Every dog needs a place they can do their business. But what do you do if you live in an apartment with only a balcony as your outdoor space — a balcony dog potty may be the perfect solution!  

Going to the potty outdoors is one of the first things you want your dog to master. No one wants the smell of urine and feces in their home right? Training your dog to understand where it’s ok to go potty is a task that requires patience and positive reinforcement. 

While it can be a daunting responsibility, even to the most experienced dog owners, if you find yourself in an apartment or condo, it can present additional challenges.

Apartment Living and Dogs

Generally speaking, it’s fashionable nowadays to live in an apartment or condo. They are typically set in urban locations and don’t have the luxury of a yard where you can open the door easily and allow your perfect pal to go pee when they need to.  

What’s more, when your furry friend has to go, it can become inconvenient. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be running up and down flights of stairs every few hours to see if your pooch needs to pee!

This is where a balcony dog toilet could come in handy. You could look into making a balcony dog potty area for your pooch.  

Essentially this is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a boxed frame with artificial or real grass that’s available in a range of sizes to suit all dogs. You can buy them ready-made or if you want to have a go at making your own. 

These potty areas have become more popular over time but with an ever-growing market, which is the best dog potty for a balcony?

Is an Apartment Balcony Dog Potty Right for Me?

A balcony dog potty has its advantages for all kinds of canines. To give you an idea, here are a few pooches who would benefit from using real or fake grass for dogs to pee on the balcony.

Unvaccinated Pups

In the early years of a puppy’s life — where they’re waiting for their vaccines — as owners, we worry that their training cannot start straight away. Allowing our fur-babies to claim their comfort station territory can be dangerous!

A grass patch for dogs on a balcony will help support their early-paws potty training without risking any harmful bacteria that could get picked up during walkies. It will also keep your living arrangements smelling fresher than before!

Mobility Issues

My little Gizmo suffered an accident that resulted in him being in a cast for many months. To aid the healing process, walkies were cut back significantly. Having dog pee grass for the balcony was a lifesaver. He could do his business (on grass) without us having to leave the apartment at all.

In short, for bow-wows who struggle to get around, like those with injuries, older woof woofs, or pooches with health problems — a balcony pee pad for dogs can improve their quality of life.

Smaller Breeds

Toy, Teacup, miniature — for many dog lovers, smaller breeds are becoming more popular. These tiny beauties still require a place to go but probably won’t need more than one short walk a day.

A grass patch for dogs on a balcony can support their bite-sized needs without having to visit the dog park every 30 minutes.

Home Alone Hounds

If you work long hours or your day suddenly becomes hectic and you’re unable to get back to take your dog on their regular walk, a balcony dog potty may be a perfect solution.

After all, no one wants to come home after a long day to be greeted by little puddles and presents all over the house.

Dog breeds that can be left alone at home.

The Best Balcony Dog Potty Ideas

With this being a growing market you may find you have a few questions. Here are a few of the most common:

  • What size would be suitable?
  • Should I choose real or artificial grass?
  • How do I keep it clean?

Let’s look at the tips for you to find the best dog grass pad for your balcony.


You don’t have to be a genius to understand that some of these grass pads may be too small, especially if you have a large dog. Typically balcony grass for dogs comes in a range of sizes, from mini — which is suitable for a pup up to around 8 pounds in weight — to an XL that’s perfect for a dog up to 30 pounds, or if you have multiple fur-babies in the household.

Consider how many pooches will be using the ‘potty.’ If you’re a larger or multi-dog family, two or more standard pads will allow them space and room to sniff and choose where they relieve themselves.

Available Outdoor Space

You may think that you’ve found the perfect grass pad for your pup and then discover that it won’t actually fit in your allocated space.

So, before you make a purchase ensure that you’ve taken note of the area available for your doggy potty.

Artificial vs Real Grass


If your pooch is as fussy as mine then only real grass will do the trick! Real grass pads are disposable patches of grass grown hydroponically, like DoggieLawn. That’s right, grass without the dirt.

The manufacturers of real doggie grass advise that the patch is changed between one to 4 weeks. This will, of course, depend on how much it’s being used and the size of your furry friend.

The thick grassroots will absorb the urine, and although they are aimed more for your pooch to pee on rather than poop — nature may have other ideas. That said, if your fur-baby does poop — you can dispose of it as you would if out on a walk.



  • Naturally absorbs urine and smells.
  • No dirt — thick roots.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • Disposable pads can become costly.
  • The grass may perish faster in the winter months.


Synthetic grass is made from softer plastic materials designed to imitate the real thing. Once your dog has finished their business, the liquids will gather in the tray below, like the LOOBANI grass potty tray. Or there are others, such as the PFL potty patch that arrive with an absorbent layer underneath to soak up the pee.

Whichever option you go for in order to prevent any nasty smells, the tray must be regularly maintained and thoroughly washed.

Find out more about synthetic grass in our Best Fake Grass Dog Potty guide.



  • Cost-effective.
  • Perfect if housebreaking a new pup.
  • Last longer than real grass.


  • Requires cleaning daily with warm soapy water.
  • Can confuse an already housebroken pooch.


After reading this guide, hopefully it has given you some insight as to what options are available to you for balcony dog potties, and which would be best for your needs.

Whether you prefer the sound of the cost-effective artificial or environmentally-friendly real grass, the choices and designs are endless. 

And, while a balcony dog potty has been created to make our lives easier, it’s vital that your dog still gets the opportunity to go for walkies — using a grass pad should never replace this. It’s important for his/her health to have regular exercise.

Balcony Dog Potty FAQs

“Should I Let My Dog Pee on the Apartment Balcony?”

Preferably everyone wants their dog to have a space to relieve themselves outside. If you live in an apartment building, it could be difficult to achieve. Hence, allowing your dog their own space on a balcony area can help combat this and alleviate the stresses of housebreaking a pup.

“How Do You Pet Proof a Balcony?”

You have the perfect space for your dog potty to be set up, then you realize how hazardous your balcony could be. If you have bars on your balcony, your dog could become inquisitive and push through them. Using plexiglass or netting can be a great way of making sure your pooch is safe.

“Where Do Dogs Poop in Apartments?”

In an ideal world, your dog should be walked enough so that they can do their business outside. However, a doggie litter box filled with synthetic grass or real grass patches is a handy alternative. They can be kept inside or outside on a balcony.

“How Do You Clean an Outdoor Dog Potty?”

If using artificial grass, typically it requires a daily clean down/rinse with warm water and disinfectant if required.

Real grass doesn’t need any special attention and it’s advised that you only spray the grass with a fine mist of water and never soak it. However, it will need replacing more often — depending on the pee frequency of your pooch.

“Can You Potty Train a Dog on a Balcony?”

Yes. Even a small outdoor area will work for a potty site for your dog. To train them to use a balcony pee potty, take them out there each time they need to relieve themselves.

“What Is the Best Artificial Grass for a Balcony?”

To find out more, check out our article on the Best Artificial Grass Dog Potty.

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