Black Hypoallergenic Dogs — 9 Breathtaking Black Allergy-Friendly Dogs

Hypoallergenic dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. However, many pet parents are drawn to what they consider the easy cleaning of a black-coated canine.

If you’re an allergy sufferer but are attracted to the beauty of black hypoallergenic dogs — we have some of our favorites for you. They may all shed minimally, and be black, but their coat may be completely different, with different requirements you need to consider.

Black Hypoallergenic Dogs

Whether small, medium or large hypoallergenic dogs with black coats — first, you’ll want to determine what size furry friend you would like to welcome into your home.

Small Black Hypoallergenic Dogs

If you believe small is beautiful, we’ve picked a few compact canines to get you started.

black hypoallergenic dog havanese.

These dogs are brilliant if you have other animals or children in the house. They weigh around four to 7 kilos, but despite their small stature, they’re quite sturdy and deal well with children. 

Their long coat of hair does require regular grooming. Yet, these dogs shed minimally, and most of the dander which may fall is caught in their double coat. This makes them more hypoallergenic and better for possible allergies. 

Social butterflies, the Havanese love engaging with other dogs, adults, and children. However, they don’t enjoy being left alone for too long in the house, so they demand a lot of your attention.

That said, these dogs are brilliant small black hypoallergenic dogs for apartment life, families, or seniors.

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black hypoallergenic dog chinese crested.

Some would say they’re ugly, others prefer unique, but the hairless Chinese Crested is certainly allergy-friendly. Plus, based upon the fact these dogs don’t have much hair at all — tail, feet, and head only — their grooming demands are minimal. 

This breed is very affectionate and enjoys the company of their owners as well as being highly adaptable. Yet, they’re of average tolerance around younger children, so may not be the best for families with toddlers.

Chinese Crested are relatively easy to train and love to take part in canine sports. They also make amazing therapy dogs. Due to their toy size, they don’t require a lot of exercise, and a daily walk or run in the yard should be enough to keep them happy.

Bear in mind, the hairless variety is susceptible to the elements — you’ll need to protect them from sunburn and wrap them up in the winter. And, for obvious reasons, Chinese Crested should not be left outside for prolonged periods.

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black hypoallergenic dog affenpinscher.

The monkey dog, aka Affenpinscher, has a slow-growing wiry, short to medium-length hypoallergenic coat. Their unkempt look doesn’t require too much upkeep either — a brush-through twice a week should be sufficient. But make sure their face is clipped so they can see. 

The super cute face and overdose of personality make the Affenpinscher an outstanding hypoallergenic dog. Their small size and moderate activity levels also makes them ideal for apartment living. But they still need to stretch their legs daily. 

Affenpinschers are often described as feisty and somewhat difficult to train. But this is undeserved. However, they are intelligent, and while they can be stubborn, they’re also keen to please the humans they love.

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black hypoallergenic dog scottish terrier.

Don’t be fooled by the small stature of the Scottish Terrier. These dogs are gutsy, lively and often come with an attitude problem — they don’t give in easily. They’re also average students, Scotties can be trained but get bored when doing repetitive tasks, so keep sessions short and to the point.

This Terrier is a high-energy dog that needs more than walkies, a bit of fun playtime also diffuses some of that power. Tug of war is a great option for this little fireball.

Scotties have a wiry, double coat that requires brushing weekly. Handstripping will keep that rough textured coat looking its best. You can also use standard clipping techniques, but their coat will become softer over time. 

Not found your match? For more pint-sized black hypoallergenic dogs, check out our complete list of small hypoallergenic dog breeds.

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Medium Black Hypoallergenic Dogs

Not too big, not too small — here’s a round-up of our favorite medium-sized black dogs. Is your favorite here too?

black hypoallergenic dog miniature poodle.

In terms of low shedding, Poodles are up there. With a tight, curly single coat, any dead hairs become trapped within their coat.

They’re probably one of the most iconic and recognizable breeds. Highly adaptable, incredibly intelligent, and quick to learn, this friendly canine is perfect for families seeking their first dog. 

And, hidden underneath all those elaborate curls is a body built like an athlete. The Poodle is extremely playful, they will happily join in on a game of fetch, and enjoy going for a swim or walkies time — anything that keeps them busy will keep them content. 

If you leave your Poodle’s coat long, expect to spend some time each day brushing them out — don’t skip it, this breed is prone to matting. However, most pet parents choose to clip them shorter. This means a trip to the groomer once a month/six weeks for a trim.

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black hypoallergenic portuguese water dog.

The intelligent, obedient, and active Portuguese Water Dog is one of the best black hypoallergenic dogs around. An ideal playmate for kids, a fitness buddy for mom or dad, and a devoted family pet. 

The Portie is loveable, yet you’ll need to be able to keep up with their high energy levels, they don’t tire out quickly. Activities involving water are always a plus in their books, but as long as they have something to do, they’ll be happy. 

As for training, they’re smart, and always eager to please, hence, learning how to behave shouldn’t be difficult. That said, they can use their intelligence to test their boundaries, so watch out. 

While the Portuguese Water Dog has a thick, yet, low-shedding coat, grooming isn’t too taxing, you should brush them weekly. Coat type can also vary, it can be tight, Poodle-like curls, or a wavy shaggy-dog look.

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black hypoallergenic dog puli.

With a corded coat, the Puli is a distinct-looking dog — and their coat sheds very little. Yet, unfortunately, they require a lot of regular maintenance.

Pulik are herding dogs that demand plenty of mental and physical stimulation, they really need a job to ensure they’re kept busy. They’re highly trainable and eager to please, but they do require a firm hand to keep them in line.

Although Pulik are extremely affectionate dogs they’re only average with other canines and young children. Their desire to herd could find your child ‘guided’ around the home. 

The Puli’s double coat requires some experience to maintain. Those dreadlocks are essentially mats, which as they grow, will require separating by hand. You’ll need to do this for several months until the coat is complete. As we said, their coat requires commitment.

 For more information on these dogs or other mid-sized black allergy-friendly breeds, check out our comprehensive list of medium hypoallergenic dogs.

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Large Black Hypoallergenic Dogs

Believe it or not, large black hypoallergenic dogs exist, and so, if bigger black dogs are calling your name, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some options:

black hypoallergenic dog afghan hound.

The Afghan Hound is by no means a breed for everyone. They require a certain kind of human that appreciates their quirks. But for those that get the Afghan/human partnership right, both are rewarded with an amazing companionship. 

Elegant, affectionate, and spirited yet independent, Afghans are definitely not the easiest breed to train. They also have a hunting instinct that’s hard to overcome, and these dogs love to chase.

Afghans are high-energy dogs, and a simple leashed walk is just not going to suffice. But, off-lead runs can be difficult if not in an enclosed space due to their sighthound breed — they will likely take off if something grabs their interest. 

Although their coat doesn’t shed much, it will require hours of weekly brushing to keep those silky locks in good condition. They aren’t exactly a low-maintenance breed.

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black hypoallergenic dog giant schnauzer.

Weighing as much as 85 pounds and standing as tall as 27 inches, they aren’t called giants for nothing. Yet this king-sized canine uses that to their advantage — with a desire to protect their family and territory, they make the perfect watchdog.

A loyal breed, Giant Schnauzers are willing to please, which makes training reasonably straightforward. However, humans with previous dog-owning experience would be better suited. 

Giants are also big on activity. Their high energy levels mean lengthy walks, hikes, runs — anything that will burn up their fuel and ultimately keep them happy and healthy. And, as for family life, while they gel with children of all ages, they tend to fit in better with older kids, simply because their sheer size could easily bowl over a tiny tot. 

With either a black or gray (salt and pepper) wiry double coat, this Schnauzer only needs a brush once a week. But they will need clipping or handstripping regularly. 

To learn more about other big black dogs that don’t shed, check out our full list of large hypoallergenic dogs.

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If you have dog allergies, yet you really want a furry friend, your dreams don’t have to be crushed. 

Whether you’re looking for a feisty small dog like the Scottie, a medium-sized bouncy family pooch like the Portie, or a large guardian like the Giant Schnauzer — there are many black hypoallergenic dogs to choose from. As we’ve seen, the dog world really is your oyster.

Black Hypoallergenic Dogs FAQs

What Is the Cheapest Hypoallergenic Dog?

The Wire Fox Terrier is probably one of the cheapest hypoallergenic dogs for you. These dogs can be as inexpensive as $300, making them extremely cost-effective as well as being hypoallergenic and good for allergy sufferers. 

What Is the Best Family-Friendly Non-Shedding Black Dog?

The Poodle. They’re lower maintenance if their coat is kept clipped short but are also family-friendly. A popular breed that doesn’t shed too much, Poodles are highly hypoallergenic and suitable for allergy sufferers, especially if they’re children. 

Why Would People Get a Hypoallergenic Dog?

The clue is in the word hypoallergenic. These dogs are typically low-shedding, which means less dander in the environment. And, while no dog is completely allergen-free, those considered hypoallergenic are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. 

Should I Get a Black Hypoallergenic Dog?

It’s entirely up to you. However, bear in mind that coat color shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. Your lifestyle, temperament, energy levels, grooming requirements, and size — are just a few factors you must consider. 

Can Black Labs Be Hypoallergenic?

Labradors, regardless of their color, are not a hypoallergenic breed. They have a thick double coat and are serious shedders — neither of which are good for allergy sufferers.