for You?

So, you’ve decided to add a furry friend to your family, and hypoallergenic dogs with calm temperaments are for you. But remember, there are other things that you should consider to ensure your potential pooch will be the ideal fit.

Consider Your Lifestyle 

Are you out hiking every weekend with the kids after working long hours during the week? Or are you a curled-up-on-the-couch-with-a-good-book kind of person?

Even though your dog may have a mellow nature, they may still need a good deal of exercise. Plus, some canines don’t like being left alone for long periods of time, and so, can suffer from separation anxiety.

Size of Your Home

Do you live in an apartment with no access to outdoor space or reside in a large house with a big backyard? While there are exceptions, larger dogs typically need more space than small dogs. 

Hence, think about the size of your home and be realistic about what size canine you can accommodate. 

For example, a big dog with bags of energy isn’t going to be the ideal fit for high-rise living, but a small low-energy dog may be better suited. In contrast, if you live in a large house with green space, most dogs will thrive in this environment, Hence, you may find that you have more breeds to choose from. 

Family Setup

Are you a single person or a family with young children? Some breeds are not ideal for those with little ones as they’re too fragile. If you’re an older person, some of the larger breeds probably won’t be the best fit, but a smaller breed should be more manageable. For example, a little Shih Tzu may make the ideal companion dog for you.

Financial Cost

Regardless of which breed you choose you need to consider the financial commitment that’s required. A larger dog will come with larger food bills as well as larger vet bills purely based on their size.

12 Hypoallergenic Calm Dogs

Ready to meet our favorites? Here are 12 hypoallergenic dogs that are cool, calm, collected, and allergy-friendly.

1. Bichon Frise

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are small calm hypoallergenic dogs, affectionate and known for their soft, curly coats and cheerful personalities. They’re social canines and get along well with children and other four-legged family members. They make the perfect companion for a wide range of different owners, from families to the best small dogs for seniors.


  • Relatively low shedding.
  • Intelligent.
  • Playful personality.


  • Regular grooming is needed to maintain that coat.
  • Ear-splitting bark.

2. Coton de Tulear

Calm Hypoallergenic Dogs Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulears are small hypoallergenic dogs that are calm and fluffy with cotton-like coats. They have a gentle nature and are well-loved for their sociable and loving demeanor. However, they’re known to suffer from separation anxiety, so may not be a good choice for families who are gone all day.


  • Super sociable breed.
  • Generally gets along with other pets.
  • Outstanding at agility.


  • Requires regular grooming.
  • Careful attention to coat maintenance is needed.

3. Basenji

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Basenji

The Basenji is a unique breed known for its “barkless” nature and clean habits. They have a short, fine coat and are often likened to cats due to their independent personalities. These dogs are open, loving, and calm with their family. Note, that this breed can be tricky to train — they’re quick to switch off if you don’t keep things interesting. 


  • Clean dogs.
  • Independent.
  • Low-maintenance coats.


  • Requires lots of mental stimulation.
  • Because of training — better for experienced dog owners.

4. Havanese

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Havanese

Havanese dogs are characterized by their long, silky coats and playful, yet easy-going personalities. They’re natural performers and thrive on being the center of attention. And, although small, Havanese are a hardy breed, so they can handle a bit of rough play with the kids. But, they’re velcro dogs and will never leave your side — so forget about personal space! 


  • Cheerful personality.
  • Highly sociable with people and other pets.
  • Easily adapts.


  • Velcro dogs.
  • Frequent grooming is needed.

5. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

This Terrier breed boasts a soft, silky coat and a joyful, friendly disposition. They’re adaptable medium-sized hypoallergenic dogs that are calm and can fit into various lifestyles. The Soft-Coated Wheaten is an ideal breed choice for those with little ones. They’re more laid-back than your typical Terrier, but they can also be a ball of energy at times.


  • Energetic.
  • Super loving.
  • Versatile breed that excels at a range of activities.


  • Loves to dig.
  • Does require regular exercise.

6. Shih Tzu

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are known for their distinctive appearance with flowing coats and a friendly, outgoing personality. They’re warmhearted, mellow, hypoallergenic lap dogs that thrive on human companionship. But they do have a stubborn streak, which, when training, could test your patience.


  • Friendly and affectionate nature.
  • Relatively low energy.
  • Suitable for apartment living.


  • Regular grooming is needed.
  • Not great for small children due to their fragile stature.

7. Standard Poodle

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Standard Poodle

If hypoallergenic is what you need, the Poodle is one of the best. This is due to their coat being made up of tight curls that hardly sheds. They’re highly intelligent and easy to train. Poodles have a gentle nature and make great family dogs. While they’re active canines, they’re surprisingly chilled once their needs have been met.


  • Highly intelligent and easy to train.
  • Coat is hypoallergenic.
  • Great family dog.


  • High-maintenance grooming.
  • Needs lots of exercise.

8. Italian Greyhound

Calm Hypoallergenic Dogs Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are slender, elegant small hypoallergenic calm dogs with short coats. Despite their fragile appearance, they’re playful and sweet-natured companions. And, even though these dogs have lots of energy, once they’re in the comfort of their own home, Iggys are more than happy to lounge on the sofa with you.


  • Adaptable to indoor living.
  • Minimal grooming requirements.
  • Gentle nature.


9. Maltese

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Maltese

The Maltese is a toy-sized, elegant breed with a long, silky coat. They’re gentle-mannered and lively dogs that make great companions for individuals and families alike. They’ll also fit right in with other dogs, cats, goldfish, you name it. As for training, don’t be fooled by their tiny stature — if allowed, they will walk all over you. 


  • Ideal lapdog.
  • Highly adaptable to different living situations.
  • Very loving and friendly.


  • Long coat — requires lots of grooming and attention.
  • Can become yappy without training and socialization.

10. Cobberdog

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Cobberdog

The friend dog, aka Cobberdog, is a patient, people-pleasing, calm canine bred with the purpose of being the ultimate hypoallergenic therapy dog. An amazing nature, this breed is super friendly, with an instinct to trust everyone they meet. The Cobberdog is also awesome with children and other pets.


  • Small, medium, large, and extra large sizes.
  • Caring and fun-loving.
  • Adaptable.


  • Breeders must be registered.
  • Difficult and costly to find.

11. Xoloitzcuintli

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Xoloitzcuintli


Whether hairless or coated, standard, mini, or toy-sized, the Xolo has a sacred place in the culture of Mexico. These dogs have been around for thousands of years and are lovey-dovey, intelligent canines that make incredibly faithful furry companions. With a chilled nature, Xolos only bark when necessary, meaning they’re great allergy-friendly watchdogs. 


  • Almost hairless.
  • Loyal companions.
  • Calm, soft-hearted nature.


  • Prone to sunburn.
  • Feel the cold during winter months.

12. Yorkshire Terrier

Calm Hypoallergenic Dog Yorkshire Terrier

Although this little bundle is full of energy, they’re also small hypoallergenic calm dogs, and don’t require a lot of exercise. They’re just as happy playing fetch as they are lounging on the couch. Yorkies are devoted dogs that despite their long coat, don’t actually shed that much.


  • Affectionate nature.
  • Low-shedding. 
  • Easy level exercise needs.


  • They do require a lot of grooming.
  • Known to be quite yappy.


Choosing a hypoallergenic dog that matches your lifestyle and preferences requires careful consideration. And, don’t forget, each dog is an individual, so spending time with a breed before making a decision is key to finding your perfect companion.

Yet, whether you’re drawn to the charming Bichon Frise or the elegant Italian Greyhound — these 12 calm hypoallergenic dogs offer a range of options for those seeking a furry friend that won’t trigger allergies or overwhelm your living space. 

Best Calm Hypoallergenic Dogs FAQs

What Calm Dog Breeds Are Hypoallergenic?

There are a few hypoallergenic dogs that also make calm dogs — perfect if you’re looking for a laid-back canine:

What Are the Most Calm Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Given that they used to live with Tibetan monks, the Lhasa Apso is also considered a calm companion dog. Not only are they playful but also relaxed, and they love nothing more than curling up on their owner’s lap.

What Is the Calmest Tiny Dog?

Some of the calmest tiny dogs, that are also hypoallergenic, are breeds like: 

What Is the Best Behaved Hypoallergenic Dog?

The Shih Tzu is considered one of the best-behaved hypoallergenic dogs due to its sweet, loving nature. They’re naturally charming, easy to manage — thanks to their small size, and aren’t overly vocal either.

What Is the Most Hyper Hypoallergenic Dog?

Some of the most hyper or excitable hypoallergenic dogs are going to be those that fall into the Terrier group. This is because they were bred for hunting and needed that energy to keep working. Breeds such as: